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Port of London, London Dock (1909)

This system adjoins the St. Katharine Dock and occupies 100 acres, 40 of which are water. The storage capacity of sheds and warehouses is 174,000 tons, and there are wine, spirit, and oil storage vaults of 105,000 pipe capacity. The machinery includes 132 hydraulic and other cranes (one of 25 tons lifting power).

Wine Vaults, London Docks.  Capacity Over 8 Million Gallons

Wine Vaults, London Docks. Capacity Over 8 Million Gallons

There are four entrance locks, three being in use and one closed:

London Dock
Entrance Locks Length (ft.) Width (ft.) Depth (ft.) Remarks
Wapping 170 40 23 at High Water Spring Tides.
Shadwell (Old) 180 45 24
Shadwell (New) 350 60 28
Hernritage (Closed) 150 40 21.5

By means of pumps the water in the Dock is continuously maintained at a level of 3 feet 6 inches above Trinity High Water Mark.

This Dock is available for vessels up to 4,500 tons.

The Western Dock -- London Docks

The Western Dock -- London Docks

Wool is shown and stored, and about 700,000 bales pass through the dock warehouses annually. The accommodation provided for the wool business in the London and St. Katharine Docks has a floor area of 1,400,000 feet. The imports into London annually are about 1,600,000 bales, weighing 250,000 tons, and of an estimated value of $97,200,000.

Wines and spirits. The principal wines stored are port, sherry, and madeira. The brandy vaults cover an area of four acres. In connection with the wine and spirit business there are 46 vats, capable of holding 102,000 gallons, which are used for blending purposes.

In the bottling department some 125,000 dozen bottles are filled and packed yearly.

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