Featured Menu Item: Maple Syrup

To serve so many meals a day on a steamship naturally requires an immense number of dishes. These vintage menus featured Maple Syrup as a line item. Discover other dishes served and some creative names given to some of the food items. The graphics on many of the menus are pretty extraordinary.


1898-09-10 RMS Campania Breakfast Menu Card with Liquor List

RMS Campania Breakfast Bill of Fare Card 10 September 1898

Date: 10 September 1898

Steamship Line: Cunard Line

Featured Entrée: Broiled Finnan Haddin

Featured Dessert: French Plums

Allan Line RMS Virginian Daily Bill of Fare Card, Second Cabin - 9 June 1906

RMS Virginian - 9 June 1906

Vintage Second Cabin Daily Bill of Fare Card from 9 June 1906 on board the RMS Virginian of the Allan Line featured Beefsteak and Onions for Breakfast, Roast Goose, Apple Sauce for Dinner, and Preserved Salmon for Tea.



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