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The Port of Hamburg is one of the busiest in the world. Articles include: American Line Terminal In Hamburg for Post World War I Passengers and Freight; Pre-War Prosperity Returning; Hamburg Harbor Developments in 1922; and and Port of Hamburg: Port Regaining Pre-War Trade.

American Line Terminal In Hamburg for Post World War I Passengers and Freight (1922)
AN AMERICAN steamship terminal of the most modern type is to be erected at Hamburg, Germany, built with American capital, equipped with American machinery, and used exclusively by American steamers.

Port of Hamburg: Pre-War Prosperity Returning (1922)
At the present time the mark is the prime factor upon which trade revival in Europe is concentrated. The countries of Europe are financially inter dependent and there has never in history been a more striking demonstration of the artificial value of money than that presented by the position of Germany in Europe today.

Port of Hamburg: Hamburg Harbor Developments (1922)
The Senate of Hamburg has now published the comprehensive petition which the Senate addressed to the Reichsrat (Federal Council), last September in reference to the question of the extension of the area of the harbor and the creation of a Greater Hamburg. The preamble states that the matter concerns the maintenance of the competitive capacity of the harbor in relation to foreign world ports.

Port of Hamburg: Port Regaining Pre-War Trade (1922)
ONE of the most significant features of the present shipping situation In Europe Is the prosperity and the activity visible in the port of Hamburg. After becoming almost a dead port during the war, Hamburg is once again itself, and today is certainly the busiest port in Europe.

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