Featured Menu Item: White Bread

To serve so many meals a day on a steamship naturally requires an immense number of dishes. These vintage menus featured White Bread as a line item. Discover other dishes served and some creative names given to some of the food items. The graphics on many of the menus are pretty extraordinary.

c1911 SS Victoria Luise Breakfast Menu Card

SS Victoria Luise Breakfast Bill of Fare Card (u.d.) c1911

Date: n.d. Circa 1911

Steamship Line: Hamburg America Line

Featured Entrée: Scrambled Eggs with Morils

Other Featured Item: Broiled Salt Mackerels

Children's Party Menu, Cunard Line RMS Aquitania, 1924

1924-10-01 RMS Aquitania Children's Party Menu

Very rare Bill of Fare from Wednesday, 1 October 1924, for a Children's Party on board the Steamship Aquitania. Although it didn't state the class, we suspect that it was for Cabin Class passengers.



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