Featured Menu Item: Pearl Barley

To serve so many meals a day on a steamship naturally requires an immense number of dishes. These vintage menus featured Pearl Barley as a line item. Discover other dishes served and some creative names given to some of the food items. The graphics on many of the menus are pretty extraordinary.

Pearl barley may be used with stewed noisettes or steak. It simply needs to be cooked in stock and well seasoned.

Pearl Barley may be steamed the same as pearl wheat. Soak it overnight. Most people, however, prefer to cook it in freshwater instead of that used to soak it in, as in the case of pearl wheat.

Use three parts water to one of barley, and a half hour's more steaming than for pearl wheat is required.

1925-07-02 SS Bremen Daily Menu Card

SS Bremen Breakfast Bill of Fare Card 2 July 1925

Date: 2 July 1925

Steamship Line: North German Lloyd

Featured Entrée: Chicken Poulette

Featured Dessert: Pineapple Ice Cream

Includes: Music Concert Program



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