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Second Class Passenger Manifest - RMS Titanic

Passengers on the Olympic Visiting the Second Class Purser's Office, Located on Upper Deck E, Aft.

Passengers on the Olympic Visiting the Second Class Purser's Office, Located on Upper Deck E, Aft. The Arrangement Would Be Very Similar If Not the Same on the Titanic. GGA Image ID # 10f3c0f32e

We prepared a Passenger Manifest of Second Class Passengers that included Age, Home Town, Country, and Outcome, Sourced from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Titanica. It was used to develop demographics and ultimately, findings based on the premise of Women and Children First.

  1. Mr. Samuel Abelson (30)  Russia [P-BNR]
  2. Mrs. Anna Abelson (née Wizosky?) (28)  Russia [LB-10]
  3. Mr. Edgar Samuel Andrew (17)  San Ambrosio, Córdoba, Argentina [P-BNR]
  4. Mr. Frank Thomas Andrew (30)  Redruth, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  5. Mr. William A. Angle (32)  Warwick, Warwickshire, England [P-BNR]
  6. Mrs. Florence Agnes "Mary" Angle (née Hughes) (36)  Warwick, Warwickshire, England [LB-11]
  7. Mr. John Ashby (57)  West Hoboken, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  8. Mr. Percy Andrew Bailey (18)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  9. Mr. Charles Robert Bainbrigge (23)  Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  10. Mrs. Ada E. (née Hall) Ball (36)  Bristol, Avon, England [LB-10]
  11. Mr. Frederick James Banfield (28)  Plymouth, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  12. Reverend Robert James Bateman (51)  Jacksonville, Florida, US [LB-174MB]
  13. Mr. Edward Beane (32)  New York City [LB-13]
  14. Mrs. Ethel (née Clarke) Beane. (19)  Norwich, Norfolk, England [LB-13]
  15. Mr. Henry James Beauchamp (28)  London, England, UK [LB-194MB]
  16. Mrs. Nellie E. Becker (née Baumgardner) (35)  Guntur, Madras Province, British India[note 3] [LB-11]
  17. Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker (12)  Guntur, Madras Province, British India [LB-13]
  18. Miss Marion Louise Becker (4)  Guntur, Madras Province, British India [LB-11]
  19. Master Richard Frederick Becker (1)  Guntur, Madras Province, British India [LB-11]
  20. Mr. Lawrence Beesley (34)  London, England, UK [LB-13]
  21. Miss Lillian W. Bentham (19)  Rochester, New York, US [LB-12]
  22. Mr. William John Berriman (23)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  23. Mr. William Hull Botsford (25)  Orange, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  24. Mr. Solomon Bowenur (42)  London, England [P-BNR]
  25. Mr. James H. Bracken (29)  Lake Arthur, New Mexico, US [P-BNR]
  26. Mr. W. Theodore Ronald Brailey (24)  London, England [P-BNR]
  27. Mr. Roger Marie Bricoux (20)  Monte Carlo, Monaco [P-BNR]
  28. Mr. José Joaquim Brito (32)  Madeira, Portugal [P-BNR]
  29. Mr. Thomas William Solomon Brown (60)  Cape Town, South Africa, UK[note 4] [P-BNR]
  30. Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine Brown (née Ford) (40)  Cape Town, South Africa, UK [LB-14]
  31. Miss Edith Eileen Brown (15)  Cape Town, South Africa, UK [LB-14]
  32. Mr. Kurt Arnold Gottfrid Bryhl (25)  Skara, Västergötland, Sweden [P-BNR]
  33. Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg Bryhl (20)  Skara, Västergötland, Sweden [LB-12]
