SS Zeeland Passenger List - 26 June 1924

Front Cover, SS Zeeland Passenger List - 26 June 1924

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Zeeland of the Red Star Line, Departing Thursday, 26 June 1924 from New York to Antwerp via Plymouth and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. J. Thomas.

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: A. J. THOMAS
  • Chief Engineer: B. DUNIPACE
  • Surgeon: Dr. L. BAYER    
  • Purser: A. C. ASTLE
  • Chief Steward: G. VENUS

Cabin Passengers

  1. Adams, Mr. William L., Jr.
  2. Adams, Miss Nina A.
  3. Aitkin, Mr. W. I.
  4. Anderson, Miss Katherine
  5. Armhold, Mr. David
  6. Armhold, Miss Abigail B.
  7. Armstrong, Mr. F. A.
  8. Baker, Miss Helen B.
  9. Barker, Miss Pearl
  10. Berment, Mr. Howard
  11. Berment, Mrs.
  12. Berment, Mrs. W.
  13. Berthaud, Mr. G.
  14. Berthaud, Mrs.
  15. Blaise, Mr. John
  16. Blogg, Mrs. P. T.
  17. Bollinger, Mrs. Mary
  18. Bowen, Miss Virginia
  19. Boyd, Mr. William B.
  20. Birckhead, Rev. Hugh
  21. Birckhead, Master Hugh, Jr.
  22. Brady, Mr. Herbert B.
  23. Brent, Mrs. Duncan K.
  24. Brent, Miss Hally C.
  25. Briggs, Mr. Lucius G.
  26. Brown, Miss Demarchus
  27. Brown, Miss Genevive
  28. Brown, Mrs. L. M.
  29. Brown, Mrs. Louisian
  30. Brown, Miss Elise
  31. Brouwer, Miss Mildred C.
  32. Bruce, Mr. Robert
  33. Buckler, Mr. H. W., Jr.
  34. Busch, Mr. Max
  35. Busch, Mrs.
  36. Buschman, Miss Alvine
  37. Bush, Miss Margaret
  38. Butts, Mr. William D., Jr.
  39. Butts, Mrs.
  40. Byron, Mr. David W.
  41. Campbell. Mr. H. G.
  42. Carnochan, Miss Janet
  43. Chambliss, Mrs. P. C.
  44. Chapman, Mr. D. F.
  45. Chard, Miss Marjorie
  46. Clark, Mr. Frank W.
  47. Clayton, Mrs. C.
  48. Clemence, Mr. Robert M.
  49. Clement, Mrs. E. F.
  50. Cobb, Mrs. F. W.
  51. Cloutman, Mr. Richard
  52. Crawford, Mrs. John R.
  53. De Kalb, Miss E. W.
  54. Dennis, Miss Mary F.
  55. Denz, Mr. John B.
  56. Douglas, Mrs. W. W.
  57. Dworkowski, Mrs. Anna
  58. Elgar, Miss Florence E.
  59. Elgar, Miss Mary E.
  60. Erwin, Miss Agnes
  61. Evans, Miss Sydney
  62. Fischer, Miss Louise
  63. Fischer, Mrs. Margaretta
  64. Forbes, Mr. Seely
  65. Fowler, Mr. George B.
  66. Fowler, Mr. Edward H.
  67. Fox, Mr. T. Harold
  68. Frantz, Mrs. A. J.
  69. Frantz, Miss Janet B.
  70. Frantz, Miss Alison
  71. Frantz, Mrs. John Russell, Jr.
  72. Frey, Miss Hazel
  73. Fullerton, Miss D. L.
  74. Gardner, Prof. C. O.
  75. Gartley, Mr. Alonzo J.
  76. Gillette, Mr. Hyde
  77. Goddard, Mr. William M.
  78. Goldsmith, Mr. James
  79. Gorman, Mrs. Mary K.
  80. Gorman, Master Woodbury
  81. Gorman, Miss Sarah K.
  82. Grevemberg, Mr. C. E.
  83. Grevemberg, Mrs. C. E.
  84. Hackett, Mr. George S.
  85. Hagerty, Miss Louise
  86. Haley, Mrs. S. A.
  87. Haley, Mr. F. J.
  88. Hazard, Mr. John W.
  89. Haze, Mr. William H.
