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SS Finland Passenger List - 12 May 1906

Front Cover, Red Star Line SS Finland Cabin Class Passenger List - 12 May 1906.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Finland of the Red Star Line, Departing 12 May 1906 from Antwerp to New York via Dover, Commanded by Captain G. C. Apfeld. GGA Image ID # 13fdfe92af

The Passenger Service of the Red Star Line is maintained entirely by Twin Screw Steamers, the Largest and Fastest Steamers between Antwerp and New York.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. C. Apfeld
  2. Surgeon: Dr O. Vandaele
  3. Purser: J. Caporin
  4. Chief Steward: F. A. Tomkins

First Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Louise Bond
  2. Miss Helene Boshenyer
  3. Mr. H. Bresler
  4. Miss M. B. Brittain
  5. Miss Mary L. Bruce
  6. Mr. C. Chim
  7. Mrs. Susan Delhonyne
  8. Mrs. P. Foster
  9. Mr. W. J. Haddleton
  10. Miss Helen Horne
  11. Mr. Henry B. Keene
  12. Mrs. Keene
  13. Miss Emma Klahr
  14. Mr. Edward G. Kubler
  15. Mr. W. F. Lloyd
  16. Mrs. Lloyd
  17. Mrs. C. A. Mc Feely
  18. Miss Clara F. Mc Feely
  19. Miss Helen F. Mc Feely
  20. Master Cbas. A. Mc Feely
  21. Mr. Benjamin Morris
  22. Mrs. Morris
  23. Mr. W. H. Patrick
  24. Mr. George H. Payne
  25. Mrs. P. Rondinella
  26. Dr A. C. Rondinella
  27. Mr. A. Roseman
  28. Mr. Jacob Roseman
  29. Mr. Erich Schleicher
  30. Mr. W. Schoverling
  31. Mr. John A. Seel
  32. Mrs. Seel
  33. Mr. Robert Shackleton
  34. Mrs. Ch. Van Haelen
  35. Miss Huberta Van Haelen
  36. Dr Gertrude A. Walker
  37. Miss Adele Williams

