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Pacific Line (PSNC) Passenger Lists

The British-owned Pacific Steam Navigation Company known as the Pacific Line (PSNC). Formed in 1839, it existed in some form until 1964. They sailed primarily between England and the South Atlantic.

PSNC routes included the Liverpool, La Pallice (La Rochelle), Corunna, Vigo, Lisbon, Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Port Stanley (Falklands), Punta Arenas, Coronel, Talcahuano and Valparaiso voyages, among others.

Passenger Lists available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives that have been transcribed and uploaded.

Passenger Lists for the Pacific Line (P.S.N.C.)

1925-01-22 Ships List for the R.M.S. Oroya

1925-01-22 Ships List for the R.M.S. Oroya

  • Steamship Line: Pacific Line (P.S.N.C.)
  • Steamship: R.M.S. Oroya
  • Class of Passengers: First and Second Saloon
  • Date of Departure: 22 January 1925
  • Route: Liverpool to Valparaiso, Chile via La Rochelle (France), A Coruña and Vigo (Spain), Havana, Cristóbal Colón and Puerto de Balboa (Panama), El Callao and Mollendo (Peru), Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta (Chile)
  • Commander: Captain A. W. Pearse, R.N.R

Pacific Line (P.S.N.C.) Services

England, France, Spain, Cuba, Panama Canal (Central American Ports), Colombia - Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru And Chile.

England, France, Spain Portugal ::  Brazil, Uruguay :: Argentina Falkland Islands And Via Straits Of Magellan To West Coast Of South America.

Tours: France, Spain, Portugal, Cuba — Panama Canal, Round South America.

Monthly Service By Palatial Passenger Steamers “Ebro- And “Essequibo’ New York To Havana. Panama Canal (Central American Ports). (Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia) Peru And Chile The Largest Passenger Steamers Between New York And West Coast Of South America. Luxury — Comfort Tours Round South America.

Local Services: Cristobal To Central America. Cristobal To Colombia & Ecuador

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