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Liverpool Landing Stage Improvements (1922)

The following is a general description of the intended work of the Mersey Docks and Harbor Board at the Prince’s Landing stage, Liverpool, to improve the facilities for dealing with overseas passengers.

The removal of the existing curved roof over the southern end of the Stage buildings, about 500 feet in length, and the substitution therefor of a flat deck in continuation southwardly of the existing Hat deck. This, when completed, will provide a continuous upper deck having a total length, including the existing deck, of about 1,100 feet.

Access will be provided from the lower to upper decks by means of staircases placed at suitable Intervals apart. To enable passengers to pass to and from the upper deck to vessels berthed alongside the Stage four movable overhead gangways will be available.

For the protection and comfort of passengers passing to or from vessels and the baggage examining rooms or the Pier Head and Riverside Station in wet or stormy weather a covered gangway 12 feet wide will be constructed on and for the fall length of the upper deck on Its eastern side.

Under the upper deck more commodious and better waiting-room accommodations will be provided; also medical officers' rooms for the examination of passengers. The structural alterations referred to above also entail a rearrangement of the Customs Offices, refreshment rooms, etc.

The Stage end of No. 4 bridge will be raised to and maintained at the level of the upper deck, and thus provide direct access to and from the extended upper deck and the Prince's Parade. Similar access to the existing upper deck is already provided by No. 6a bridge.

Additional baggage examining accommodation will be provided in a room 217 feet long by 83 feet wide overall, to be constructed between Nos. 5 and 6 bridges. The floor will be at the level of the Prince's Parade, and ease of access from the Riverside Station. Two conveyors, electrically driven, will be provided for transferring baggage from the lower deck of the Stage to the examining room. The internal arrangements will be made as up-to-date as possible, and will include a post office and telephone boxes, lavatories, Customs searchers’ rooms, inquiry office, etc., etc.

The examining room and the upper deck of the Stage will be connected by means of a footbridge, 10 feet wide, for the use of passengers and other persons. This building, when completed, will add 100 per cent to the present accommodation. The new baggage-examining shed is so designed that an additional floor can. If required, be added at some future time.

Source: Shipping: Marine Transportation, Construction, Equipment and Supplies, New York: Shipping Publishing Co, Volume 15, No. 3, February 10, 1922 P.39

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