Second Cabin Passengers

Back Cover of the Passenger List, Red Star Line SS Finland, 1906

  1. Mr. Adolf Aikelin
  2. Mr. Aliago
  3. Mrs. Agnes Amrhein
  4. Mr. Johann Arnoldy
  5. Mrs. Magd. Arnoldy
  6. Master Stefan Arnoldy
  7. Mr. Jossel Auschilowitz
  8. Master Jacob Auschilowitz
  9. Mrs. Agnes Baumgarther
  10. Miss Laure Baumgarther
  11. Mr. Miklos Beck
  12. Mr. Conrad Becker
  13. Mr. Johann Benedek
  14. *Mrs. Johann Benedek
  15. Miss Selma Benjamin
  16. Miss Sonia Berger
  17. Mrs. Rosa Berliner
  18. Miss Freida Berliner
  19. Master Gerschen Berliner
  20. Master Jankel Berliner
  21. Dr John J. Black
  22. Mrs. John J. Black
  23. Miss Cecil Black
  24. Miss Mersy Black
  25. Mr. Pierro Bley
  26. Miss Maria Bohn
  27. Mrs. Kath. Bombe
  28. Master Adolf Bombe
  29. Miss Hettie Bombe
  30. Miss Anna Bosseler
  31. Mr. Alois Bourgois
  32. Mrs. Stephanie Bourgois
  33. Mr. Franz Breitel
  34. Miss Anna Brukner
  35. Mr. Gidalie Burger
  36. Mr. Max Burkart
  37. Mr. Louis Burny
  38. Mr. Peter Cannivy
  39. Mr. Eugen Cardinal
  40. Mr. Moses Chardak
  41. Miss Bele Chardak
  42. Mr. Benjamin Chmelnitzki
  43. Mrs. Liebe Chmelnitzki
  44. Mr. Josef Cieslik
  45. Miss Emilie Clement
  46. Miss Clementine Clement
  47. Mr. Modeste Deletter
  48. Mrs. Modeste Deletter
  49. Master Maurice Deletter
  50. Miss Helen Deletter
  51. Mrs. Marie De Reu
  52. Miss Bertha De Reu
  53. Master Georg De Reu
  54. Mr. Felix De Reu
  55. Mr. Charles De Reu
  56. Mr. Pierre Descbepper
  57. Mr. Simon Deutsch
  58. Mr. Frank Deutsch
  59. Mrs. Deweerdt
  60. Miss Germaine Deweerdt
  61. Master Jerome Deweerdt
  62. Miss Elodie De Wever
  63. Mr. Franz Dietl
  64. Mrs. D. D. Drake
  65. Mr. Frank Drake
  66. Mr. Stanisl. Dudzinski
  67. Mrs. Hosanna Duyvenwaardt
  68. Miss Angele Duyvenwaardt
  69. Miss Hosanna Duyvenwaardt
  70. Mr. W. A. Earner
  71. Mrs. Elke Epelfeld
  72. Miss Dwoire Epelfeld
  73. Master Ette Epelfeld
  74. Miss Josefa Fäth
  75. Mr. Simon Flaksman
  76. Miss Berta Fleischman
  77. Mrs. Bruche Freilich
  78. Master Mendel Freilich
  79. Miss Elise Galler
  80. Miss Amalie Garger
  81. Mr. Dayid Gelfer
  82. Mrs. Josefa Giger
  83. Mr. Prosper Gillis
  84. Mr. Jona Ginsburg
  85. Mr. Noske Goldstein
  86. Mr. Vincenti Golembiowski
  87. Mr. Moses Gosanszky
  88. Miss Anna Gumbolsch
  89. Mr. Johann Gyetwan
  90. Mrs. Juliana Gyetwan
  91. Mr. Peter Horvath
  92. Miss Math. Hözel
  93. Mr. Knauth Jacobsohn
  94. Mr. Wincenty Jalosinski
  95. Miss Sophie Jogerst
  96. Mr. Geo Jost
  97. Mr. Nic. Jost
  98. Mr. Jos. Jung
  99. Mrs. Teresia Jurowati
  100. Master Richard Jurowati
  101. Master Filomin Jurowati
  102. Mr. Janos Justin
  103. Mrs. Janos Justin
  104. Mr. M. Kammenzind
  105. Mrs. M. Kammenzind
  106. Master Fred. Kammenzind
  107. Miss Anna Kammenzind
  108. Mrs. Rosa Kasarinskaja
  109. Miss Riwa Kasarinskaja
  110. Mrs. Katha Katzinger
  111. Master Anton Katzinger
  112. Miss Elisabetb Katzinger
  113. Miss Chane Kaufman
  114. Mrs. Fosze Kaufman
  115. Master Jude Kaufman
  116. Miss Esther Kellert
  117. Mr. Sal. Klenitzky
  118. Miss Cyrel Klenitzky
  119. Miss Anna Klopp
  120. Mr. Peter Koch
  121. Mrs. Magd. Koch
  122. Miss Marie Koch
  123. Master Gottfried Koch
  124. Master Max Koch
  125. Master Georg Koch
  126. Mrs. Rose Korbas
  127. Miss Nadia Korbas
  128. Mr. Silvester Kosa
  129. Mr. Rafael Krafzik
  130. Mrs. Zippe Krafzik
  131. Master Ruwen Krafzik
  132. Mr. Michael Kramer
  133. Mr. Jos. Kraus
  134. Mr. Gerschon Krepchan
  135. Mr. Achille Lampaert
  136. Mrs. Toni Landa
  137. Mr. Ernst Lange
  138. Mrs. Malerya Latouvic
  139. Miss Maryan Latouvic
  140. Miss Florentina Latouvic
  141. Mr. Jean B. Leblicq
  142. Mr. Ferd. Leblicq
  143. Miss Marie Lentacher
  144. Miss Theresia Leopold
  145. Mr. Eli Lew
  146. Miss Sore Lew
  147. Miss Chane Lew
  148. Mr. Adolf Loncke
  149. Mrs. Adolf Loncke
  150. Mr. Jean Lorang
  151. Mr. György Lovas
  152. Mr. Georg Lux
  153. Mr. Aug. Lybrecht
  154. Mr. Jules Maes
  155. Mrs. Jules Maes
  156. Mrs. Mindel Malarcik
  157. Mr. Simon Mandelkern
  158. Mr. Joh. Manser
  159. Mrs. Anna Manser
  160. Master Oscar Manser
  161. Miss Anna Manser
  162. Mr. Carl Marbach
  163. Mr. Jankel Maschkowski
  164. Master Note Maschkowski
  165. Master Moische Maschkowski
  166. Mr. Cyril Meert
  167. Miss Amalie Molitsch
  168. Mr. Benj. Munn-es
  169. Mrs. Sore Nachowicz
  170. Miss Dobe Nachowicz
  171. Miss Therese Nau
  172. Mrs. Euphrasie Nys
  173. Miss Reine Nys
  174. Master Paul Nys
  175. Mr. Chas Obrechts
  176. Mrs. Ida Ozewski
  177. Miss Anna Pankovics
  178. Miss Pauwels
  179. Mrs. Ant. Pearsall
  180. Master Wilh. Pearsall
  181. Mrs. Anna Petersilka
  182. Miss Maria Petersilka
  183. Mr. Alois Petersilka
  184. Mr. Sigismond Pompermayer
  185. Mr. Armand Prevost
  186. Mr. Joh. Raber
  187. Mr. Stefan Rackawski
  188. Mrs. Stefan Rackawski
  189. Mrs. Maria Rakics
  190. Mr. Wilh. Reeber
  191. Mr. Johann Ritter
  192. Mr. Leib Rozenhaus
  193. Mr. Luigi Ruberti
  194. Mr. Wilh. Ruisz
  195. Mrs. Wilh. Ruisz
  196. Mr. Konrad Ruisz
  197. Mr. Wilh. Ruisz
  198. Mr. Jos. Schaefer
  199. Miss Math. Schmidt
  200. Mr. Theo. Schmitt
  201. Miss Math. Schmitz
  202. Mr. Oscar Schochat
  203. Mrs. Paula Schreiber
  204. Master Gyula Schreiber
  205. Mrs. Freide Schwartz
  206. Master Msak Schwartz
  207. Mrs. Rosa Schwartzman
  208. Master Moische Schwartzman
  209. Miss Anna Seeker
  210. Mr. Schaje Sgut
  211. Mrs. Schaje Sgut
  212. Miss Feige Sgut
  213. Master Mchiel Sgut
  214. Master Peretz Sgut
  215. Mr. Ele Mote Sklar
  216. Mr. Felix Spiegler
  217. Mr. Alois Spielmann
  218. Miss Gertrud Steffen
  219. Mr. Achille Steyaert
  220. Mr. Alois Szerencsius
  221. Mr. Piotr Sztuba
  222. Mr. Stanislaw Sztuba
  223. Mrs. Theresia Takerl
  224. Mr. Johann Tappler
  225. Mrs. Johann Tappler
  226. Mrs. Clara Tepper
  227. Miss Ettel Tepper
  228. Miss Rose Tepper
  229. Miss Fani Trefil
  230. Mrs. Regina Trigaux
  231. Miss Victoria Trigaux
  232. Mr. Emil Van de Putte
  233. Mrs. Jos. Van de Putte
  234. Mr. Henri Van de Putte
  235. Mrs. Henri Van de Putte
  236. Miss Eyanne Van de Putte
  237. Mrs. Octayie yan der Lyn
  238. Miss Sophie van der Lyn
  239. Master Henry yan der Lyn
  240. Mrs. Gertr. Venten
  241. Mr. Polydore Vercruyssen
  242. Mrs. Math. Wagner
  243. Miss Anna Wagner
  244. Miss Elyire Wagner
  245. Mr. Stefan Walthofer
  246. Mrs. Stefan Walthofer
  247. Mr. Albert Weisen
  248. Mr. Mendel Weitmann
  249. Mrs. Sore Weitmann
  250. Miss Libe Weitmann
  251. Miss Esther Weitmann
  252. Master Msie Weitmann
  253. Miss Elise-Werth
  254. Mr. Sandeck Wojciech
  255. Mr. Albert Wolf
  256. Mr. Joh. Wonstein
  257. Mrs. Joh. Wonstein