  34. Miss Kate Buss (36)  Sittingbourne, Kent, England [LB-9]
  35. Mr. Reginald Fenton Butler (25)  Southsea, Hampshire, England [LB-97MB]
  36. Father Thomas Roussel Davids Byles (42)  London, England [P-BNR]
  37. Miss Karolina Byström (42)  New York City [LB-?]
  38. Mr. Albert Francis Caldwell (26)  Bangkok, Siam[note 5] [LB-13]
  39. Mrs. Sylvia Mae Caldwell (née Harbaugh) (28)  Bangkok, Siam [LB-13]
  40. Master Alden Gates Caldwell (10 mo.)  Bangkok, Siam [LB-13]
  41. Miss Clear Annie Cameron (35)  London, England, UK [LB-14]
  42. Mr. William Henry Campbell (21)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  43. Mr. William Carbines (19)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [LB-18MB]
  44. Father Ernest Courtenay Carter (54)  London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  45. Mrs. Lilian Carter (née Hughes) (45)  London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  46. Mr. Charles Henry Chapman (52)  Bronx, New York, US [LB-130MB]
  47. Mr. John Henry Chapman (36)  Liskeard, Cornwall, England [LB-17MB]
  48. Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Chapman (née Lawry) (28)  Liskeard, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  49. Mrs. Alice Frances Christy (45)  London, England, UK [LB-12]
  50. Miss Rachel Julie Cohen Christy (25)  London, England, UK [LB-12]
  51. Mr. Charles Valentine Clarke (29)  Netley Abbey, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  52. Mrs. Ada Maria Clarke (28)  Netley Abbey, Hampshire, England [LB-14]
  53. Mr. John Frederick Preston Clarke (30)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England [LB-202MB]
  54. Mr. Reginald Charles Coleridge (29)  London, England [P-BNR]
  55. Mr. Erik Gustaf Collander (27)  Helsinki, Finland, Russian Empire[note 6] [P-BNR]
  56. Mr. Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett (25)  London, England [LB-9]
  57. Mr. Harvey Collyer (31)  Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  58. Mrs. Charlotte Annie Collyer (née Tate) (31)  Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England [LB-14]
  59. Miss Marjorie Charlotte "Lottie" Collyer (8)  Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England [LB-14]
  60. Mrs. Selena Cook (née Rogers) (22)  Oxford, Oxfordshire, England [LB-14]
  61. Mrs. Irene Corbett (née Colvin) (30)  Provo, Utah, US [P-BNR]
  62. Mrs. Mary Phyllis Elizabeth Corey (née Miller) (30)  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  63. Mr. Henry "Harry" Cotterill (20)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  64. Mr. Alfred Fleming Cunningham (21)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  65. Mr. Charles Henry Davies (21)  Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  66. Mrs. Elizabeth Agnes Mary Davies (née White) (48)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [LB-14]
  67. Master John Morgan Jr. Davies (8)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK [LB-14]
  68. Miss Mary Davis (28)  London, England, UK [LB-13]
  69. Mr. Percy William Deacon (20)  Fritham, Hampshire, England, UK [P-BNR]
  70. Mr. Sebastiano del Carlo (29)  Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy [LB-295MB]
  71. Mrs. Argene del Carlo (née Genovesi) (24)  Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy [LB-11]
  72. Mr. Albert "Herbert" Denbuoy (25)  Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK [P-BNR]
  73. Mr. William Dibden (18)  Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  74. Mrs. Ada Julia Doling (née Bone) (34)  Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK [LB-?]
  75. Miss Elsie Doling (19)  Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK [LB-?]
  76. Mr. William Joseph Douton (55)  Rochester, New York, US [P-BNR]
  77. Mr. James Vivian Drew (42)  Greenport, New York, US [P-BNR]
  78. Mrs. Lulu Thorne (née Christian) Drew (34)  Greenport, New York, US [LB-10]
  79. Master Marshall Brines Drew (8)  Greenport, New York, US [LB-10]
  80. y More, Miss Florentina Duran (30)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-12]
  81. y More, Miss Asunción Duran (27)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-12]
  82. Mr. George Floyd Eitemiller (23)  London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  83. Mr. Ingvar Enander (21)  Göteborg, Västergötland, Sweden [P-BNR]
  84. Mr. Arne Joma Fahlstrøm (18)  Oslo, Norway [P-BNR]
  85. Mr. Harry Bartram Faunthorpe (40)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK [LB-286MB]
