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Paddington Station - London, England (1913)


SPACE allows of nothing beyond the briefest mention of Paddington Station, the London terminus of the Great Western Railway, and one of the finest railway stations in London. It is the London gate to Windsor Castle, through which all the crowned heads of Europe have passed in turn, and it is the starting point for the beautiful West of England, the Shakespeare Country, and many another famous holiday haunt.

The station was designed by the great engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and was completed in 1854. The main design remains, but of course, many improvements from time to time have served to keep Paddington up to date.

Many conveniences for passengers may be found at Paddington. An Inquiry Bureau is installed in the Main Booking Hall, at which any information can be obtained upon the subject of home travel. Luxurious hot and cold baths and hair-dressing saloon have been provided for gentlemen on No. 1 platform.

Refreshments may be obtained at the Refreshment and Dining Rooms, the catering being under the direct control of the G.W.R. Hotels Management. Upon several platforms there are bookstalls (to which a circulating library is attached), where newspapers and periodicals, as well as works of fiction, &c., may he obtained. Supplies of smoking materials, chocolates, etc., will be found at the kiosk on No. r platform.

Public telephones are installed in various parts of the station and telegrams may be forwarded from the telegraph offices on No. 1 and No. 8 platforms. A post office box will be found on No. 8 platform, and another on the departure platform, near the [main booking hall.

Letters may be posted for many parts of the country up to a late hour, in the late-fee box, which is near the latter. Insurances may be effected at the booking office in connection with the purchase of tickets and American, Canadian, French or German money can be exchanged at the usual rates of exchange at the same office. Passengers may find the number of the platform from which their trains start, at a glance, by reference to the notice boards, in all parts of the station.

It is an easy matter to get between any part of London and Paddington Station ; apart from the numerous taxi-cabs, hansoms and hotel conveyances which may be found alongside the arrival platforms, 'buses run to all parts.

There are covered ways to Praed Street Station (subway) and, to Bishops Road Station (overhead way), both on the Under- ground Railway, which connects with most of the tube railways, and a few minutes' walk , through Spring St., leads to Lancaster Gate Station, Central London Railway.

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