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SS City of Chicago Passenger List - 25 October 1883

Passenger List, Inman Line RMS City of Chicago - 1883

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS City of Chicago of the Inman Line, Departing 25 October 1883 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Robert Leitch.

Notable Passengers included Viscount Thomas Augustus Wolstenholme Parker and Lady Parker, and University of Michigan Football Captain James Van Inwagen.

Listing of Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Robert Leitch
  2. Purser: John T. Kavanagh
  3. Surgeon: T. T. Reynolds
  4. Stewardess: Mrs. McNicol
  5. Stewardess: Miss MacDonald

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Wm. H. Acheson
  2. Miss Sarah Acheson
  3. Miss Ella Atridge
  4. Miss Bella Atridge
  5. Mr. Percy Brigham
  6. Miss E. M. Bunce
  7. Miss Florence Bunce
  8. Miss Fanny Clark
  9. Miss Josephine Clark
  10. Mr. Chas. A. Carleton
  11. Mr. T. Cumming
  12. Mr. Chas. D. Campbell
  13. Mr. John Day
  14. Mr. Edward Davies
  15. Mrs. L. G. Fillette
  16. Mr. S. Feust
  17. Mr. Jose Suarez y Gonzalez
  18. Mr. John Glennon
  19. Mr. W. U. Greene
  20. Mr. Thos. Godfray
  21. Mr. Elliot M. Hutchinson
  22. Mr. H. M. Heuston
  23. Mr. John Hardy
  24. Mrs. Hardy
  25. Mr. Robert J. Hardy
  26. Mr. Wm. Howe
  27. Mr. J. R. Kendall
  28. Mr. J. F. Kenny
  29. Miss Kilpatrick
  30. Dr. Kelly
  31. Mrs. Kelly
  32. Mr. Jose Leyra
  33. Mr. Jas. Marshall
  34. Mrs. Marshall
  35. Miss Hannah T. McAuliff
  36. Mr. C. Mylius
  37. Mr. E. H. Mylius
  38. Mr. S. Mylius
  39. Mr. E. Mansfield
  40. Mrs. Mansfield
  41. Mr. Earl Mansfield
  42. Miss Florence Mansfield
  43. Mr. F. H. Overmann
  44. Viscount Parker - Thomas Augustus Wolstenholme Parker, Sixth Earl of Macclesfield (17 March 1811 – 24 July 1896) was a British peer. Before inheriting the earldom, he sat in the House of Commons as Conservative Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire from 1837 until 1841
  45. Lady Parker and Two Servants
  46. Mr. Frederick W. Prentice
  47. Mr. A. Packard
  48. Mr. F. Palmer
  49. Mr. Albert Rhodes
  50. Mr. John P. Rouse
  51. Mrs. Rouse
  52. Mrs. Speer
  53. Miss Speer
  54. Mr. James Stewart
  55. Master James Stewart
  56. Master William Stewart
  57. Mr. A. R. Storey
  58. Mr. W. E. Saxby
  59. Miss Bertha B. Smith
  60. Mr. Percy Tarbutt
  61. Mr. George R. Teller
  62. Mr. James Van Inwagen - University of Michigan Football Captain
  63. Mrs. Van Inwagen
  64. Miss Van Inwagen
  65. Master James Van Inwagen
  66. Master Arthur Van Inwagen
  67. Professor J. P. Witherow
  68. Colonel C. P. N. Weatherby
  69. Mr. William D. West
  70. Mr. John Watson
  71. Miss Martha Woodhouse
  72. Mr. Maxwell Wright

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