  86. Mr. Joseph Charles Fillbrook (18)  Truro, Cornwall, England, UK [P-BNR]
  87. Mr. Stanley Hubert Fox (38)  Rochester, New York, US [LB-236MB]
  88. Mr. Anthony Wood "Archie" Frost (37)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  89. Miss Annie Clemmer Funk (38)  Janjgir-Champa, British India, UK[note 3] [P-BNR]
  90. Mr. Joseph J. Fynney (35)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK [LB-322M]
  91. Mr. Harry Gale (38)  Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, England, UK [P-BNR]
  92. Mr. Shadrach Gale (33)  Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  93. Miss Ethel Garside (34)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England [LB-12]
  94. Mr. William Alfred Gaskell (18)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England [P-BNR]
  95. Mr. Laurence Gavey (26)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  96. Mr. William Gilbert (47)  Carleens, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  97. Mr. Edgar Giles (21)  Porthleven, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  98. Mr. Frederick Edward Giles (20)  Porthleven, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  99. Mr. Ralph Giles (25)  London, England [LB-297MB]
  100. Mr. John William Gill (24)  Clevedon, North Somerset, England [LB-155MB]
  101. Mr. William Henry Gillespie (34)  Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland[note 1] [P-BNR]
  102. Mr. Hans Kristensen Givard (30)  Kølsen, Vorde Sogn, Denmark [LB-305MB]
  103. Mr. Samuel Greenberg (52)  Bronx, New York, US [LB-19MB]
  104. Mr. Reginald Hale (30)  Auburn, New York, US [LB-75MB]
  105. Mrs. Anna (Anna Hamlin) Hämäläinen (24)  Detroit, Michigan, US [LB-4]
  106. Master Viljo Unto Johannes (William Hamlin) Hämäläinen (1)  Detroit, Michigan, US [LB-4]
  107. Mr. William H. Harbeck (44)  Toledo, Ohio, US [LB-35MB]
  108. The Reverend John Harper (39)  London, England [P-BNR]
  109. Miss Annie Jessie "Nina" Harper (6)  London, England [LB-11]
  110. Mr. George Harris (62)  London, England [LB-15]
  111. Mr. Walter Harris (30)  London, England [P-BNR]
  112. Mr. Benjamin Hart (47)  Ilford, Essex, England [P-BNR]
  113. Mrs. Esther Ada Hart (née Bloomfield) (48)  Ilford, Essex, England [LB-14]
  114. Miss Eva Miriam Hart (7)  Ilford, Essex, England [LB-14]
  115. Mr. Wallace Henry Hartley (33)  Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England [LB-224MB]
  116. Mr. Samuel Herman (49)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [P-BNR]
  117. Mrs. Jane (née Laver) Herman (48)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [LB-9]
  118. Miss Alice Herman (24)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [LB-9]
  119. Miss Kate Herman (24)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [LB-9]
  120. Mrs. Mary Dunbar (née Kingcome) Hewlett (56)  Lucknow, British India, UK [LB-13]
  121. Mr. Lewis Hickman (30)  Fritham, Hampshire, England [LB-256MB]
  122. Mr. Leonard Mark Hickman (24)  Fritham, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  123. Mr. Stanley George Hickman (20)  Fritham, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  124. Miss Martta Hiltunen (18)  Joensuu, Finland, Russian Empire[note 6] [P-BNR]
  125. Mrs. Elizabeth "Eliza" Hocking (née Neads) (54)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [LB-4]
  126. Mr. Richard George Hocking (23)  Akron, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  127. Miss Ellen "Nellie" Hocking (20)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [LB-4]
  128. Mr. Samuel James Metcalfe Hocking (36)  Devonport, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  129. Mr. Henry Price Hodges (50)  Southampton, Hampshire, England [LB-149MB]
  130. Mr. Stephen Hold (44)  Porthoustock, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  131. Mrs. Annie Margaret Hold (née Hill) (29)  Porthoustock, Cornwall, England [LB-10]
  132. Mr. Ambrose Jr. Hood (21)  Fritham, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  133. Mr. Masabumi Hosono (41)  Tokyo, Japan [LB-10]
  134. Mr. Benjamin Howard (63)  Swindon, Wiltshire, England [P-BNR]
  135. Mrs. Ellen Truelove Howard (née Arman) (60)  Swindon, Wiltshire, England [P-BNR]
  136. Mr. John Law "Jock" Hume (21)  Dumfries, Scotland [LB-193MB]
  137. Mr. George Henry Hunt (33)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  138. Miss Bertha Ilett (17)  Jersey, Channel Islands [LB-?]
