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Titanic Passengers Boarding at Cherbourg

A Last Vision of the Titanic by Night -- An Impression at Cherbourg.

A Last Vision of the Titanic by Night -- An Impression at Cherbourg. The Titanic after sailing from Southampton put in at Cherbourg to pick up her European passengers. This view gives an excellent impression of the vessel during her one and only visit to the French port on the evening of Wednesday, 10 April 1912. Her hundreds of portholes produce a kind of shimmering glow upon the darkness of the surrounding water. The Sphere (27 April 1912) p. 1 of the Supplement. GGA Image ID # 11085e7c87

The Titanic began its maiden (first) voyage at noon on Wednesday, 10 April 1912, when it left Southampton, England. At 6:30 that evening, it arrived at Cherbourg on the coast of Normandy, France, where 274 passengers boarded, while 22 passengers disembarked. It then departed port at 9:00 pm and recrossed the Channel arriving in Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland around noon the following day.

First Class

  1. Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews (62)  Hudson, New York, US [LB-10]
  2. Mr. Ramon Artagaveytia (71)  Buenos Aires, Argentina [MB-22]
  3. Colonel John Jacob Astor IV (47)  New York, New York, US [MB-124]
  4. Mrs. Madeleine Talmage Astor (née Force) (18)  New York, New York, US [LB-4]
  5. Miss Rosalie Bidois (maid) (46)  New York, New York, US [LB-4]
  6. Miss Caroline Louise Endres (nurse) (39)  New York, New York, US [LB-4]
  7. Mrs. Léontine Pauline[63] Aubart (24)  Paris, France [LB-9]
  8. maid, Miss Emma Sägesser and (24)  Paris, France [LB-9]
  9. Mr. John D. Baumann (60)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  10. Mrs. Hélène (née de Lanaudière-Chaput) Baxter (50)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-6]
  11. Mr. Quigg Edmond Baxter (24)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  12. Mr. Karl Howell Behr (26)  New York, New York, US [LB-5]
  13. Mr. Jakob Birnbaum (24)  Antwerp, Belgium [LB-148MB]
  14. Mr. Dickinson H. "Dick" Bishop (25)  Dowagiac, Michigan, US [LB-7]
  15. Mrs. Helen Bishop (née Walton) (19)  Dowagiac, Michigan, US [LB-7]
  16. Mr. Henry Blank (39)  Glen Ridge, New Jersey, US [LB-7]
  17. Mr. Emil Brandeis (48)  Omaha, Nebraska, US [LB-208MB]
  18. Dr. Arthur Jackson Brewe (45)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  19. Mrs. Margaret Brown (née Tobin) (44)  Denver, Colorado, US [LB-6]
  20. Mrs. Emma Eliza Bucknell (née Ward) (59)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-8]
  21. Miss Albina Bazzani (maid) (36)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-8]
  22. Mrs. Helen Churchill Candee (née Hungerford) (53)  Washington, D.C., US [LB-6]
  23. Mrs. Charlotte Wardle Cardeza (née Drake) (58)  Germantown, Pennsylvania, US [LB-3]
  24. Miss Annie Moore Ward (maid) (38)  Germantown, Pennsylvania, US [LB-3]
  25. Mr. Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza (36)  Germantown, Pennsylvania, US [LB-3]
  26. Mr. Gustave J. Lesueur (valet) (35)  Germantown, Pennsylvania, US [LB-3]
  27. Mrs. Eleanor Genevieve Cassebeer (née Fosdick) (36)  New York, New York, US [LB-5]
  28. Mr. Paul Romaine Marie Léonce Chevré (45)  Paris, France [LB-7]
  29. Mr. Walter Miller Clark (27)  Los Angeles, California, US [P-BNR]
  30. Mrs. Virginia Estelle Clark (née McDowell) (26)  Los Angeles, California, US [LB-4]
