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Titanic Survivors on Collapsible Lifeboat A

Collapsible Lifeboat A, floated off partially submerged at 2:20 am, located on the officers' Quarters, starboard side, with 18 occupants comprised of 4 First Class, 8 Third Class, and 6 Crew Members (2 Women and 16 Men). The boat was essentially capsized.

Facts About Collapsible Lifeboat A

  • It contained the bodies of three men – first-class passenger Thomson Beattie, a steward and a fireman – who had frozen to death the night of the sinking
  • Collapsible A, which looked as if she would go down at any moment, was found the following month by the crew of the Oceanic.
  • George Rheims, who remained for some five hours in waist-high water on a partially submerged collapsible lifeboat
  • The last boat of all on the starboard side, collapsible A, was washed off the Titanic.
  • August Wennerstrom in collapsible A was in the thick of the survivors in the water.
  • The starboard collapsible, A, was right side up, but most of the canvas gunwales were drooping and it was hardly more than a raft beneath the weight of the people forcing the air-pocketed bottom under the water.

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Thomson Beattie (36)  Fergus, Ontario, Canada [LB-A[64]]
  2. Mr. Peter Dennis Daly (51)  Lima, Peru
  3. Mr. George Alexander Lucien Rheims (36)  Paris, France
  4. Mr. Richard Norris II Williams (21)  Geneva, Switzerland

Third Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Rhoda Mary Abbott (née Hunt) (39)  East Providence, Rhode Island, US
  2. Mr. Olaus Jørgensen Abelseth (25)  Perkins County, South Dakota, US
  3. Mr. Carl Olof Jansson (21)  Swedeburg, Nebraska, US
  4. Mr. Arthur Keefe (39)  Rahway, New Jersey, US
  5. Mr. Edvard Bengtsson Lindell (36)  Hartford, Connecticut, US
  6. Mrs. Elin Gerda Lindell (née Persson) (30)  Hartford, Connecticut, US
  7. Mr. Oskar Wilhelm Olsson (32)  Manitowoc, Wisconsin, US
  8. Mr. August Edvard Andersson Wennerström (27)  Chicago, Illinois, US

Engineering Crew

  1. Mr. William McInytre (22)  Trimmer
  2. Mr. John William Thompson (42)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-A/14]

Victualling Crew

  1. Mr. Edward Brown (34)  Saloon Steward
  2. Mr. William Thomas Kerley (28)  Assistant Saloon Steward
  3. Mr. William Lucas (34)  Saloon Steward
  4. Mr. Augustus Henry Weikman (51)  First Class Barber

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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