Titanic Survivors on Lifeboat 2

The Crew and Passengers of One of the Titanic’s Life-Boats after the Disaster.

A Seaman, a Foreigner — and Women: The Crew and Passengers of One of the “Titanic’s“ Life-Boats after the Disaster. Drawn from Material Supplied by Mrs. Cornell, a Survivor. (Proof of the Discipline Aboard the Sinking “Titanic ”: A Boat ‘Load of Women.) The Illustrated London News (18 May 1912) p. 754. GGA Image ID # 100a0cd3ea

Lifeboat 2, the 15th one launched at 1:45 am, located on the officers deck, port side, with 18 occupants comprised of 8 First Class, 6 Third Class passengers and 4 Crew Members (11 Women and 7 Men). Capacity for the lifeboat was 40 (45% of Capacity).

First Class Passengers

  1. Miss Elizabeth Walton Allen, (29)  St Louis, Missouri, US [LB-2]
  2. Mrs. Charlotte Lane Appleton (née Lamson) (53)  New York, New York, US [LB-2]
  3. Mrs. Malvina Helen Cornell (née Lamson) (55)  New York, New York, US [LB-2]
  4. Mrs. Mahala Douglas (née Dutton) (48)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-2]
  5. Miss Berthe Leroy (maid) (27)  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US [LB-2]
  6. Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill, (16)  St Louis, Missouri, US [LB-2]
  7. Mrs. Elisabeth Walton Robert (née McMillan) (43)  St Louis, Missouri, US [LB-2]
  8. Miss Emilie Kreuchen (maid) (29)  St Louis, Missouri, US [LB-2]

Third Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Mary Winnie Coutts (née Trainer) (36)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-2]
  2. Master William Loch "Willie" Coutts, (9)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-2]
  3. Master Neville Leslie Coutts, (3)  Brooklyn, New York, US [LB-2]
  4. Mr. Anton Kink, (29)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin [LB-2]
  5. Mrs. Luise Kink (née Heilmann) (26)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US [LB-2]
  6. Miss Luise Gretchen Kink, (4)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US [LB-2]


  1. Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Groves, RNR Boxhall, (28) Fourth Officer [LB-2]

Deck Crew

  1. Able Seaman: Osman, Mr. Frank (28) [LB-2]

Victualling Crew

  1. Mr. John Bertram Ellis, (30)  Assistant Vegetable Cook [LB-2]
  2. Mr. James Johnston, (41)  Saloon Steward [LB-2]

Legend For Survivor or Lost Passengers and Crew Members

  • LB-# or A-D - Survivor on Lifeboat 1-16 or Collapsible Lifeboat A-D
  • P-BNR - Perished, Body Not Recovered or Body Not Identified
  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered. Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

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