  31. Mrs. Mary Eliza Compton (née Ingersoll) (64)  Lakewood, New Jersey, US [LB-14]
  32. Miss Sara Rebecca Compton (39)  Lakewood, New Jersey, US [LB-14]
  33. Mr. Alexander Taylor Compton Jr. (37)  Lakewood, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  34. Mr. John Bradley Cumings (39)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  35. Mrs. Florence Briggs Cumings (née Thayer) (35)  New York, New York, US [LB-4]
  36. Mr. Walter Donald Douglas (50)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-62MB]
  37. Mrs. Mahala Douglas (née Dutton) (48)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-2]
  38. Miss Berthe Leroy (maid) (27)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-2]
  39. Mrs. Mary Hélène Douglas (née Baxter) (27)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-6]
  40. Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon (49)  London, England, UK [LB-1]
  41. Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff Gordon (née Sutherland) (48)  London, England, UK [LB-1]
  42. Miss Laura Mabel Francatelli (secretary) (31)  London, England, UK [LB-1]
  43. Mr. William Crothers Dulles (39)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [MB-133]
  44. Miss Elizabeth Mussey Eustis (54)  Brookline, Massachusetts, US [LB-4]
  45. Miss Edith Corse Evans (36)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  46. Mrs. Antoinette Flegenheim (née Wendt) (48)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  47. Mr. Maximilian Josef Frölicher (60)  Zürich, Switzerland [LB-5]
  48. Mrs. Margaretha Emerentia Frölicher (née Stehli) (48)  Zürich, Switzerland [LB-5]
  49. Miss Hedwig Margaritha Frölicher-Stehli (22)  Zürich, Switzerland [LB-5]
  50. Mrs. Pauline Caroline Gibson (née Boeson) (44)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  51. Miss Dorothy Winifred Gibson (22)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  52. Mr. Samuel L. Goldenberg (47)  Paris, France [LB-5]
  53. Mrs. Nella Goldenberg (née Wiggins) (40)  Paris, France [LB-5]
  54. Mr. George B. Goldschmidt (71)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  55. Mrs. Blanche Greenfield (née Strouse) (45)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  56. Mr. William Bertram Greenfield (23)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  57. Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim (46)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  58. Mr. Victor Giglio (valet) (24)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  59. Mr. René Pernot (chauffeur) (39)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  60. Mr. George Achilles Harder (25)  New York, New York, US [LB-5]
  61. Mrs. Dorothy (née Annan) Harder (21)  New York, New York, US [LB-5]
  62. Mr. Henry Sleeper Harper (48)  New York, New York, US [LB-3]
  63. Mr. Hammad Hassab (dragoman) (27)  Cairo, Egypt [LB-3]
  64. Mrs. Myna (née Haxtun) Harper (49)  New York, New York, US [LB-3]
  65. Miss Margaret Bechstein Hays (24)  New York, New York, US [LB-7]
  66. Mrs. Ida Sophia Hippach (née Fischer) (44)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-4]
  67. Miss Jean Gertrude Hippach (17)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-4]
  68. Mrs. Anna Louisa Hogeboom (née Andrews) (51)  Hudson, New York, US [LB-10]
  69. Mr. William Fisher Hoyt (42)  New York, New York, US [LB-14]
  70. Miss Ann Elizabeth Isham (50)  Chicago, Illinois, US [P-BNR]
  71. Mr. Edward Austin Kent (58)  Buffalo, New York, US [LB-258MB]