Information for Passengers

Meals will be served as follows:

1st Class :

  • Breakfast from 8-10:00 am
    Children table at 7:00 am
  • Luncheon at 1:00 pm
    Children table at 12 noon
  • Dinner at 7:00 pm
    Children table at 6:00 pm

2nd Class :

  • Breakfast from 8-9:00 am
  • Dinner at 12 noon
  • Supper at 6:00 pm
  • Nightmeal from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

The Bar closes at 11:00 pm LIGHTS are extinguished in the Saloons at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Rooms at 12 Midnight.

For seats at table First Class Passengers should apply to the Second Steward, Second Class Passengers to the Second Class Steward.

Steamer Chairs can be rented on board by First Class Passengers at a charge of 5 Francs.

Letters should be put in the Letter Boxes and Telegrams for dispatch on shore handed to the Purser, latest 1/2 hour before arriving at Flushing, Dover or Quarantine Station. (Staten Island, N.Y.)

Marconigrams are accepted on board by the Marconi Operator.

Writing Paper, Envelopes and Telegraph Forms will be found in the Library, in the Saloons and the Second Class Ladies Room.

Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies can be obtained from the Saloon Waiters.

Upon landing at New York, and upon application to the uniformed representatives of the Railroads, who meet all arriving Red Star Line steamers, Railroad Tickets may be purchased, and baggage of First and Second Class Passengers may be checked from the Steamship Pier to any point along the Lines of the Pennsylvania, NewYork Central, Lehigh Valley, and connecting Railroads.

Valuables. — The Company will not be responsible for Money, Jewellery, and other Valuables'of Passengers.

Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their staterooms, but are recommended to hand same, sealed, and marked with the owner's name, to the Purser for deposit in his safe, but as no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions.

List of Red Star Line Offices [not included here]

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