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S.S. City of Hamburg Passenger List 29 January 1932

Front Cover - 29 January 1932 Passenger List, S.S. City of Hamburg, Baltimore Mail Line

Passenger List for the S.S. City of Hamburg of the Baltimore Mail Line, Departing 29 January 1932 from Hamburg for Norfolk and Baltimore via Le Havre, Commanded by Captain John F. Jensen.

List of Cabin (One Class) Passengers

Baltimore Mail Line
S. S. City of Hamburg

Captain John F. Jensen, Lt. Cmdr. U. S. N. R.
From Hamburg to Norfolk and Baltimore via Le Havre
Friday, 29 January 1932

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain:, John F. Jensen
    Lt. Cmdr. U. S. N. R., Commander
  2. Chief Engineer, Louis Augustine
    Lt. U. S. N. R
  3. Chief Officer, Harry P. Connor
    Lt. U, S. N. R
  4. Purser, Charles Benson
  5. Surgeon, Vernon H. Condon
  6. Chief Steward, P. Rosling

List of Passengers

  1. Mr. Laszlo Baltazar
  2. Mrs. Lazslo Baltazar
  3. Mr. John F. Casey
  4. Mrs. Sylvie Cera
  5. Miss Catherine Cera
  6. Mr. A. V. Fernandes
  7. Mrs. Isabel Heinlein *
  8. Mr. Clyde Hippie
  9. Mrs. Yvonne Dupont Jones
  10. Master Donald Jones
  11. Miss Christiane Lutten
  12. Mrs. Suzanne C. Mcllvaine
  13. Miss Laura P. Perkins
  14. Mr. Adolphe G. Pfingsthorn *
  15. Mrs. James D. Wise

*Embarking at Hamburg

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Other Items

Immigration Documents

  • 1932-11-02 Immigration Control Card, S.S. City of Baltimore