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State Line Steam-Ship Company Passenger Lists

State Line for Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Londonderry and Liverpool

Poster for the State Line for Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Londonderry and Liverpool [1]

This Company was formed for the purpose of establishing a line of steamers for the conveyance of goods and passengers between the ports of Glasgow and New York, and also between Liverpool and New Orleans, calling at such ports as may be found most advantageous.

The company ordered six vessels to be built. The Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia of 2,400 tons each for the Glasgow - New York trade; and th Louisiana, Minnesota, and Alabama of 1,900 tons, 1,900 tons, and 2,400 tons respectively for the Liverpool - New Orleans trade. The vessels were expected to be completed between July 1872 and early 1873.[2]

The company existed from 1872 to 1891 when they were purchased by the All Line for £72,000. The S.S. State of Pennsylvania and the S.S. State of Alabama were sold by the Allan Line in 1891.

State Line Passenger Lists

1883-06-28 Ships List for the S.S. State of Pennsylvania

1883-06-28 Ships List from the S.S. State of Pennsylvania

  • Steamship Line: State Line Steamship Co.
  • Steamship: S.S. State of Pennsylvania
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 28 June 1883
  • Route: New York to Glasgow

Private Signal registered by the Board of Trade under the Merchant Shipping Act of 1873 was A red pyrotechnic light forward ; a pyrotechnic light, known as a blue light, amidships; a red pyrotechnic light aft—all burning at the same time.

Known primarily for the Marine Insurance Law Case Steel v. State Line Steamship Co. (1877) where the excepted perils in the bill of lading have no application to an unseaworthy ship, the unseaworthiness of which was the efficient cause of the loss.

According to the decision of the House of Lords, all the exceptions in a bill of lading must be taken to refer to a period subsequent to the sailing of the ship.

[1] The S.S. State of Nebraska and sailboat on water, with inserts of a dining room, and people on the deck of ship, published c1889, chromo-lithograph. Library of Congress.

[2] State Line of Glasgow IPO Summary, The Economist, 6 July 1872, Page 860

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