Henry Forbes Julian, Metallurgical Engineer and Titanic Victim

Henry Forbes Julian, who was lost on the “Titanic,” was a well known metallurgical engineer, a specialist in gold-ore treatment. He was a resident of Torquay, England, and was one of the authors of the valuable work, “Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores.”

He was a pioneer in the South African goldfields, where, in 1887, he was one of the consulting engineers to the Johannesburg Pioneer Co., and erected a small plant to treat blanketings from the company’s first stamp mill, by the cyanide process.

This was the first cyanide mill in the Transvaal. In 1888 he erected a better plant at the Roodepoort United Main Reef mill and successfully treated low-grade ores by the cyanide process, then in its infancy.

About the same time he was making investigations in connection with the dissolution of gold ores by chlorine and also by cyanide under high pressure of air, and subsequent precipitation by an electric current and by sodium amalgam, which resulted in some patent applications in South Africa.

He was on his way to San Francisco to take up some special work in connection with the Butters Patent Vacuum Filter Co., Inc., with which he
had been connected, for some time.

-- The Engineering and Mining Journal, 27 April 1912, p. 827

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