  72. Mr. Ervin G. Lewy (31)  Chicago, Illinois, US [P-BNR]
  73. Mrs. Sigrid Lindström (née Posse) (55)  Stockholm, Sweden [LB-6]
  74. Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey Lines (née James) (50)  Paris, France [LB-9]
  75. Miss Mary Conover Lines (16)  Paris, France [LB-9]
  76. Miss Gretchen Fiske Longley (21)  Hudson, New York, US [LB-10]
  77. Mr. Pierre, Sr. Maréchal (28)  Paris, France [LB-7]
  78. Miss Bertha Antonine Mayné (24)  Brussels, Belgium [LB-6]
  79. Mr. Edgar Joseph Meyer (28)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  80. Mrs. Leila Meyer (née Saks) (25)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  81. Mr. Francis Davis Millet (65)  East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, US [MB-249]
  82. Mr. Philipp Edmund Mock (30)  New York, New York, US [LB-11]
  83. Mr. Charles Natsch (36)  Brooklyn, New York, US [P-BNR]
  84. Mr. Arthur Webster Newell (58)  Lexington, Massachusetts, US [MB-122]
  85. Miss Madeleine Newell (31)  Lexington, Massachusetts, US [LB-6]
  86. Miss Marjorie Anne Newell (23)  Lexington, Massachusetts, US [LB-6]
  87. Mr. Alfred Nourney (20)  Cologne, German Empire [LB-7]
  88. Mr. Alfred Fernand Omont (29)  Le Havre, France [LB-7]
  89. Mr. Servando José Florentino Ovies y Rodriguez (36)  Havana, Cuba [MB-189]
  90. Mr. Victor Peñasco y Castellana (24)  Madrid, Spain [P-BNR]
  91. Mrs. Maria Josefa Peñasco y Castellana (née Perez de Soto y Vallejo) (22)  Madrid, Spain [LB-8]
  92. Doña Fermina Oliva y Ocana (maid) (39)  Madrid, Spain [LB-8]
  93. Mrs. Lily Alexenia Potter (née Wilson) (56)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-7]
  94. Miss Edith Louise Rosenbaum (34)  Paris, France [LB-11]
  95. Mr. George Rosenshine (alias George Thorne) (46)  New York, New York, US [MB-16]
  96. Mr. Martin Rothschild (46)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  97. Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Anne Rothschild (née Barrett) (54)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  98. Mr. Arthur Larned Ryerson (61)  Cooperstown, New York, US [P-BNR]
  99. Mrs. Emily Maria Ryerson (née Borie) (48)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  100. Miss Victorine Chaudanson (maid) (36)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  101. Miss Susan Parker "Suzette" Ryerson (21)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  102. Miss Emily Borie Ryerson (18)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  103. Master John Borie "Jack" Ryerson (13)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  104. Miss Grace Scott Bowen (governess) (45)  Cooperstown, New York, US [LB-4]
  105. Mr. Abraham Lincoln Salomon (43)  New York, New York, US [LB-1]
  106. Mr. William Baird Silvey (50)  Duluth, Minnesota, US [P-BNR]
  107. Mrs. Alice Silvey (née Munger) (39)  Duluth, Minnesota, US [LB-11]
  108. Mr. James Clinch Smith (56)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  109. Mr. Lucien Philip Smith (24)  Huntington, West Virginia, US [P-BNR]
  110. Mrs. Mary Eloise Smith (née Hughes) (18)  Huntington, West Virginia, US [LB-6]
  111. Mr. Frederic Oakley Spedden (45)  Tuxedo Park, New York, US [LB-3]
  112. Mrs. Margaretta Corning Spedden (née Stone) (39)  Tuxedo Park, New York, US [LB-3]
  113. Miss Helen Alice Wilson (maid) (31)  Tuxedo Park, New York, US [LB-3]
  114. Master Robert Douglas Spedden (6)  Tuxedo Park, New York, US [LB-3]
  115. Miss Elizabeth Margaret Burns (nurse) (41)  Tuxedo Park, New York, US [LB-3]
