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Titanic Survivors on Lifeboat 13

Ruth Elizabeth Becker, a 12-Year-Old Second Class Passenger On Board the Titanic and a Survivor in Lifeboat 13 (1912)

Ruth Elizabeth Becker, a 12-Year-Old Second Class Passenger On Board the Titanic and a Survivor in Lifeboat 13 (1912). GGA Image ID # 10dc78b55f

Lifeboat 13, the 13th one launched at 1:40 am, located on the boat deck, starboard side, with 64 occupants comprised of 1 First Class, 12 Second Class, 29 Third Class and 22 Crew Members (27 Women and 37 Men). Capacity for the lifeboat was 65 (98% of Capacity).

Facts about Lifeboat 13

  • Saved in "lucky" lifeboat 13, Beesley and his fellow occupants endured a moment of terror when it seemed lifeboat 15 would fall on top of them as it was lowered from the Titanic.
  • As the Titanic foundered, Dr. Washington Dodge, a millionaire financier and the City of San Francisco's assessor, saw his wife, Ruth, and son, Washington, safely into Lifeboat 7. He then managed to make it himself into Lifeboat 13.
  • The occupants of Lifeboat 13 put Barrett in command. At 4:45 a.m. Barrett brought his boat and its occupants safely to the side of the rescue ship Carpathia.
  • The crew of Lifeboat 13 was made up of cooks and stewards, the white jackets of the former showing up in the darkness as they pulled away, two to an oar. They had not done much rowing before, and their oars crossed and clashed often.
  • Ellen Shine may have escaped in lifeboat 13, which was located as the second-last boat on the starboard side, towards the stern. Eugene Daly frankly confesses that he was a steerage passenger who climbed into a lifeboat in defiance of Orders.
  • The Sandström's were in lifeboat 13, one of the last to leave the sinking ship and one of the few to be loaded to its full capacity. As soon as the lifeboat entered the water, the sailors began to row in order to get as far away as possible from the sinking Titanic.

First Class Passengers

  1. Dr. Washington Dodge, (52) San Francisco, California, US [LB-13]

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Edward Beane, (32)  New York City [LB-13]
  2. Mrs. Ethel Beane (née Clarke) (19)  Norwich, Norfolk, England [LB-13]
  3. Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker, (12)  Guntur, Madras Province, British India [LB-13]
  4. Mr. Lawrence Beesley, (34)  London, England, UK [LB-13]
  5. Mr. Albert Francis Caldwell, (26)  Bangkok, Siam[note 5] [LB-13]
  6. Mrs. Sylvia Mae Caldwell (née Harbaugh) (28)  Bangkok, Siam [LB-13]
  7. Master Alden Gates Caldwell, (10 mo.)  Bangkok, Siam [LB-13]
  8. Miss Mary Davis, (28)  London, England, UK [LB-13]
  9. Mrs. Mary Dunbar Hewlett (née Kingcome) (56)  Lucknow, British India, UK[note 3] [LB-13]
  10. Mr. Percy Thomas Oxenham, (22)  London, England [LB-13]
  11. Miss Lucy Ridsdale, (50)  London, England [LB-13]
  12. Miss Hilda Mary Slayter, (30)  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [LB-13]

Third Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Leah Aks (née Rosen) (18)  Norfolk, Virginia, US [LB-13]
  2. Mr. Johan Charles Asplund, (23)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-13]
  3. Miss Bridget Delia Bradley, (22)  Glen Falls, New York, US [LB-13]
  4. Mr. Daniel Buckley, (21)  New York City [LB-13]
  5. Miss Katherine "Kate" Connolly, (22)  New York City [LB-13]
  6. Mrs. Anna de Messemaeker (née de Becker) (36)  Tampico, Montana, US [LB-13]
  7. Miss Elizabeth Dowdell, (31)  New York City [LB-13]
  8. Miss Jennie Dropkin, (24)  New York City [LB-13]
  9. Miss Virginia Ethel Emanuel, (6)  New York City [LB-13]
  10. Miss Mary Agatha Glynn, (19)  Washington, DC, US [LB-13]
  11. Mr. Bernt Johannes Johannesen, (29)  New York City [LB-13]
  12. Mr. Einar Gervasius Karlsson, (21)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-13]
  13. Miss Aurora Adelia Landergren, (22)  New York City [LB-13]
  14. Mr. Fridtjof Arne Madsen, (24)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-13]
  15. Miss Bridget Delia McDermott, (31)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-13]
  16. Miss Mary McGovern, (22)  New York City [LB-13]
  17. Miss Anna F. "Annie" McGowan, (16)  Chicago, Illinois, US [LB-13]
  18. Miss Helmina Josefina Nilsson, (26)  Joliet, Illinois, US [LB-13]
  19. Miss Anna Sofia Nysten, (22)  Hackensack, New Jersey, US [LB-13]
  20. Miss Hanora "Nora" O'Leary, (16)  New York City [LB-13]
  21. Master Arthur Carl Olsen, (9)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-13]
  22. Miss Hannah Riordan, (18)  New York City [LB-13]
  23. Mrs. Agnes Charlotta Sandström (née Bengtsson) (24)  San Francisco, US [LB-13]
  24. Miss Marguerite Rut Sandström, (4)  San Francisco, US [LB-13]
  25. Miss Beatrice Irene Sandström, (1)  San Francisco, US [LB-13]
  26. Miss Julia Smyth, (17)  New York City [LB-13]
  27. Mr. Johan Cervin Svensson, (14)  Beresford, South Dakota, US [LB-13]
  28. Mr. Gunnar Isidor Tenglin, (25)  Burlington, Iowa, US [LB-13]
  29. Mr. Dawud Vartanian, (22)  Brantford, Ontario, Canada [LB-13]

Deck Crew

  1. Mr. Robert John Hopkins, (40)  Able Seaman [LB-13]
  2. Mr. Reginald Robinson Lee, (41)  Lookout [LB-13]
  3. Mr. Philip Francis Vigott, (32)  Able Seaman [LB-13]

Engineering Crew

  1. Mr. Frederick Barrett, (28)  Leading Fireman [LB-13]
  2. Mr. George William Beauchamp, (24)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-13]
  3. Mr. James Crimmins, (21)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-13]
  4. Mr. Albert Ernest Fryer, (26)  Trimmer [LB-13]
  5. Mr. William Major, (32)  Fireman/Stoker [LB-13]

Victualling Crew

  1. Mr. Percy Ball, (19)  First Class Plate Steward [LB-13]
  2. Mr. Alfred Burrage, (20)  Plate Steward [LB-13]
  3. Mr. E. Joseph Colgan, (33)  Scullion [LB-13]
  4. Mr. William C. Foley, (26)  Steward [LB-13]
  5. Mr. George Knight, (44)  Saloon Steward [LB-13]
  6. Mr. Alexander James Littlejohn, (40)  Saloon Steward [LB-13]
  7. Mr. F. Martin, (29)  Scullion [LB-13]
  8. Mr. Henry Neal, (25)  Baker [LB-13]
  9. Mr. Frank Port, (32)  Steward [LB-13]
  10. Mr. Frederick Dent Ray, (32)  Saloon Steward [LB-13]
  11. Mr. Horace Leopold Ross, (36)  Scullion [LB-13]
  12. Mr. Alfred E. Wildebank, (39)  Asst. Cook [LB-13]
  13. Mr. Walter J. Williams, (28)  Second Class Saloon Steward [LB-13]
  14. Mr. William Wright, (40)  Glory Hole Steward [LB-13]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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