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RMS City of Berlin Passenger List - 8 June 1884

Passenger List, Inman Line RMS City of Chicago - 1883

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS City of Berlin of the Inman Line, Departing 8 June 1884 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Arthur W. Lewis.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Arthur W. Lewis
  2. Purser: Thomas Kinsky
  3. Surgeon: Fred W. Exham
  4. Stewardess: Mrs. Kay

Saloon Passengers

  1. Rev. O. P Allen
  2. Mr. J. T. Appleberg
  3. Mrs. Appleberg
  4. Dr. C. F. Barber
  5. Mr. J. W. Bowyer
  6. Mr. E. Bowyer
  7. Master Coles
  8. Mr. Junles E. Clark
  9. Mrs. Clark
  10. Master Paul Clark
  11. Dr. Robert Laird Collier
  12. Mr. Robert Coddington
  13. Master Ed. C. Dunden
  14. Mr. John Dole
  15. Mr. Robt. D. Felkard
  16. Mrs. Felkard
  17. Mr. John G. Fowler
  18. Mr. Goset
  19. Miss Haring Gould
  20. Mr. M. B. Gurdiner
  21. Rev. Edmond Harty
  22. Mr. S. Harris
  23. Mrs. Harris
  24. Mr. William Hall
  25. Mrs. Hall
  26. Mr. F. W. Helyar
  27. Mrs. Helyar, Two Children, Governess and Maid
  28. Mr. Harold Harley
  29. Mrs. M. C. Hunsberger
  30. Miss Florence P. Jones
  31. Miss Kate Kirby
  32. Miss Lillie Murphy
  33. Mr. Allan Marquand
  34. Mrs. S. S. Palm
  35. Mrs. C. Roberts
  36. Mr. John Romely
  37. Miss Luise Romely
  38. Mr. W. H. Rolph
  39. Miss M. E. Rolph
  40. Mr. J. M. A. Stubbo
  41. Mr. O. H. Spencer
  42. Mr. F. F. Torrey
  43. Mr. J. V. Waldron
  44. Mrs. Waldron
  45. Mr. C. F. Whitaker
  46. Master W. E. Whitaker
  47. Mr. C. E. Young

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log

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