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Titanic Survivors on Lifeboat 15

Lifeboat 15, the 13th one launched at 1:40 am, located on the boat deck, starboard side, with 59 occupants comprised of 1 First Class, 1 Second Class, 36 Third Class, and 21 Crew Members (14 Women and 45 Men). Capacity for the lifeboat was 65 (91% of Capacity).

Facts About Lifeboat 15

  • Hart testified that the twenty-five women and children he brought to Lifeboat 15 were loaded from the Boat Deck.
  • Francis Carruthers was the Ship Surveyor who oversaw the construction of the Titanic and made the final inspection of her in the ways in Belfast, several months before her departure ... He was rescued in Lifeboat 15.
  • Maggie Madigan and Bertha Mulvihill got into lifeboat 15, all the way aft on the starboard side, which loaded from A Deck

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Harry (alias E. Haven) Homer, (40) Indianapolis, Indiana, US [LB-15]

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. George Harris, (62) London, England [LB-15]

Third Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Abraham August Johannes Abrahamsson, (20)  Hoboken, New Jersey, US [LB-15]
  2. Mr. Nasif Qasim Al-Muna, (26)  Fredericksburg, Virginia, US [LB-15]
  3. Mrs. Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund (née Johansson) (38)  Worcester, Massachusetts, US [LB-15]
  4. Miss Lillian Gertrud Asplund, (5)  Worcester, Massachusetts, US [LB-15]
  5. Master Edvin Rojj Felix Asplund, (3)  Worcester, Massachusetts, US [LB-15]
  6. Mr. Charles Edwart Dahl, (45)  Fingal, North Dakota, US [LB-15]
  7. Miss Margaret "Maggie" Daly, (30)  New York City [LB-15]
  8. Mr. Guillaume Joseph De Messemaeker (36)  Tampico, Montana, US [LB-15]
  9. Mr. Luigi Finoli, (34)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  10. Mrs. Elin Matilda Hakkarainen (née Dolck) (24)  Monessen, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  11. Mr. Borak Suleiman Hanna, (27)  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  12. Mr. Oskar Arvid Hedman, (27)  St. Paul, Minnesota, US [LB-15]
  13. Mrs. Helga Elisabeth Hirvonen (née Lindqvist) (22)  Monessen, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  14. Miss Hildur Elisabeth Hirvonen, (2)  Monessen, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  15. Mr. Ivan Jalševac, (29)  Galesburg, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  16. Mr. Oskar Leander Johansson Palmquist (26)  New Haven, Connecticut, US [LB-15]
  17. Mrs. Elisabeth Vilhelmina Johnson (née Berg) (26)  St. Charles, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  18. Master Harold Theodor Johnson, (4)  St. Charles, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  19. Miss Eleanor Ileen Johnson, (1)  St. Charles, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  20. Mr. Carl Jonsson, (32)  Huntley, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  21. Mr. Eiriik Jussila, (32)  Monessen, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  22. Mr. Franz Karun, (39)  Galesburg, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  23. Miss Manca ("Anna") Karun, (4)  Galesburg, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  24. Mr. Eino William Lindqvist, (20)  Monessen, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  25. Mr. Nikola Lulić, (29)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  26. Mr. Thure Edvin Lundström, (32)  Los Angeles, US [LB-15]
  27. Miss Margaret "Maggie" Madigan, (21)  New York City [LB-15]
  28. Mr. Hanna Mamee, (20)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [LB-15]
  29. Mr. Thomas Joseph McCormack, (19)  Guttenberg, New Jersey, US [LB-15]
  30. Mr. Karl Albert Midtsjø, (21)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-15]
  31. Miss Bridget Elizabeth "Bertha" Mulvihill, (25)  Providence, Rhode Island, US [LB-15]
  32. Mr. Ernst Ulrik Persson, (25)  Indianapolis, Indiana, US [LB-15]
  33. Mr. Johan Julian Sundman, (44)  Cheyenne, Wyoming, US [LB-15]
  34. Mr. William Henry Törnquist, (25)  New York City [LB-15]
  35. Miss Anna Sofiia Turja, (18)  Ashtabula, Ohio, US [LB-15]
  36. Mrs. Hedvig Turkula, (63)  Hibbing, Minnesota, US [LB-15]

Deck Crew

  1. Mr. Alfred Frank Evans, (24) Lookout [LB-15]

Engineering Crew

  1. Mr. James Frank Avery, (22)  Trimmer [LB-15]
  2. Mr. Percival Albert Blake, (22)  Trimmer [LB-15]
  3. Mr. George Henry Cavell, (22)  Trimmer [LB-15]
  4. Mr. William Clark, (39)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  5. Mr. Frank Dymond, (25)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  6. Mr. Walter Francis Fredricks, (20)  Trimmer [LB-15]
  7. Mr. Henry Noss, (31)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  8. Mr. John Pearce, (28)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  9. Mr. Arthur J. Priest, (23)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  10. Mr. William Henry Taylor, (28)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-15]
  11. Mr. William George White, (23)  Trimmer [LB-15]

Victualling Crew

  1. Mrs. Emma Bliss (née Junod) (45)  First Class Stewardess [LB-15]
  2. Mr. Charles Reginald Burgess, (18)  Extra Third Baker [LB-15]
  3. Mr. Frederick Crafter, (27)  Saloon Steward [LB-15]
  4. Mr. Richard Halford, (22)  Steward [LB-15]
  5. Mr. John Edward Hart, (31)  Third Class Steward [LB-15]
  6. Mr. Percy Edward Keen, (28)  Saloon Steward [LB-15]
  7. Mr. Arthur Ernest Lewis, (27)  Steward [LB-15]
  8. Mr. Walter Henry Nichols, (35)  Steward [LB-15]
  9. Mr. Samuel James Rule, (58)  Bathroom Steward [LB-15]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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