  90. Hervey, Miss Margaret
  91. Hickson, Mr. William T.
  92. Highleyman, Mr. Locke T.
  93. Highleyman, Mr. Samuel D.
  94. Hoagland, Miss Sue Q.
  95. Hoffman, Mrs. William G.
  96. Hoffman, Miss Angelyn
  97. Holde, Miss Jennie
  98. Holde, Miss Clara
  99. Holff, Miss Fannie
  100. Homans, Miss S. S.
  101. Houghton, Miss Edith
  102. Howell, Mr. Robert
  103. Hubburd, Mr. Philip
  104. Hubburd, Mrs.
  105. Hudson, Mr. R. P.
  106. Hudson, Mrs.
  107. Hull, Miss Mary
  108. Irons, Miss Lida
  109. Jennings, Miss Elsie
  110. Johnson, Mrs.'C. A.
  111. Jones, Mr. Lawrence T.
  112. Jones, Mr. Theodore F.
  113. Jones, Miss Cynthia A.
  114. Jones, Miss Catherine G.
  115. Kellogg, Miss Harriet N.
  116. Kennedy, Miss Sarah L.
  117. Kimmel, Miss Irene D.
  118. King, Mrs. S. J.
  119. Kirk, Miss Elizabeth
  120. Kroehle, Mrs. P. E.
  121. Kroehle, Miss
  122. Kohler, Master Robert P.
  123. Kuhne, Mr. Robert C.
  124. Kuhne, Mrs.
  125. Lafonta, Mrs. Lucie
  126. Lafonta, Miss Isabell
  127. Lanman, Mr. L. T.
  128. Larimore, Miss Reppa D.
  129. Launer, Mrs. C. A.
  130. Launer, Master Philip
  131. Lawton, Mr. Rowland
  132. Le Grand, Mr. Charles
  133. Leonard, Miss Harriet
  134. Le Quere, Mme. Jeanne
  135. Levy, Mrs. Dan
  136. Levy, Miss B.
  137. Lignon, Miss Govan
  138. Loeb, Miss Jeanette C.
  139. Loveridge, Mrs. Irving
  140. Lyon, Miss Ethel
  141. McBroom, Mr. James H.
  142. McBroom, Mr. W. J., Jr.
  143. McClintock, Miss Anna
  144. McCollum, Mr. F. A.
  145. McFadden, Dr. Howard
  146. MacFerran, Mrs. F. L.
  147. McGivney, Miss E. V.
  148. Macgill, Miss Eleanor
  149. Maguire, Miss Alice G.
  150. Maguire, Miss Anna A.
  151. Markman, Miss Frances
  152. Martin, Mrs. R.
  153. Marvin, Miss Eugenia
  154. Maussenet, Mrs. J. W.
  155. Merrill, Miss M. D.
  156. Meyers, Miss Louise
  157. Miller, Miss Christina
  158. Mills, Miss Audrey
  159. Monsons, Miss Emily
  160. Monsons, Miss Mabel
  161. Moomy, Mr. Richard L.
  162. Morrow, Mrs. A. H.
  163. Morse, Mrs. A. P.
  164. Moulton, Mr. Preston S.
  165. Murray, Mr. Robert C.
  166. Murray, Miss J. F.
  167. Oakes, Miss Catherine
  168. Oberly, Miss Ruth
  169. O’Day, Mr. Charles
  170. Ogden, Prof. Phillip
  171. O’Gorman, Madam Flora
  172. Olson, Mr. Neal W.
  173. Parker, Mrs. C. G., Jr.
  174. Parker, Miss E. May
  175. Parker, Miss Jane G.
  176. Parker, Miss Pauline
  177. Parsons, Bishop E. L.
  178. Parsons, Mrs.
  179. Parsons, Miss Harriet T.
  180. Parsons, Miss Helen C.
  181. Parsons, Mr. Arthur W.
  182. Parsons, Mr. Chauncey L.
  183. Patterson, Mrs. Eugene
  184. Patterson, Miss Eliz.
  185. Paquette, Mrs. Charles
  186. Persons, Miss Elizabeth
  187. Peters, Miss Lottie
  188. Pierpont, Mrs. Caroline
  189. Pitman, Mr. Lorraine F.
  190. Portner, Mrs. A. M.
  191. Pratt, Mr. G. Stanley
  192. Prelat, Miss Edmee
  193. Prentice, Mr. David
  194. Prentiss, Miss Sarah
