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Passenger Lists - Yeoward Line

The Yeoward Line, managed by Messrs. Yeoward Brothers, inaugurated their service in the year 1899, and were known worldwide for their Passenger tourist traffic from Liverpool to Lisbon, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Patrons of the Yeoward Line were delighted by the steamers of Messrs. Yeoward Brothers' Line, that sailed every week from the Mersey, and called at Lisbon, Teneriffe and Grand Canary.

The steamers of this line were, we can affirm with the confidence born of personal experience, remarkably confortable, and they possessed good seagoing qualities —a very important consideration with many people.

It is a pleasant run from Liverpool down the west coast and across the Bay of Biscay, and the vessel entered the majestic Tamils all too soon. The capital of Portugal, whatever else may be said about it, presents from the harbour a splendid spectacle.

Passenger List Yeoward Line S.S. Andorinha - 1924

August 1924 Cruise Voyage - S.S. Andorinha

  • Date of Voyage: 1924 August 27
  • Vessel: Andorinha
  • Class: Tourist Class Passengers
  • Route: Liverpool » Portugal » Madeira » Canary Islands » Liverpool
  • Captain: G. F. Pope
  • Number of Printed Pages: 6
  • Transcription: Not Yet Digitized
  • Récapitulation: (Number of Listings)
    • Tourist Class Passengers: Count not Provided
    • Senior Officers and Staff : 11
  • Language(s): English
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 16.2 cm
  • Extras: Provides Home Town for Passengers Listed

Yeoward Line

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