  139. Mr. Sidney Samuel Jacobsohn (40)  London, England [P-BNR]
  140. Mrs. Amy Frances Christy (née Cohen) Jacobsohn (24)  London, England [LB-12]
  141. Mr. Denzil John Jarvis (47)  Stoneygate, Leicestershire, England [P-BNR]
  142. Mr. Clifford Thomas Jefferys (24)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  143. Mr. Ernest Wilifred Jefferys (22)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  144. Mr. Stephen Curnow Jenkin (32)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  145. Mrs. Marie Marthe (née Thuillard) Jerwan (23)  New York City [LB-11]
  146. Mr. Sinai Kantor (34)  Vitebsk, Russian Empire [LB-283MB]
  147. Mrs. Miriam Kantor (née Sternin) (24)  Vitebsk, Russian Empire [LB-12]
  148. Mrs. Claire (née Bennett) Karnes (28)  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US [P-BNR]
  149. Mr. Daniel Keane (35)  Limerick, Ireland[note 1] [P-BNR]
  150. Miss Nora Agnes Keane (46)  Castleconnell, Limerick, Ireland[note 1] [LB-10]
  151. Miss Florence "Fannie" Kelly (45)  London, England [LB-9]
  152. Reverend Charles Leonard Kirkland (52)  Glasgow, Scotland [P-BNR]
  153. Mr. Robert J. Knight (39)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  154. Mr. Georges Alexandré Krins (23)  London, England [P-BNR]
  155. Mr. Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner (31)  Trollhättan, Västergötland, Sweden [LB-165MB]
  156. Reverend William Lahtinen (35)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [P-BNR]
  157. Mrs. Anna Amelia (née Sylfvén) Lahtinen (26)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [P-BNR]
  158. Mr. John Joseph Lamb (30)  Glencree, Ireland[note 1] [P-BNR]
  159. Mr. Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche (25)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  160. Mrs. Juliette Marie Louise Laroche (née Lafargue) (22)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  161. Miss Simoné Marie Anne Andrée Laroche (3)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  162. Miss Louise Marguerite Laroche (1)  Paris, France [LB-14]
  163. Miss Bertha Lehmann (17)  Lotzwil, Switzerland [LB-12]
  164. Miss Jessie Wills Leitch (31)  London, England [LB-11]
  165. Mrs. Amelia "Milley" Lemore (née Hunt) (34)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-14]
  166. Mr. René Jacques Levy (36)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  167. Mr. Robert William Norman Leyson (25)  London, England [LB-108MB]
  168. Mr. John Linnane (61)  Chelsea, Michigan, US [P-BNR]
  169. Mr. Charles Alexander Louch (50)  Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England [LB-121MB]
  170. Mrs. Alice Adelaide Louch (née Slow) (42)  Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England [LB-14]
  171. Mrs. Mary Mack (née Lacy) (57)  Southampton, Hampshire, England [LB-52MB]
  172. Mr. Jean-Noël Malachard (25)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  173. Mr. Albert Mallet (31)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [P-BNR]
  174. Mrs. Antoinette Marie Mallet (née Magnin) (24)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-10]
  175. Master André Clément Mallet (1)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada [LB-10]
  176. Mr. Serafino Emilio Mangiavacchi (30)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  177. Mr. William John Matthews (30)  St Austell, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  178. Mr. Frank Hubert Maybery (36)  Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England [P-BNR]
  179. Mr. Arthur Gordon McCrae (32)  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [LB-209MB]
  180. Mr. James Matthew McCrie (32)  Sarnia, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  181. Mr. Peter David McKane (46)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  182. Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Mellinger (née Maidment) (41)  Wimbledon, London, England [LB-14]
  183. Miss Madeleine Violet Mellinger (13)  Wimbledon, London, England [LB-14]
  184. Mr. William John Mellors (19)  Chelsea, London, England [LB-B]
  185. Mr. August Meyer (31)  Harrow, London, England [P-BNR]
  186. Mr. Jacob Christian Milling (48)  Odense, Denmark [LB-271MB]
  187. Mr. Henry Michael Mitchell (71)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  188. Father Juozas Montvila (27)  Gudinė, Lithuania [76] [P-BNR]