  195. Preston, Miss Margaret
  196. Priest, Mr. Charles
  197. Priest, Miss Esther
  198. Pritchard, Mr. J. W.
  199. Quignio, Miss Jeanne
  200. Rabbe, Miss Meta
  201. Radford, Mr. George A.
  202. Radford, Mrs.
  203. Radford, Miss Edith
  204. Reardon, Mr. J. T.
  205. Reardon, Mrs.
  206. Remade, Mr. Alphonse
  207. Richards, Miss Nelle
  208. Richards, Mr. Robert H.
  209. Ripley, Miss Beatrice
  210. Ripley, Mr. T. E.
  211. Riggs, Miss Marian
  212. Roberts, Miss Stella
  213. Roberts, Miss Marion
  214. Roberts, Miss Elizabeth
  215. Robinson, Rev. W. E.
  216. Roby, Mr. A. B.
  217. Roby ne, Miss Louise
  218. Robyns-Kessel, Mrs. Hilda
  219. Rogers, Mr. Thomas W.
  220. Roundy, Miss Harriet
  221. Rowley, Miss Katherine M.
  222. Russell, Miss Mabel M.
  223. Rutledge, Mr. Jeremiah
  224. Rutledge, Mrs.
  225. Schorsch, Mrs. Salome
  226. Schuyter, Mrs. E. E.
  227. Scott, Miss Pearl
  228. Selig, Miss Helen K.
  229. ShafTer, Mr. Morris B.
  230. Sibley, Mr. Ernest, Jr.
  231. Sides, Mr. Winfred W.
  232. Smith, Mr. Harvey K.
  233. Smith, Mr. Samuel B., II
  234. Smith, Mr. Quentin
  235. Smith, Mrs. Bertha W.
  236. Smutz, Miss E. M.
  237. Steele, Miss Kate
  238. Stetten, Miss Margaret
  239. Strong, Mr. Everett
  240. Sulpicy, Mr. J.
  241. Sweeney, Miss Patti
  242. Swope, Mr. Roland H.
  243. Swope, Mr. W. I.
  244. Taylor, Mr. Joseph R.
  245. Taylor, Mrs.
  246. Taylor, Miss Diana
  247. Thil, Mr. Charles
  248. Thorburn, Miss S. G.
  249. Thorburn, Miss H. S.
  250. Tibbetts, Mr. Wallace W.
  251. Tierney, Miss Kathleen
  252. Timmins, Mrs. Louise
  253. Townsend, Mrs. E. M.
  254. Toym, Rev. E. C.
  255. Trimble, Mrs. I. R.
  256. Trimble, Mr. I. Ridgeway, Jr.
  257. Trimble, Mr. David C.
  258. Trimble, Mr. William C.
  259. Turnbull, Mr. Bayard
  260. Turnbull, Mrs.
  261. Turnbull, Miss Frances
  262. Turnbull, Master Andrew
  263. Tully, Miss Marcille
  264. Van Bogaert, Mr. C. L.
  265. Van Wickle, Mr. Robert
  266. Vogt, Miss Lena Vore, Miss Anna
  267. Waldburger, Mr. J. C. Waldburger, Mrs.
  268. Walker, Mr. Norman S.
  269. Walker, Mr. Norman S., Jr.
  270. Walker, Miss Hope
  271. Walton, Miss Kate
  272. Walton, Miss Kate
  273. Watkins, Mr. J. L.
  274. Wendle, Miss Miriam
  275. Welliver, Mrs. Anna K.
  276. Welliver, Mr. Rupert J.
  277. Wessels, Mr. Herman
  278. Wessels, Mrs.
  279. Wessels, Miss Johanna
  280. Wessels, Master Herman
  281. Wessels, Miss Augusta
  282. White, Mrs. Ernest
  283. Wiener, Prof. Leo
  284. Wiener, Mrs.
  285. Wiener, Mr. Fritz
  286. Wilder, Mr. Alexander
  287. Wilkinson, Mr. E. A.
  288. Wilkinson, Mr. Theodore
  289. Williams, Miss Margaret E.
  290. Wine, Miss Edna
  291. Winfield, Miss Eugenia
  292. Woods, Mr. George E., Jr.
  293. Woodworth, Miss Harriet
  294. Woodworth, Miss Lucy
  295. Yoder, Miss B. L.
  296. Zakrzewski, Mrs. Ludwika
  297. Zakrzewski, Miss Helen