  116. Mr. William Augustus Spencer (57)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  117. Mrs. Marie Eugénie (née Demougeot) Spencer (45)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  118. Miss Eugenie Elise Lurette (maid) (59)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  119. Mr. Charles Emil Henry Stengel (54)  Newark, New Jersey, US [LB-1]
  120. Mrs. Annie May Stengel (née Morris) (44)  Newark, New Jersey, US [LB-5]
  121. Mrs. Martha Stephenson (née Eustis) (52)  Paris, France [LB-4]
  122. Mr. Albert A. Stewart (54)  Cincinnati, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  123. Mr. John Borland Thayer II (49)  Haverford, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  124. Mrs. Marian Longsteth Thayer (née Morris) (39)  Haverford, Pennsylvania, US [LB-4]
  125. Miss Margaret Fleming (maid) (42)  Haverford, Pennsylvania, US [LB-4]
  126. Mr. John Borland "Jack" Thayer III (17)  Haverford, Pennsylvania, US [LB-B]
  127. Mrs. Gertrude Maybelle Thorne (née McMinn) (37)  New York, New York, US [LB-D]
  128. Mr. Gilbert Milligan Jr. Tucker (31)  Albany, New York, US [LB-7]
  129. Don Manuel E. Uruchurtu (40)  Mexico City, Mexico [P-BNR]
  130. Mr. Frank Manley Warren (63)  Portland, Oregon, US [P-BNR]
  131. Mrs. Anna Sophia Warren (née Atkinson) (60)  Portland, Oregon, US [LB-5]
  132. Mrs. Ella White (née Holmes) (55)  New York, New York, US [LB-8]
  133. Miss Amelia Mayo "Nellie" Bessette (maid) (39)  New York, New York, US [LB-8]
  134. Mr. Sante Righini (manservant) (22)  New York, New York, US [MB-232]
  135. Mr. Charles Duane Williams (51)  Geneva, Switzerland [P-BNR]
  136. Mr. Richard Norris II Williams (21)  Geneva, Switzerland [LB-A]
  137. Miss Marie Grice Young (36)  New York, New York, US [LB-8]

Second Class

  1. Mr. Samuel Abelson (30)  Russia [P-BNR]
  2. Mrs. Anna Abelson (née Wizosky?) (28)  Russia [LB-10]
  3. Mr. Sebastiano del Carlo (29)  Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy [MB-295]
  4. Mrs. Argene del Carlo (née Genovesi) (24)  Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy [LB-11]
  5. y More, Miss Florentina Duran (30)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-12]
  6. y More, Miss Asunción Duran (27)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-12]
  7. Mr. Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche (25)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  8. Mrs. Juliette Marie Louise Laroche (née Lafargue) (22)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  9. Miss Simoné Marie Anne Andrée Laroche (3)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  10. Miss Louise Marguerite Laroche (1)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  11. Miss Bertha Lehmann (17)  Lotzwil, Switzerland [LB-12]
  12. Mr. René Jacques Levy (36)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  13. Mr. Jean-Noël Malachard (25)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  14. Mr. Albert Mallet (31)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  15. Mrs. Antoinette Marie Mallet (née Magnin) (24)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-10]
  16. Master André Clément Mallet (1)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-10]
  17. Mr. Serafino Emilio Mangiavacchi (30)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  18. Allah, Mr. Niqula Khalil Nassr (28)  Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman Empire[note 7] [MB-43]