  189. Dr. Ernest Moraweck (54)  Frankfort, Kentucky, US [P-BNR]
  190. Mr. Henry Samuel Morley (alias Mr. Henry Marshall) (38)  Birmingham, Worcester, England [P-BNR]
  191. Mr. Thomas Charles Mudd (16)  Huntingfield, Suffolk, England [P-BNR]
  192. Mr. Thomas Francis Myles (63)  Fermoy, Ireland[note 1] [P-BNR]
  193. Allah, Mr. Niqula Khalil Nassr (28)  Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman Empire [LB-43MB]
  194. Allah, Mrs. Adal Nassr (née Akim) (14)  Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman Empire [LB-?]
  195. Mr. Michel Navratil (alias Louis M. Hoffman) (32)  Nice, France [LB-15MB]
  196. Master Michel Marcel Navratil (3)  Nice, France [LB-D]
  197. Master Edmond Roger Navratil (2)  Nice, France [LB-D]
  198. Mr. Israel Nesson (26)  London, England [P-BNR]
  199. Mr. Joseph Charles "Joe" Nicholls (19)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [LB-101MB]
  200. Mr. Robert Douglas Norman (28)  Glasgow, Scotland [LB-287MB]
  201. Mrs. Elizabeth Nye (née Ramell) (29)  East Orange, New Jersey, US [LB-11]
  202. Mr. Richard Otter (39)  Middleburg Heights, Ohio, US [P-BNR]
  203. Mr. Percy Thomas Oxenham (22)  London, England [LB-13]
  204. Manent, Mr. Julian Padron (26)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-9]
  205. Dr. Alfred "Alf" Pain (23)  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [P-BNR]
  206. y Castello, Mr. Emilio Pallas (29)  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [LB-9]
  207. Mr. Clifford Richard Parker (28)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  208. Mr. Francis "Frank" Parkes (18)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  209. Mrs. Lutie Davis Parrish (née Temple) (60)  Woodford County, Kentucky, US [LB-12]
  210. Mr. Frederick William Pengelly (19)  Gunnislake, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  211. Father Josef Peruschitz (28)  Scheyern, Bavaria, German Empire[note 2] [P-BNR]
  212. Mr. Escott Robert Phillips (42)  Ilfracombe, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  213. Miss Alice Frances Louisa Phillips (21)  Ilfracombe, Devon, England [LB-12]
  214. Miss Kate Florence Phillips (alias Mrs. Kate Marshall) (19)  Birmingham, Worcester, England [LB-11]
  215. Mrs. Rosa Pinsky (21)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-9]
  216. Mr. Martin Ponesell (34)  Southampton, Hampshire, England [P-BNR]
  217. Mr. Emilio Ilario Giuseppe Portaluppi (34)  Milford, New Hampshire, US [LB-14]
  218. Mr. Franz Pulbaum (27)  New York City [P-BNR]
  219. Mrs. Jane Quick (née Richards) (33)  Plymouth, Devon, England [LB-11]
  220. Miss Winnifred Vera Quick (8)  Plymouth, Devon, England [LB-11]
  221. Miss Phyllis May Quick (2)  Plymouth, Devon, England [LB-11]
  222. Mr. David Reeves (36)  Slinfold, West Sussex, England [P-BNR]
  223. Mr. Peter Henry Renouf (33)  Elizabeth, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  224. Mrs. Lillian "Lily" Renouf (née Jefferys) (30)  Elizabeth, New Jersey, US [LB-12]
  225. Miss Encarnación Reynaldo (28)  Marbella, Spain [LB-9]
  226. Mr. Emile Philippe Richard (23)  Paris, France [P-BNR]
  227. Mrs. Emily Richards (née Hocking) (23)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [LB-4]
  228. Master William Rowe Richards (3)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [LB-4]
  229. Master Sibley George Richards (9 mo.)  Penzance, Cornwall, England [LB-4]
  230. Mr. Osvaldo Rico (33)  Cochabamba, Bolivia [P-BNR]
  231. Miss Lucy Ridsdale (50)  London, England [LB-13]
  232. Mr. Reginald Harry Rogers (18)  Tavistock, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  233. Miss Emily Rugg (21)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [LB-12]
  234. Mr. August Schmidt (26)  Newark, New Jersey, US [P-BNR]
  235. Mr. Charles Frederick Waddington Sedgwick (25)  Liverpool, Merseyside, England [P-BNR]
