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Captain John Hedderwick of the SS Furnessia, Anchor Line

Captain John Hedderwick, of the Furnessia, is different from both in appearance, and a sort of link between the two in his tastes. His strong right arm has escorted many a lady across slippery and rocking decks, and many of them will always remember the captain as a pleasant man. "Black Jock" is the familiar title he is known by.

He is dark as a Spaniard in skin, eyes, and hair, and of a good height. He is a cool, courageous man. One foggy day, some years ago, another steamer collided with his vessel. There was an immediate panic. Even the sailors were frightened, and jumped into the life-boats. Hedderwick grabbed an axe and a pistol, and brought his crew to a sense of their duties. A man of nerve is needed at such times, and Black Jock" was such a one.

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