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Port of London Town Warehouses (1909)

Cutler Street Warehouses are the largest of the group, and are situated near Houndsditch and Bishopsgate Street. They occupy 5.5 acres of ground, and are provided for the reception of the more valuable classes of goods.

The principal articles stored are tea, Oriental carpets, chinaware and japanware, silk, silk and cotton piece-goods, ostrich feathers, fancy feathers and bird skins.

Cutler Street Warehouses, London -- Covering an Area of 5 1/2 Acres.

Cutler Street Warehouses, London -- Covering an Area of 5 1/2 Acres.

Crutched Friars Warehouse is situated in Crutched Friars, and is used for cigars, cigarettes, furs, drugs, and other articles of value.

Commercial Road Warehouse, situate at the City end of Commercial Road, is built over the Goods Depot of the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, and was designed for the accommodation of traffic to and from the Tilbury Dock. All classes of goods are dealt with, the chief being Indian and Ceylon tea.

Commercial Road Warehouse, London.

Commercial Road Warehouse.
Built over the Goods Depot of the London. Tilbury and Southend
Railway. and designed for traffic to and from the Tilbury Docks.

West Smithfield Cold Air Stores, in St. John Street, the more recently constructed of the Town Warehouses, is for the storage of refrigerated meat, etc. It adjoins the Smithfield Meat Market and provides acc?mmodation for 100,000 carcasses of sheep.

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