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S.S. Devonian Passenger List 5 October 1901

Passenger List, Leyland Line S.S. Devonian, 1901, Liverpool to Boston

Saloon Passenger List for the S.S. Devonian of the Leyland Line, Departing 5 October 1901 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain G. W. Muir.

List of Saloon Passengers

Leyland Line

S.S. Devonian

Captain G. W. Muir

From Liverpool to Boston

Saturday, 5 October 1901

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. W. Muir
  2. Surgeon: Dr. T. Greer  
  3. Chief Steward: Mr. A. Mawdsley

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. T. H. Ayer
  2. Miss Baxter
  3. Dr. S. O. Baldwin
  4. Mrs. Baldwin
  5. Miss R. Prescott Brown
  6. Mss E. H. Bourne
  7. Mrs. E. F. Bowditch
  8. Miss E. Bowditch
  9. Mr. E. A. Capen
  10. Mrs. E A. Capen
  11. Miss L. A. Capen
  12. Mr. R. F. Capen
  13. Mr. Philip Carbone
  14. Mr. Cyrus W. Clark
  15. Miss E. L. Coleman
  16. Mr. F. Cordingley
  17. Miss Driver
  18. Mrs. Driver
  19. Mr. F. S. Ellis
  20. Dr. F. D. S. Eveleth
  21. Mrs. Eveleth
  22. Mr. W. H. Forbes
  23. Mrs. E. J. Forster
  24. Mr. Edmund H. Garrett
  25. Mrs. Garrett
  26. Dr. Eliz. Grotefend
  27. Mr. H. R. Healey
  28. Mrs. M. M. Henry
  29. Miss G. F. Hickie
  30. Mrs. E. D. Holton
  31. Mrs. Homer
  32. Miss F. T. Homer
  33. Mrs. F. H. Hunt
  34. Miss Mary Huntington
  35. Mast R Irvine And Maid
  36. Mr. E. E. B. Johnson
  37. Mrs. Johnson
  38. Miss K. Johnstone
  39. Miss Louise Karr
  40. Mr. Jas. Murray Kay
  41. Mrs. Murray Kay
  42. Mr. Jas. M. Kay, Jr.
  43. Miss Winifred P. Kay
  44. Mr. J. J Leary
  45. Judge E. T. Luce
  46. Mrs. Luce
  47. Dr. D. MacDougall
  48. Mrs. MacDougall
  49. Master J. S. MacDougall
  50. Mrs. J. McArthur
  51. Dr. A. G. MacLeod
  52. Mrs. MacLeod
  53. Mine, Alex. Marius
  54. Mrs. Geo. Mead
  55. Master Geo. J. Mead
  56. Mrs. Chas. W. Morgan
  57. Miss G. S. Parker
  58. Miss A. S. Perry
  59. Mr. Norman G. Reoch
  60. Mr. Arch. T. Reoch
  61. Mr. W. H. Rideing
  62. Mrs. Rideing
  63. Mr. O. W: Robertson
  64. Miss Margt. Robertson
  65. Miss Helen Robertson
  66. Mrs. O W. Robinson
  67. Miss Ruth Robinson
  68. Miss Alice Robinson
  69. Mrs. Hy. W. Sage
  70. Miss Pauline Sage
  71. Miss Clara Van Sands
  72. Mr. Robert Van Sands
  73. Miss Simpson
  74. Mr. Ald. G. H. Smith, J.P
  75. Mrs. Smith
  76. Master E. L. F. Smith
  77. Mrs. Rose Brown Snow
  78. Mrs. S. M. Spalding
  79. Mr. Chas. F. Stodder
  80. Mrs. Stodder
  81. Dr. A. H. Taylor
  82. Miss Edith W. Taylor
  83. Mr. C. M. Tillinghast
  84. Mrs. Tillinghast
  85. Mr. T. T. Timayenis
  86. Mrs. M. S. Tucker
  87. Miss K. Wareing
  88. Mr. W. K. Watkins
  89. Mrs. Watkins
  90. Miss M. L. Watson
  91. Mr. C. Scott White
  92. Mrs. White
  93. Miss A. Withington
  94. Miss Florence E. Wood
  95. Mr. F. W. W. Woodward
  96. Miss M. A. Yardley
  97. Mr. Jas. H. Young
  98. Mr. H. P. Zimmermann
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