SS Melita Passenger Lists

All Digitized Passenger Lists For the SS Melita Available at the GG Archives. Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route.

SS Melita Passenger List - 28 May 1921

1921-05-28 SS Melita

  • Steamship Line: Canadian Pacific (CPOS)
  • Class of Passengers: Second Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 28 May 1921
  • Route: Montreal to Liverpool
  • Commander: Captain H. Parry
Passenger Manifest, Canadian Pacific SS Melita, Cabin Passengers, 1926

1926-06-30 SS Melita

  • Steamship Line: Canadian Pacific (CPOS)
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 30 June 1926
  • Route: Antwerp, Southampton, and Cherbourg to Quebec and Montreal
  • Commander: Captain A. H. Notley

Passenger Lists contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir list provided to the passengers of each cabin class (and other classes). Many of these souvenir passenger lists have disappeared over the years. Our collection contains a sampling of what was originally produced and printed by the steamship lines.

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