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Captain James Price, Port Admiral at Liverpool, Guion Line

Captain James Price

From a photograph by Messrs. Brown, Barn., and Bell, Liverpool.

Some people say of the Guion Line that it is particularly fortunate in having such a staff of universally popular commanders. Captain James Price is distinctively an Atlantic veteran. He has crossed 'twixt shore and shore times without number. He has commanded all the crack "greyhounds" of the company, and has perhaps ferried ten thousand people over the wide stream.

When it is considered that this jolly, amiable Welshman, with a kind word for everybody, has left his like-ness in many minds, and perhaps a more lasting impression upon almost as many hearts, it is natural to presume that in two continents Captain Price, as good a sailor as he is a pleasant man, will not soon be forgotten. He is now the line's Port Admiral at Liverpool.

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