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Port of London, Millwall Dock (1909)

This dock is situated on the Isle of Dogs, and has an area of 233 1/2 acres, 35 1/2 acres of which are covered with water. The entrance lock in Limehouse Reach is 450 feet long, 80 feet wide, and 28 feet deep at high water spring tides, and vessels up to 9,000 tons are accommodated.

An important general trade is done with vessels from the Baltic, Northern and Southern Europe, and North and South America, but the special feature at Millwall Dock is the grain trade. About 9,000,000 quarters of grain are reported annually at the Customs for discharge in
the Docks of London.

About one-third of this quantity is discharged at the Mi!lwall Dock. The new Central Granary, 250 feet long by 100 feet wide, and consisting of 13 floors, has a floor storage area of 7 acres, and will accommodate about 120,000 quarters. Immediately in front of this granary, and on the quay side, are four nests of silos, with a storage capacity of 18,000 quarters, and on a dolphin running parallel with the quay is placed powerful pneumatic machinery for discharging the grain from the importing vessels.

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