Information for Passengers

The Bugle is sounded at 8 A. M.

  • BREAKFAST from 8:30 am until 10:00 am
  • LUNCHEON at 1:00 pm     
  • DINNER at 7 p m

The Bar opens at 8:00 am and closes at 11:30 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, Lounge, Reading Room and Smoking Room at midnight

Divine Service in the Saloon on Sunday at 10:30 am

AN ENQUIRY OFFICE has been provided for the convenience of Passengers, where all enquiries for information of a general character should be made.

SEATS AT TABLE. Passengers who have not previously arranged for seats at table to be reserved should apply for same to the Second Steward. Children are not entitled to seats in the Dining Room unless full fare is paid.

SMOKING. Passengers are kindly requested not to smoke in the Dining Saloon.

DECK CHAIRS AND STEAMER RUGS can be hired at $1.50 each for the voyage.

PASSENGERS are requested to ask for a receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair or Steamer Rug Hire, or Freight paid on board.

THE SURGEON is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating passengers at their request for any illness not originating on the voyage. In the case of sickness developed on the voyage, no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

BAGAGE. On disembarking passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Customs shed, otherwise under present conditions considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying passengers on the railway.

For the convenience of passengers at Antwerp baggage is accepted for storage free of charge, but the Company assumes no responsibility for loss or damage howsoever arising, but passengers may protect themselves by insurance.

BAGGAGE FOR BRUSSELS. For convenience of passengers landing at Antwerp, who are proceeding immediately to Brussels, arrangements may be made directly with a uniformed representative of L. T. Sherman & Co., Transfer Agents, for immediate reception of baggage on the Antwerp Quay for delivery by automobile truck to Brussels domicile, within city limits, on same day as steamer arrives (provided steamer docks prior to 4:30 P. M.—otherwise following morning).

Charge for this service is fixed at rate of Fcs. 25 or $1.50 per trunk, passengers’ option.
The Company recommends this convenient method to its patrons but assumes no responsibility for baggage after it has left the steamer's side.

WARDROBE TRUNKS. Passengers are advised that it is not always possible to arrange for the placing of Wardrobe Trunks in the passenger accommodation in a position where they are easily accessible, also that there is frequently difficulty with regard to the landing of such packages owing to their exceptional size. They are therefore recommended to use steamer trunks in preference.

EXCHANGE OF MONEY. The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English, Belgian, French and American money, at rates which will be advised on application.

VALUABLES. The particular attention of passengers is drawn to the ticket conditions regarding the carriage and custody of articles specified in Section 4281 of the revised Statutes of the United States, but passengers can, and are accordingly advised to, protect themselves by insurance.

The Line has provided a safe in the office of the Purser in which passengers may deposit money, jewels, ornaments, documents or other valuables for safe keeping and a deposit receipt will be issued by the Purser.

DOGS. Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

UPPER BERTHS. Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of same by applying to the Steward or Stewardess.

LETTERS, CABLES AND WIRELESS TELEGRAMS are received at the Enquiry Office for despatch, and Postage Stamps can be purchased at this office, through which also all Mails will be distributed. Cablegrams and Telegrams should be handed in an hour before the arrival at any port of call.

None of the ship’s staff other than those on duty in the Enquiry Office is authorized to accept Letters or Telegrams for despatch.

LETTERS, ETC., FOR PASSENGERS will be brought on board before the passengers land.

PASSENGERS SHOULD PERSONALLY ASCERTAIN whether there is any mail for them before disembarking, and they are invited to leave their addresses at the Enquiry Office for later dispatches to be re-directed.

PASSENGERS’ ADDRESSES may be left at the Enquiry Office in order that any letters sent to the care of the Company may be forwarded.

PUBLIC TELEPHONES with booths and operators on our New York piers.

ORCHESTRA. The steamer carries a string orchestra which will play at suitable times.


  • Antwerp—Red Star Line, 22 Rue des Peignes
  • Liverpool—Red Star Line, 30 James Street
  • London—Red Star Line, 1 Codespur Street, S. W. and 38 Leadenhall Street, E. C.
  • Berlin—A1 Peters, Reisebüro "Amerika,” 14 Unter den Linden
  • Southampton—Red Star Line, Canute Road
  • Cherbourg—A. La niece & Fils
  • Plymouth—Red Star Line, 10 Millbay Road
  • Paris—The American Travel and Transport Agency, 9 Rue Scribe
  • Cologne—Hermann Linderman, 2 Domkloster
  • Vienna—4 Karntnerring
  • Leipzig—Richard Gey, 12 Schutzenstrasse
  • Brussels—V. Bull. 26 Place de Brouckère
  • Basle—Kaiser & Co., Ltd., 58, Elizabethenstrasse
  • Luxembourg—Derulle-Wigreux & Fils
  • Munich—Carl Bierschcnk, 8 Karlsplatz
  • Rome—French, Lemon & Co., 59 Piazza di Spagna
  • Warsaw—M. G. Freudberg. 137 Marszalkowska
  • Zurich—Kuoni’s Tourist Office, 7 Bahnhofplatz

This Steamer is fitted with Marconi’s system of Wireless Telegraphy and also with Submarine Signaling Apparatus


This vessel is fitted with special long range wireless apparatus which will enable passengers to communicate with their friends or business houses on shore throughout the voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

The wireless rate for messages directed through the long distance wireless station at Devizes, England, is 10 d. per word through Chatham, Mass., and Louisburg, N. S.,   9½ d. per word, land telegraph or cable charges additional. The ship is constantly in touch with one or other of these stations.