  19. Mrs. Adal Nassr Allah (née Akim) (14)  Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman Empire [LB-?]
  20. Manent, Mr. Julian Padron (26)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-9]
  21. y Castello, Mr. Emilio Pallas (29)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-9]
  22. Mr. Emile Philippe Richard (23)  Paris, France [P-BNR]

Third Class / Steerage

  1. al-Khaliq, Mr. Farid Qasim Husayn Abd (18)  New York City [P-BNR]
  2. Mrs. Mary Sophie Halaut (née Easu) Abrahim (18)  Greensburg, Pennsylvania, US [LB-C]
  3. Mr. Nasif Qasim Al-Muna (26)  Fredericksburg, Virginia, US [LB-15]
  4. Mr. Fahim Ruhanna Al-Zainni (22)  Dayton, Ohio, US [LB-6]
  5. Mrs. Mariyam (née Khalil) Assaf (45)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [LB-C]
  6. Mr. Sleiman Attala (30)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  7. Allah, Miss Malakah Atta (17)  New York City [P-BNR]
  8. Dahir, Miss Bannurah Ayyub (15)  Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada [LB-C]
  9. Mr. Raful Bakus (20)  New York City [P-BNR]
  10. Mr. Mohamed Badt (40)  New York City [P-BNR]
  11. Mrs. Mariyam Latifa (née Qurban) Baqlini (24)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-C]
  12. Miss Mariya Katarin Baqlini (5)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-C]
  13. Miss Eujini Baqlini (4)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-C]
  14. Miss Hileni Barbarah Baqlini (9 mo.)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-C]
  15. Mrs. Katarin Dawud Barbarah (45)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  16. Miss Saidah Barbarah (18)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  17. Mr. Tannous Betros (20)  Waterbury, Connecticut, US [P-BNR]
  18. Mrs. Sultanah (née Rizq) Bulus (40)  Kent, British Columbia, Canada [P-BNR]
  19. Master Akar Bulus (9)  Kent, British Columbia, Canada [P-BNR]
  20. Miss Nur-al-Ayn Bulus (7)  Kent, British Columbia, Canada [P-BNR]
  21. Mrs. Katarin (née Rizk) Butrus-Youssef (24)  Detroit, Michigan, US [LB-C]
  22. Master Makhkhul Butrus-Youssef (4)  Detroit, Michigan, US [LB-D]
  23. Miss Marianna Butrus-Youssef (2)  Detroit, Michigan, US [LB-C]
  24. Mr. Joseph Caram (28)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [MB-28]
  25. Mrs. Maria (née Elias) Caram (18)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  26. Mr. Apostolos Chronopoulos (26)  New York City [P-BNR]
  27. Mr. Dimitrios Chronopoulos (18)  New York City [P-BNR]
  28. Mr. Tannous Dahir (28)  Youngstown, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  29. Mr. Jozef Draženović (33)  New York City [MB-51]
  30. Mr. Dibo Elias (29)  New York City [P-BNR]
  31. Mr. Joseph Jr. Elias (15)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  32. Nasrallah, Mr. Tannous Elias (17)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  33. Mr. Charles R.(alias Charles Franklin) Fardon (38)  Canada [P-BNR]
  34. Thamah, Mr. Assaf Gerios (21)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  35. Mr. Stanio Gheorgheff (–)  Butte, Montana, US [P-BNR]
  36. Mr. Borak Suleiman Hanna (27)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  37. Mr. Bulus Hanna (18)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  38. Mr. Mansur Hanna (35)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [LB-188MB]
  39. Master Husayn Mahumud Husayn (11)  Fredericksburg, Virginia, US [P-BNR]
  40. Miss Hileni Jabbour (16)  New York City [MM-328]
  41. Miss Tamini Jabbour (19)  New York City [P-BNR]
  42. Mr. Ivan Jalševac (29)  Galesburg, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  43. Mrs. Shaniini Jirjis (née Whabee Abi-Saab) (22)  Youngstown, Ohio, US [LB-C]
  44. Mr. Vassilios G. Katavelos (19)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US [MB-58]
  45. Mr. Butrus Khalil-Khoury (25)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  46. Mrs. Zahie "Maria" Khalil-Khoury (20)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  47. Mr. Theodor Kraeff (–)  Madison, Wisconsin, US [P-BNR]
  48. Mr. Neshan Krekorian (25)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [LB-10]
  49. Ishaq Mowad, Mr. Sarkis Lahoud (30)  Waterbury, Connecticut, US [P-BNR]
  50. Mr. Panagiotis K. Lymperopoulus (30)  Stamford, Connecticut US [MB-196]
  51. Mr. Hanna Mamee (20)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  52. Mr. Sarkis Mardirosian (25)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  53. Mr. Johann Markun (33)  New York City [P-BNR]
