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Passenger List, Baltimore Mail Line, S.S. City of Baltimore, 24 July 1937

Annotated Passenger List for the S.S. City of Baltimore of the Baltimore Mail Line, Departing 24 July 1937 from Hamburg and Southampton to Norfolk and Baltimore, Commanded by Captain F. E. Cross.

List of Cabin (One Class) Passengers

Baltimore Mail Line

S.S. City of Baltimore

Captain F. E. Cross, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R.

From Hamburg to Norfolk and Baltimore via Southampton

Saturday, 24 July 1937

List of Senior Officers:

  • Captain: F. E. Cross, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R
  • Chief Engineer: A. Petrie, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R
  • Chief Officer: D. R. Phoebus, Lt., U.S.N.R
  • Purser: Ray Cleveland
  • Surgeon: Ashur R. McComb, M.D
  • Chief Steward: Emile Bascz

List of Passengers

Passenger List, Baltimore Mail Line S.S. City of Baltimore, 1937
  1. Mr. Joseph Amstutz
  2. Mrs. Norman H. Angell
  3. Master John H. Angell
  4. Miss Bessie J. Ansell
  5. Mr. J. F. Bartlett
  6. Mrs. Bartlett
  7. Miss Augusta H. Binford
  8. Mrs. Josephine Booher
  9. Mrs. M. C. Broome
  10. Miss Barbara Broome
  11. Mrs. James Brown
  12. Miss Betty Brown
  13. Master David Brown
  14. Master Douglas Brown
  15. Mrs. Eva G. Burns
  16. Mrs. R. H. Campbell
  17. Mrs. Thornton Chase
  18. Miss Martha Chase
  19. Dr. Arthur M. Chatham
  20. Mrs. Chatham
  21. Miss Ellen B. Chatham
    Nursing Student - Western Reserve University School of Nursing, Cleveland, OH (See The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 32, No. 5 (May, 1932), pp. 577-579)
  22. Mrs. Elizabeth Chilton
  23. Major Maximilian Clay
  24. Mrs. Clay
  25. Miss Virginia Clay
  26. Dr. Martin Cooley
  27. Mrs. Cooley
  28. Mr. A. P. Drury
  29. Mrs. Drury
  30. Mrs. M. A. Dunnegan
  31. Capt. Elliott Fishburne
  32. Miss Proebe Fleming (Phoebe?)
  33. Mrs. Constance Fletcher
  34. Mrs. Mae Gatling
  35. Miss Wilma Goff
  36. Mrs. H. A. Grant
  37. Mrs. E. A. Hahn
  38. Mrs. Edith Hecht
    Her husband, Dr. Reuben Hecht (1909-1993) established in 1973 the Herzl Institute for Research and Study of Zionism and in 1974 the Reuben Hecht Chair in Zionism. In 1984 he established, in the University of Haifa, the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum
  39. Mr. B. A. Hermes
  40. Mrs. Hermes
  41. Mr. Hermann Holzgreff
  42. Mrs. E. G. Keith
  43. Mrs. Marie Lage
  44. Mrs. F. A. Lawrence
  45. Master David M. Leach
  46. Miss Stepanka Mala (Štěpánka Malá)
  47. Mr. George Menke
  48. Mrs. W. H. Mennigke
  49. Mrs. D. B. Moorhouse
  50. Miss Eleanor Mulliken
  51. Miss Margaret Oliver
  52. Miss Elizabeth L. Oliver
  53. Dr. Helen T. Ratterman
    Women's Lawn Tennis Player circa 1915
  54. Mrs. Elizabeth Rees
  55. Miss C. A. Roberts
  56. Mrs. F. E. Robinson
  57. Dr. A. Rowbotham
  58. Mrs. Rowbotham
  59. Miss Sara Rowbotham
  60. Judge Carl Runge
    Judge of Civil Court, County of Milwaukee, City of Milwaukee
  61. Miss H. Schmidt
  62. Mr. Richard C. Scott-Williams
  63. Mrs. M. W. Stewart
  64. Mrs. Frank Suttell
  65. Mrs. Ellen Travis
  66. Mrs. E. Murray Tyler
  67. Mrs. H. L. Varian
  68. Mr. C. A. Wittig
  69. Miss Mary Woodworth
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