THE FOLLOWING RATES DO NOT INCLUDE LAND TELEGRAPH AND CABLE CHARGES. WHICH ARE ADDITIONAL. Every word in the address, text, and signature is counted. All charges must be prepaid.

BELGIUM. The rate via North Foreland, Niton or other stations in Great Britain is 1 ½ d. per word.

GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. The rate via North Foreland, Niton, or other stations in Great Britain and Ireland is 10d. per word.

GERMANY. The Wireless rate via Cuxhaven and Norddeich is 8 ½ d. per word.

HOLLAND. The Wireless rate via Scheveningen is 8 ½ d. per word for messages containing 10 or more words. For messages containing less than 10 words, the rate is 3/6 plus 4d. per word.

FRANCE. The Wireless rate via Boulogne or other French Stations is 8 ½ d. per word.

When the ship is nearing the American and Canadian shores messages can also be forwarded through the ordinary Wireless coast stations situated on the Atlantic seaboard, at the following rates:—

  • UNITED STATES. The Wireless rate via New York. New London. Siasconsett, Easthampton, Cape May or Chatham is calculated at 9 ½ d. per word.
  • CANADA. The Wireless rate via Cape Race. Sable Island, Cape Sable is calculated at 1/1 ½  per word.  The rate via Montreal, Quebec, Grosse Isle, Father Point, Clarke City, Fame Point, Harrington, St. John, Camperdown, Grindstone Island, North Sydney, Belle Isle is calculated at 5d. per word.

SHIP TO SHIP. The general rate for messages exchanged between British ships is 8d. per word. For messages exchanged with foreign ships, the general rate is 8 ½ d. per word, but as Dutch, Belgian and certain other vessels apply a Wireless ship charge with a minimum of 10 words, the charge for messages addressed to the vessels will be calculated as follows: —

  • For less than 10 words: 3/6 plus a charge of 4d. per word.
  • For 10 words or more: 8 ½ d. per word.

OCEAN LETTERS. The Marconi Company have inaugurated an “Ocean Letter” service by which messages may be sent from one ship to another going in an opposite direction for delivery by Registered Post from the first port of call of the latter vessel.

For an "Ocean Letter” sent to a British ship controlled by the Marconi Company, the rate is (inclusive of wireless, postage and registration) 5s. for 20 words, plus 2d. for each additional word up to a maximum of 100 words.

For an “Ocean Letter" sent to a foreign ship, the rate is 5/3 for the first 20 words, plus 2d. for each additional word, up to a maximum of 100 words. This class of message must contain full postal address.

For particulars regarding Wireless communications established or expected, please consult the Wireless notice board, where full information is posted daily throughout the voyage.

Landing hours for passengers at Plymouth and Cherbourg are at the option of the Commander, but unless circumstances make it necessary, passengers will not be obliged to land before 7:00 am or after 1 0 p. m.

The Commander’s decision, however, in every case will be final.

Passengers proceeding from Plymouth to London or Cherbourg to Paris may obtain rail tickets (all classes) from the Purser on payment of fare. Rail tickets from Antwerp to Paris can be obtained from the company’s representative joining the steamer at  Flushing.

The attention of passengers is invited to the convenience of Antwerp for all destined to Paris. There are no less than six trains daily between these cities and the Belgian State Railways operate one special non-stop Brussels-Paris express for the convenience of tourists. This train makes the run in 3 ½ hours, leaving Brussels at 2:15 P. M. and arriving at Paris at 6:00 P. M.

Every facility is given by the Customs Officials to passengers en route to Paris over Antwerp, and this short and convenient route obviates landing by tenders and offers an opportunity to make brief visits to Antwerp and Brussels if desired.


  • Around the World        
  • Mediterranean and Egypt
  • West Indies and South America

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Back Cover, SS Zeeland of the Red Star Line

Advertisement for 133-Day World Cruise starting December 1924 on the Red Star Line SS Belgenland

Advertisement for 133-Day World Cruise starting December 1924 on the Red Star Line SS Belgenland

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