Distinguished Dead Among RMS “Titanic’s” Heroes

Some Very Distinguished Men Died in the Titanic Disaster of 15 April 1912

Some Very Distinguished Men Died in the Titanic Disaster of 15 April 1912. Leslie's Weekly (2 May 1912) p. 503. GGA Image ID # 1029deac18

The men whose portraits are given here were among the vast number of distinguished men who lost their lives in the “Titanic” disaster, but who in various ways proved themselves of heroic mold before the climax of this greatest of marine catastrophes.

Major Butt, a trained soldier, died as bravely as one of his callings might have died on the field of battle. He helped many women and children to safety, and when last seen stood rigidly at “attention,” talking with Colonel Astor.

The stories of Colonel Astor’s coolness, courtesy, and bravery have been related by many witnesses. Isidor Straus endeavored to induce his wife to enter one after another of the lifeboats, but she refused to leave him, and they have clasped affectionately in each other's arms when last seen.

Henry B. Harris, the theatrical manager, after he had placed his wife in a lifeboat, stepped aside to let women pass to safety, and awaited his fate.

Little has been told of William T. Stead, but like the others, he assisted in the terrible emergency and went to his death nobly.

Benjamin Guggenheim also displayed remarkable courage and consideration for others and met death without flinching. Charles M. Hays, President of the Grand Trunk Railway, was lost with and in the manner of the other courageous men.

John B. Thayer, of Philadelphia, a Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, saw his wife safely in a boat and went back to help other women.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moore were separated by the same circumstances, and the husband met his fate alone.

Francis Davis Millet also went down with the ship. He was a noted artist, sculptor and designer, a close friend and companion of Major Butt, and but recently had been made the president of the American Academy at Rome.

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