  54. Mr. Nicola Matinoff (30)  Madison, Wisconsin, US [P-BNR]
  55. Mrs. Mantoura Moussa (35)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-?]
  56. Mrs. Amanah Fa'ud Mubarik (née Iskandar) (24)  Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, US [LB-C]
  57. Master Gerios Mubarik (7)  Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, US [LB-C]
  58. Master Halim Gonios Mubarik (4)  Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, US [LB-C]
  59. Mrs. Fatimah Muslamani (22)  Michigan City, Indiana, US [LB-C]
  60. Mr. Sahid Nackid (20)  Waterbury, Connecticut, US [LB-C]
  61. Miss Waika "Mary" (née Mowad) Nackid (19)  Waterbury, Connecticut, US [LB-C]
  62. Miss Maria Nackid (1)  Waterbury, Connecticut, US [LB-C]
  63. Mr. Toufik Nakli-Khoury (17)  New York City [P-BNR]
  64. Alma, Mr. Mustafa Nasr (20)  New York City [P-BNR]
  65. Rizq, Mr. Saade Nassr (20)  New York City [P-BNR]
  66. Miss Jamilah Niqula-Yarid (14)  Jacksonville, Florida, US [LB-C]
  67. Master Ilyas Niqula-Yarid (12)  Jacksonville, Florida, US [LB-C]
  68. Mr. Mansur Nofal (20)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [MB-181]
  69. Mr. Uscher Pullner (16)  New York City [P-BNR]
  70. Mr. Raihed Razi (30)  New York City [P-BNR]
  71. Mr. Amin Saad (30)  New York City [P-BNR]
  72. Mr. Khalil Saad (25)  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  73. Master Butrus Sa'maan (10)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  74. Mr. Hanna Ilyas Sa'maan (40)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  75. Mr. Ilyas Sa'maan (17)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  76. Mr. Youssef Omar "Joseph" Sa'maan (16)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  77. Mr. Yousseff Ibrahim Shawah (33)  New York City [P-BNR]
  78. Mr. Dahir Abu Shadid (19)  Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, US [MB-9]
  79. Mr. Amir Faris Shihab (25)  New York City [P-BNR]
  80. Mr. Arsun Sirkanian (22)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  81. Mr. Ivan Stanković (33)  New York City [P-BNR]
  82. Mr. Bashir (Charles) Tannous (31)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  83. Mrs. Thamini Khoury Fa'ud "Thelma" Tannous (16)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-14]
  84. Master As'ad Iskandar Fa'ud Tannous (5 mo.)  Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-16]
  85. Mr. John Thomas (34)  Columbus, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  86. Mr. Tannous John Thomas (16)  Columbus, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  87. Mr. Assad Torfa (20)  New York City [P-BNR]
  88. Mrs. Hanna Youssef (née Razi) Touma (27)  Dowagiac, Michigan, US [LB-C]
  89. Miss Marianna Youssef Touma (9)  Dowagiac, Michigan, US [LB-C]
  90. Master Gerios (George) Youssef Touma (8)  Dowagiac, Michigan, US [LB-C]
  91. Mr. Dawud Vartanian (22)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [LB-13]
  92. Mr. Yousif Ahmed Wazni (25)  New York City [P-BNR]
  93. Mr. Aaron Willer (37)  Chicago, Illinois, US [P-BNR]
  94. Mr. Antun Yasbak (27)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  95. Mrs. Silanah Fa'ud (née Iskandar) Yasbak (15)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-C]
  96. Mr. Gerios (Abi Saab) Youssef (26)  Youngstown, Ohio, US [M-312]
  97. Mr. Gerios (Sam'aan) Youssef (45)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  98. Qiyamah, Miss Adal "Jane" Zajib (15)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-C]
  99. Mr. Haroutyun Der Zakarian (27)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  100. Mr. Mapri Der Zakarian (22)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [MB-304]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB- # or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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Make Your Family History More Readable Through Illustrations From the GG Archives