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Port of Hamburg: Hamburg Harbor Developments (1922)

The Senate of Hamburg has now published the comprehensive petition which the Senate addressed to the Reichsrat (Federal Council), last September in reference to the question of the extension of the area of the harbor and the creation of a Greater Hamburg. The preamble states that the matter concerns the maintenance of the competitive capacity of the harbor in relation to foreign world ports.

According to the Frankfurter Zeitung, the petition points out in the first place that the area of the harbor district was extended from 72 acres to 3,100 acres during the 40 years between 1874 and 1914, but notwithstanding this expansion the harbor is inadequate to meet the requirements of ocean shipping, while the existing area of the State of Hamburg does not offer sufficient space for the necessary extensions of the port.

It is mentioned that the total tonnage of the Hamburg shipping traffic in the month of August, 1921, has already reached 78.3 per cent of the total traffic in the same month In 1913. The reasons which the present extent of the traffic already renders necessary a rapid extension of the harbor installations are the increased accommodation required by the transshipment traffic and the growth in the staple traffic.

A new impetus to the transshipment trade has been imparted by the merchandise traffic with Czechoslovakia, which is expected still further to increase.

A great part in the matter is also played by the industrial district in the harbor. The area of the State no longer offers the possibility for the establishment of industrial works on sites where deep water accommodation for ocean ships is available, and as a consequence, a number of applications for promising undertakings have had to be refused.

As a special matter attention is drawn to the pressing necessity for the provision of housing accommodation for the harbor workers, the number of whom is expected considerably to increase in the future.

The territory which the State of Hamburg desires to incorporate within its area in order to proceed with the contemplated developments, it is stated, would increase the total area by about 483 square miles, or practically double the State territory at the present time. For this purpose it would be necessary for Prussia to surrender to Hamburg large portions of the districts of Storman, Piuneberg, Jork, Harburg, and Luxemburg, while the population of Hamburg would thereby be raised from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000.

The only question now to be settled is as to whether Prussia will feel disposed to adopt a sufficiently accommodating attitude in the matter as to permit of the great expansion in shipping and industrial works, which is in contemplation at Hamburg.

Source: Shipping: Marine Transportation, Construction, Equipment and Supplies, New York: Shipping Publishing Co, Volume 15, No. 4, February 25, 1922 p.44

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