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SS Bremen Daily Menu Card - 2 July 1925

SS Bremen Breakfast Menu Card 2 July 1925

Vintage Daily Menu Card from 2 July 1925 on board the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd that featured Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast, Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes for Lunch, and Chicken Poulette, Rice with Asparagus for Dinner. Coffee and Short Cake were offered as an afternoon snack. The reverse side of the Menu Card presented the Music Concert Program on the Promenade Deck.


Semolina in Milk
Shredded Wheat
Boiled Eggs
Bacon and Eggs
Paprika Veal Steak
Fried Potatoes
Gouda Cheese


Table Celery
Tomato Soup
Pig’s Knuckles
Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes

Roast Veal, Potato Salad
Stewed Apples


Short Cake


Consommé with Pearl-Barley
Chicken Poulette, Rice with Asparagus
Stuffed Paupiettes of Beef
Boiled Potatoes
Pine-Apple Ice-Cream - Pastry

In The Evening To Order Sandwiches and Tea

Concert Program on the Promenade Deck

Concert Program on the SS Bremen 2 July 1925

Music Concert on the Promenade Deck at 10 am


  1. March “German Glory” by Schröder
  2. Overture “Devil’s Share” by Auber
  3. Ländler “Merriment on the Mountains” by Fetras
  4. Salon Piece “Spanish Patrol” by Deshayes
  5. Potpourri "Amusement Scoreboard" by Morena
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