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Titanic Passengers Aged 55 to 64

Using Wikipedia and Titanica as source materials, we extracted passengers who were between 55 and 64 years old. There were 43 in First Class; 11 in Second Class; and, 8 in Third Class.

First Class

  1. Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews, (62)  Hudson, New York, US [LB-10]
  2. Mr. John D. Baumann, (60)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  3. Miss Elizabeth Bonnell, (61)  Youngstown, Ohio, US [LB-8]
  4. Mrs. Caroline Lane (née Lamson) Brown, (59)  Belmont, Massachusetts, US [LB-D]
  5. Mrs. Emma Eliza (née Ward) Bucknell, (59)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-8]
  6. Mrs. Charlotte Wardle (née Drake) Cardeza, (58)  Germantown, Pennsylvania, US [LB-3]
  7. Mrs. Mary Eliza (née Ingersoll) Compton, (64)  Lakewood, New Jersey, US [LB-14]
  8. Mrs. Malvina Helen (née Lamson) Cornell, (55)  New York, New York, US [LB-2]
  9. Mr. John Bertram Crafton, (59)  Roachdale, Indiana, US [P-BNR]
  10. Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth (née Halstead) Crosby, (64)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US [LB-7]
  11. Mr. Mark Fortune, (64)  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [P-BNR]
  12. Mrs. Mary (née McDougald) Fortune, (60)  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [LB-10]
  13. Mr. Maximilian Josef Frölicher, (60)  Zürich, Switzerland [LB-5]
  14. Mrs. Edith Ware (née Junkins) Graham, (59)  Greenwich, Connecticut, US [LB-3]
  15. Mr. Charles Melville Hays, (55)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-307M]
  16. Mr. William Edward Hipkins, (55)  Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK [P-BNR]
  17. Mr. Edward Austin Kent, (58)  Buffalo, New York, US [LB-258MB]
  18. Mrs. Sigrid (née Posse) Lindström, (55)  Stockholm, Sweden [LB-6]
  19. Mr. Harry Markland Molson, (55)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  20. Mr. Arthur Webster Newell, (58)  Lexington, Massachusetts, US [LB-122MB]
  21. Mr. Arthur Ernest Nicholson, (64)  Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England, UK [LB-263MB]
  22. Mr. Engelhart Cornelius Ostby, (64)  Providence, Rhode Island, US [LB-234MB]
  23. Mrs. Lily Alexenia (née Wilson) Potter, (56)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-7]
  24. Mr. Alfred G. Rowe, (59)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK [LB-109MB]
  25. Mr. Arthur Larned Ryerson, (61)  Cooperstown, New York, US [P-BNR]
  26. Colonel Alfons Simonius-Blumer, (56)  Basel, Switzerland [LB-3]
  27. Mr. John Montgomery Smart, (56)  Kildale, North Yorkshire, England, UK [P-BNR]
  28. Mr. James Clinch Smith, (56)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  29. Mr. Richard William Smith, (57)  Streatham, London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  30. Mr. William Augustus Spencer, (57)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  31. maid, Miss Eugenie Elise Lurette and (59)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  32. Mr. William Thomas Stead, (62)  London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  33. Mrs. Martha Evelyn (née Stevens) Stone, (62)  New York, New York, US [LB-6]
  34. valet, Mr. John Farthing and (57)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  35. Mrs. Rosalie Ida (née Blun) Straus, (63)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  36. Mr. Frederick Sutton, (61)  Haddonfield, New Jersey, US [LB-46MB]
  37. der Hoef, Mr. Wyckoff Van (61)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-245MB]
  38. Mr. Frank Manley Warren, (63)  Portland, Oregon, US [P-BNR]
  39. Mrs. Anna Sophia (née Atkinson) Warren, (60)  Portland, Oregon, US [LB-5]
  40. Colonel John Weir, (59)  New York, New York, US [P-BNR]
  41. Mrs. Ella (née Holmes) White, (55)  New York, New York, US [LB-8]
  42. Colonel George Dennick Wick, (58)  Youngstown, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  43. Mr. George Wright, (62)  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [P-BNR]

Second Class

  1. Mr. John Ashby, (57)  West Hoboken, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  2. Mr. Thomas William Solomon Brown, (60)  Cape Town, South Africa, UK[note 4] [P-BNR]
  3. Mr. William Joseph Douton, (55)  Rochester, New York, US [P-BNR]
  4. Mr. George Harris, (62)  London, England [LB-15]
  5. Mrs. Mary Dunbar (née Kingcome) Hewlett, (56)  Lucknow, British India, UK[note 3] [LB-13]
  6. Mr. Benjamin Howard, (63)  Swindon, Wiltshire, England [P-BNR]
  7. Mrs. Ellen Truelove (née Arman) Howard, (60)  Swindon, Wiltshire, England [P-BNR]
  8. Mr. John Linnane, (61)  Chelsea, Michigan, US [P-BNR]
  9. Mrs. Mary (née Lacy) Mack, (57)  Southampton, Hampshire, England [LB-52MB]
  10. Mr. Thomas Francis Myles, (63)  Fermoy, Ireland[note 1] [P-BNR]
  11. Mrs. Lutie Davis (née Temple) Parrish, (60)  Woodford County, Kentucky, US [LB-12]

Third Class / Steerage

  1. Mr. Patrick John Connors, (61)  New York City [LB-171MB]
  2. Mr. Daniel Coxon, (59)  Merrill, Wisconsin, US [P-BNR]
  3. Mrs. Mary Ann Meanwell, (63)  New York City [P-BNR]
  4. Mr. Johan Hansen Nysveen, (61)  Grand Forks, North Dakota, US [P-BNR]
  5. Mrs. Lena Jakobsen (née Solvang) Rasmussen, (62)  Centerville, South Dakota, US [P-BNR]
  6. Mrs. Emma Jane(née Lellyet) Risien, (58)  Groesbeck, Texas, US [P-BNR]
  7. Mr. Frederick William Blainey Shellard, (55)  Troy, New York, US [P-BNR]
  8. Mrs. Hedvig Turkula, (63)  Hibbing, Minnesota, US [LB-15]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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