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Port of London, Tilbury Dock (1909)

The Tilbury Dock, situate on the north side of the Thames, opposite Gravesend, is reached by the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway, in about 40 minutes from Fenchurch Street Station.

The Centre Branch Dock -- Tillbury Docs

The Centre Branch Dock -- Tillbury Docs
1,600 Feet in Length and 300 Feet in Width

The system consists of a main dock with three branch docks, connected with a tidal basin by means of a lock 700 feet long and 80 feet wide, with three pairs of gates. The main dock is 1,800 feet long by 600 feet wide. Each branch dock is 1,600 feet long, the width of the centre one being 300 feet while the two outer ones have an average width of 250 feet. The total water area in the main and branch docks is 54 acres.

The basin is 17 1/2 acres in extent. The total area of the estate is 591 acres. The depth in the tidal basin at high water spring tides is 45 feet, and there is never less than 26 feet. In the main and branch docks the depth at spring tides is 38 feet. The largest vessels using the Port of London are accommodated at the Tilbury Dock, the entrance lock of which is of sufficient size to admit vessels of 25,000 tons.

The floor area of sheds and warehouses is 23 acres, and the storage capacity equals 83,000 tons of cargo. The quays are 2 1/4 miles in length.

The principal lines using this dock are the Peninsular & Oriental, Orient, Atlantic Transport, White Star, Qan, Anchor, and Bibby Lines. There is a daily service to Ostend, and twice a week to Hamburg.

The Tilbury Hotel, containing 100 bedrooms, is the property of the Port of London Authority.

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