  236. Mr. Percival James Sharp (27)  London, England, UK [P-BNR]
  237. Mrs. Imanita (née Parrish Hall) Shelley (25)  Deer Lodge, Montana, US [LB-12]
  238. Miss Lyyli Karolina Silvén (17)  Tornio, Finland, Russian Empire [LB-16]
  239. Miss Maude Sincock (20)  St. Ives, Cornwall, England [LB-11]
  240. Miss Anna Sinkkonen (30)  Turku, Finland, Russian Empire[note 6] [LB-10]
  241. Mr. Ernst Adolf Sjöstedt (30)  Hjo, Västergötland, Sweden [LB-10]
  242. Miss Hilda Mary Slayter (30)  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [LB-13]
  243. Mr. Richard James Slemen (35)  Landrake, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  244. Miss Marion Elsie Smith (39)  Basingstoke, Hampshire, England [LB-9]
  245. Mr. Samuel James Hayden Sobey (25)  Porthallow, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  246. Mr. Samuel Ward Stanton (42)  New York City [P-BNR]
  247. Mr. Philip Joseph Stokes (25)  London, England [LB-81MB]
  248. Mr. George Frederick Sweet (14)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [P-BNR]
  249. Mr. Percy Cornelius Taylor (32)  London, England [P-BNR]
  250. Miss Ellen Mary Toomey (48)  Indianapolis, Indiana, US [LB-9]
  251. Mr. Moses Aaron Troupiansky (23)  London, England [P-BNR]
  252. Mrs. Jessie L. Trout (26)  Columbus, Ohio, US [LB-9]
  253. Miss Edwina Celia "Winnie" Troutt (27)  Bath, Somerset, England [LB-16]
  254. Mr. William John Robert Turpin (29)  Plymouth, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  255. Mrs. Dorothy Ann Turpin (née Wonnacott) (27)  Plymouth, Devon, England [P-BNR]
  256. Mr. James Veal (40)  Barre, Vermont, US [P-BNR]
  257. Miss Ellen "Nellie" Wallcroft (36)  Maidenhead, Berkshire, England [LB-14]
  258. Mr. John James Ware (45)  Bristol, Avon, England [P-BNR]
  259. Mrs. Florence Louise (née Long) Ware (31)  Bristol, Avon, England [LB-10]
  260. Mr. William Jeffery Ware (23)  Gunnislake, Cornwall, England [P-BNR]
  261. Mr. Ennis Hastings Watson (15)  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK [P-BNR]
  262. Mrs. Elizabeth Inglis "Bessie" (née Milne) Watt (40)  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland [LB-9]
  263. Miss Robertha Josephine "Bertha" Watt (12)  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland [LB-9]
  264. Miss Susan Webber (37)  Bude, Cornwall, England [LB-12]
  265. Mr. Leopold Weisz (28)  Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England [LB-293MB]
  266. Mrs. Mathilde Françoise Weisz (née Pëde) (37)  Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England [LB-10]
  267. Mrs. Addie Dart Wells (née Trevaskis) (29)  Heamoor, Cornwall, England [LB-14]
  268. Miss Joan Wells (4)  Heamoor, Cornwall, England [LB-14]
  269. Master Ralph Lester Wells (2)  Heamoor, Cornwall, England [LB-14]
  270. Mr. Edwy Arthur West (36)  Bournemouth, Dorset, England [P-BNR]
  271. Mrs. Ada Mary West (née Worth) (33)  Bournemouth, Dorset, England [LB-10]
  272. Miss Constance Mirium West (4)  Bournemouth, Dorset, England [LB-10]
  273. Miss Barbara Joyce West (10 mo.)  Bournemouth, Dorset, England [LB-10]
  274. Mr. Edward H. Wheadon (66)  Guernsey, Channel Islands [P-BNR]
  275. Mr. Edwin Charles "Fred" Wheeler (24)  Bath, Somerset, England [P-BNR]
  276. Mr. Charles Whilems (32)  London, England [LB-9]
  277. Miss Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson (alias Mrs. Elizabeth Faunthorpe) (29)  Manchester, England [LB-16]
  278. Mr. Charles Eugene Williams (23)  Harrow, London, England [LB-14]
  279. Mr. John Wesley Woodward (32)  Oxford, Oxfordshire, England [P-BNR]
  280. Miss Marion Wright (26)  Yeovil, Somerset, England [LB-9]
  281. Miss Henriette Yvois (24)  Paris, France [P-BNR]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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