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Port of London, Surrey Commercial Docks (1909)

These docks are situated on the south or Surrey side of the Thames (at Rotherhithe), about 1 1/2 miles from the Tower Bridge. The system covers an area of 451 acres, and includes the Surrey Canal, which extends from the Docks to Camberwell, is upwards of four miles in length, and has an area of 70 acres.

In addition to the deep water area of 103 acres there are ponds for the storage of timber covering 63 acres.

There are four entrance locks, viz.:

Surrey Commercial Docks, London
Entrance Lock Length ft. Width ft. Depth ft. Remarks
Greenland Lock 550 80 33 at High Water Spring Tides.
Surrey Lock 250 50 27.25
South Lock 220 48 27
Lavender Lock 320 34 18.5

The Surrey Commercial Docks are the chief depot for the soft wood trade of London, as much as 780,000 loads being received for storage in the course of twelve months. The piling grounds are 200 acres in extent, and shedding of 48 acres has been provided for the storage of wood under cover, with a capacity of 233,000 loads.

The Dock Quays are 6 miles in 'length, and there are 8 miles of paved and macadamized roads.

The new Greenland Dock, the most recent addition to the system, was opened in 1904, and is 2,250 feet in length, 450 feet in breadth, the water area being 22 acres, with quayage upwards of a mile in length. The Dock will accommodate vessels of 10,000 tons.

In the Greenland Dock special provision has been made for the accommodation of Canadian produce in warehouses of a capacity of 2,000,000 cubic feet, providing cold air and cold storage. A large trade is also done in the storage of grain.

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