Ship's Directory of the RMS Titanic

Deck Plans of Boat Deck and Decks A-D of the RMS Titanic Including Placement of Lifeboats With You Are Here Insert

Deck Plans of Boat Deck and Decks A-D of the RMS Titanic Including Placement of Lifeboats With You Are Here Insert. (Insert Added for Illustration Purposes). GGA Image ID # 1109100e02

Getting around the Titanic for both passengers and crew was not an easy task, While the large staff and separate class accommodations and public rooms help to divide the ship up rather nicely, it still took some luck and skill to make your way around the first few days of the voyage.

Ship's Directory (A-Z)

  • À la Carte Restaurant (1st): Bridge Deck B, Aft
  • Baggage Room: Orlop Deck Fore
  • Boiler Rooms: Lower Deck G, Amidships, Orlop Deck, Amidships, and Tank Top
  • Cabins (1st): Saloon Deck D, Amidships
  • Cabins (2nd): Upper Deck E and Middle Deck F, Aft and Upper Deck E, Amidships
  • Cabins (3rd): Saloon Deck D, Fore; Upper Deck E, Fore; Middle Deck F, Fore
  • Cabins and Staterooms (1st): Shelter Deck C, Amidships
  • Café Parisien (1st): Bridge Deck Aft
  • Cargo Rooms: Orlop Deck, Fore and Aft
  • Crew's Mess: Shelter Deck C, Fore and Amidships
  • Dining Room (2nd): Saloon Deck D, Aft
  • Dining Saloon (1st): Saloon Deck D, Amidships
  • Dining Room (3rd): Middle Dick F, Amidships
  • Electric Baths (1st): Middle Deck F, Fore
  • Engine Rooms: Lower Deck G, Fore, Orlop Deck Aft, and Tank Top
  • Enquiry Office: Shelter Deck C
  • Forecastle Deck (Crew): Bridge Deck B
  • General Room (3rd): Shelter Deck C, Aft
  • Gymnasium (1st): Boat Deck, Amidships
  • Hospital: Saloon Deck D
  • Kitchen Galleys: Saloon Deck D, Aft
  • Library (1st): Deck A Adjacent to the Main Lounge
  • Library (2nd): Shelter Deck C, Aft
  • Lifeboats: Boat Deck
  • Lounge (1st) Promenade Deck A, Amidships
  • Maids and Valets Dining Saloon: Deck C, Fore
  • Mail Room: Orlop Deck, Fore
  • Officer's Bridge: Boat Deck, Fore
  • Open Space (3rd): Saloon Deck D, Fore
  • Palm Courts (1st): Promenade Deck A, Aft
  • Physicians and Surgery: Deck C
  • Post Office: Lower Deck G, Aft
  • Post Office and Wireless Operators Dining Saloon: Deck C Fore
  • Promenade (1st): Boat Deck, Amidships
  • Promenade (2nd):  Boat Deck Aft
  • Promenade on the Poop Deck (3rd): Bridge Deck, Aft
  • Purser's Office (1st): Shelter Deck C, Amidships
  • Purser's Office (2nd): Upper Deck E, Aft
  • Reading and Writing Room (1st): Promenade Deck A, Fore
  • Reception Room (1st): Saloon Deck D, Amidships
  • Smoking Room (1st): Promenade Deck A, Aft
  • Smoking Room (2nd): Bridge Deck, Aft
  • Smoking Room (3rd): Shelter Deck C, Aft
  • Squash Court (1st): Lower Deck G, Aft
  • Storage Rooms: Lower Deck G, Fore
  • Suites and Cabins (1st): Bridge Deck, Amidships
  • Swimming Pool (1st): Middle Deck F, Amidships
  • Turkish Baths (1st): Middle Deck F, Amidships
  • Verandah Café (1st): Promenade Deck A, Aft

Note: The Poop Deck was an exposed deck that formed the roof of Shelter Deck C

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