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Spring Suits and Gowns from Paris Designers - 1912

The newest designs for spring 1912 suits and gowns from the Paris designers are here. These suits and gowns would be typical of those worn by the women in first and second class onboard the RMS Titanic.

Afternoon Gown

Afternoon Gown. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-a. GGA Image ID # 102a29217b

Beautiful afternoon gown, heavy while duchess lace over while silk, the skirt of chiffon wilh lace starting in knee height with yoke effect. Bell of black velvet.

Attractive Day Costume

Attractive Day Costume. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-b. GGA Image ID # 102a90dc07

This beautiful day costume features a black and white foulard, waist trimmed with black liberty, that also forms the skirt yoke. Sailor collar and cuffs of black and a small chiffon yoke complete the look.

Walking Suit

Walking Suit. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-c. GGA Image ID # 102ac6a506

An adorable walking suit made of white cloth, the blouse showing yoke of shadow lace, veiled by black chiffon, white forming sleeves, and sash. A black hat, rough straw, trimmed with white taffeta and a small white marabou complete the look.

Gown Made for the Promenade DeckGown Made for the Promenade Deck. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-e. GGA Image ID # 102b091e80

A gorgeous gown made for walking the promenade deck is made of light tan taffeta skirt, white lawn waist with accordion pleated ruffles, and large lapels covered with soutache embroidery. Peplum shoulder straps and belt of taffeta highlight the figure. Toque of white staw completes the look.

A Fashionable Gown for the Youthful Figure

A Fashionable Gown for the Youthful Figure. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-f. GGA Image ID # 102b2799a1

This youthful highly fashionable gown of blue-flowered silk with a tunic-like drapery shown a pointed train of white lace and partly veiled by black chiffon is perfect for being seen onboard. Full sailor collar of white lace, edged with pale blue silk makes this costume an extraordinary gown for the youthful figure.

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