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Musician Heroes Onboard the Titanic

Titanic's Brave Musician Heroes - Led by Mr. W. Hartley of Dewsbury

Titanic's Brave Musician Heroes - Led by Mr. W. Hartley of Dewsbury. The Illustrated London News (11 May 1812) p. 700. GGA Image ID # 101cf7267c

List of The Titanic Band Musicians

(Shown in the photograph above, top to bottom, left to right.)

  1. Mr. John Frederick Preston Clarke (28 July 1883 - 15 April 1912), Bassist (30) of Liverpool
  2. Mr. Percy Cornelius Taylor (20 March 1872 - 15 April 1912). Cellist (32) of Clapham
  3. Mr. Georges Alexandre Krins (18 March 1889 – 15 April 1912), Violinist (23) of Brixton, Sometimes of the Ritz Hotel Orchestra
  4. Mr. Wallace Hartley (Bandmaster), (2 June 1878 – 15 April 1912), Violinist (33) of Dewsbury
  5. Mr. Theodore Ronald Bralley, (25 October 1887 – 15 April 1912) Pianist, 24, of Notting Hill
  6. Mr. John Law Hume (9 August 1890 – 15 April 1912), Violinist (21) of Dumfries
  7. Mr. John Wesley Woodward (11 September 1879 – 15 April 1912). Cellist (32) of Headington, Oxon

One of the most dramatic incidents of the great shipwreck was the heroic conduct of the band, which, led by Mr. W. Hartley of Dewsbury, continued to play up to a few minutes of the end.

On this subject, as on others connected with the disaster, there have been conflicting statements, but of the main fact, there is no doubt.

In its careful summary of the various reports, the "Times" said: "That the band played as bravely as that other band in the 'Birkenhead‘ during a great part of the time that the 'Titanic' was sinking seems indisputable . . .

"Nearer, my God, to Thee" and other hymn tunes were , as reported, played for some time. Then the music changed to something lighter (which would explain Bride's statement about the rag-time he heard) and continued until about ten minutes before the end.

As they played, the band-men are said to have tried to fix on life-belts. It may well be, indeed,  that it was not until they were flooded out that they gave up their heroic and self-appointed task.

In addition to those on the photograph above, there was Mr. Robert Marie Bricoux (1 June 1891 – 15 April 1912) Cellist (20) of Lille, France

Photo of Titanic Bandmember and Cellist Robert Marie Bricoux

Photo of Titanic Bandmember and Cellist Robert Marie Bricoux. GGA Image ID # 101d1cfa7e

"Brave as the “Birkenhead'” Band: The "Titanic's" Musician Heroes," in THe Illustrated London News, New York: The International News Company, Vol. 50, No. 1305, Saturday, 11 May 1912, p. 700.

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