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Steamship Service From Canadian Ports in 1901

Directory of Steamship Lines Between Canadian Ports and Foregin Ports with Foreign and American Addresss, Names of Principle Ships, Frequency of Service, Etc.

Montreal to Liverpool weekly, with Canadian mails. the best ships of the Allan Line;

Weekly Montreal to Glasgow, and fortnightly to London.

S. Cunard & Co., agents, Halifax; H. & A. Allan, managing owners, Montreal.

Boston to Glasgow. fortnightly;

New York to Glasgow, passenger and freight. weekly;

Philadelphia to Glasgow. fortnightly,

H. & A. Allan, Gen. Agts., l\lontreal. Can.

To Liverpool weekly from Halifax, with Canadian mails, the best ships of the Dominion Line.

A. G. Jones, agent, Halifax.

Principal ships: Scotsman (6,041 tons), Labrador (4,373 tons), Vancouver (5,231 tons),

Managing owners: The Mississippi & Dominion S. S. Co., Ltd . James street, Liverpool, England.

This line also runs from Quebec and Montreal in summer, during navigation of the St. Lawrence.

Steamers of the Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Line from Vancouver and Victoria, B. C . to Sidney, N. S. W., calling at Honolulu.

H. I.. and Brisbane. Q.,
sail every four weeks with mail and passengers.

Fleet: Aorangi (4,250 tons). Miowero (3,500 tons). Moano (3,900 tons).

F. W. Peters. Gen. Allt. for Pacific Coast,
Vancouver, B. C. Head offices, Montreal.

From Vancouver, British Columbia, to China and Japan.

Ships of the Canadian Pacific Railway with mails and passengers, every month.

Principal ships: Empress of India (6.000 tons). Empress of Japan (5.900 tons), Empress of China tti,OOU tons).

Owners: The Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Head offices: Montreal

From Montreal and St. John to Manchester, England.

The Manchester Liners, Ltd.

Summer service from Montreal, via Quebec to Manchester;

Winter service from St. John, N. B., via Halifax, N. S., to Manchester.

Sailings about every ten days. Fast freight boats with accommodation for a limited number of passengers.

Principal ships: Manchester City, Manchester Commerce, Manchester Trader, Manchester Importer, Manchester Corporation, Manchester Shipper, Manchester Merchant, Manchester Inventor, Manchester Exchange. Manchester Market.

Furness, Withy & Co.. Ltd., general agents, 44 St. Francois Xavier st., Montreal, P. Q.

To London, England, from St. John, N. B., and Halifax, N. S.

Steamships of the Furness Line sail fortnightly from St. John, N. B., and Furness Line
wharf. Halifax, N. S., carrying freight and passengers.

Principal ships: Evangeline, Loyalist and Dahome.

Furness, Withy & Co., Ltd .. agents, St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. S., and Montreal, N. B.

To Liverpool, England, from Halifax, N. S., and St. Johns, Nfld.

Steamers of the Furness Line sail fortnightly from Halifax, N. S., calling at St. Johns.

Principal ships: Ulunda. Damara, Grecian. all carrying passengers. Furness. Withy & Co., Ltd., agents, Halifax, N. S., and :\Iontreal, Que.

To Antwerp, Belgium, from Montreal, Que.

Furness Line direct. sailing fortnightly with freight.

Principal ships: Cebriana, Sylviana, Boliana. Furness,

Withy & Co., Ltd., agents. Montreal, Can.

To Hamburg, Germany, from Montreal, Que.

Hamburg America Line, sailings direct fortnightly with ireight.

Principal ships: Frisia, Westphalia, Teutonia.

Furness, Withy & Co., Ltd., James Thorn, mngr., l\lontreal, Que.

To St. John, Nftd.

Steamers of the Red Cross Line,

F. D. Corbett & Co . Halifax agents. having excellent passenger and freight accommodation, sail regularly between Halifax and St. Johns all the year round.

Halifax to Cuba.

Bi-weekly sailings of the Munson Steamship Line to Havana;

monthly to Santiago and Jamaican ports.

Main oflice, 27 William st., New York.

BlueBook of American Shippping: Marine and Naval Directory of the United States, Statistics of Shipping and Ship Building in America, 1901, Cleveland, Ohio: The Marine Review Publishing Company, 1901, P.88

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