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Anderson, SC USA

SS Rhynland Passenger List - 11 September 1895

Passenger List, American Line Rhynland, 1895 - Cabin Class

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rhynland of the American Line, Departing Wednesday, 11 September 1895 from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Commanded by Captain F. Loesewitz.

Notable Passengers included: Margaret E. Leicester-Addis, Mabel Edwards, Rosine Melle, Daisy Wood, Henry L. Williams.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: F. Loesewitz
  2. Chief Officer: F. C. Hoge
  3. Surgeon: Wm. H Murray
  4. Chief Engineer: J. Stewart
  5. Chief Steward: John Darcey
  6. Stewardess: Miss Klunder
  7. Stewardess: Miss Coleman

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Leicester Addis
    (Margaret E. Leicester-Addis - Author)
  2. Mr. John H. Anderson
  3. Mr. C. Ambruster
  4. Miss Edla Anderson
  5. Miss Emma Boate
  6. Miss A. M. Bates
  7. Miss Annie Betts
  8. Mr. Ed. J. Burke
  9. Miss D. W. Boyd
  10. Miss E. T. Bansall
  11. Mr. Albert Berbeck
  12. Mrs. Martha Berbeck
  13. Mrs. Sarah J. Berbeck
  14. Miss M. G. Boothby
  15. Dr. Mary J. Cochrane
  16. Miss Crane
  17. Dr. Crandall
  18. Miss B. Chamberlain
  19. Miss Helen M. Cook
  20. Miss Mary M. Cook
  21. Mrs. Joseph Cave
  22. Mr. Herbert E. Cave
  23. Miss Edna Cave
  24. Miss Alice Dudley
  25. Mr. Robert Dorn
  26. Mrs. Dorn
  27. Miss Ellen Dewhurst
  28. Miss Mabel Edwards
    Early 20th Century British Artist
  29. Mrs. Annie Earle
  30. Mrs. F. H. Easby
  31. Rev. E. W. Forsythe
  32. Mr. Samuel Facer
  33. Mrs. Roselle Facer
  34. Miss Ellen E. Gummere
  35. Miss Anne M. Gummere
  36. Dr. R. E. Graham
  37. Mrs. J. M. Gallagher
  38. Mrs. Verner Guise
  39. Miss E. Guise
  40. Miss P. S. Hallock
  41. Miss L. Hunt
  42. Mr. Israel Holden
  43. Miss Frances A. Hollinshed
  44. Mr. John R. Hamer
  45. Mrs. Hayden
  46. Mr. Calvin Harvey
  47. Miss Lillie Harvey
  48. Miss Alice Harvey
  49. Miss Olga Hultman
  50. Rev. G. E. Ireland
  51. Mrs. Emma B. Ireland
  52. Miss Ethel P. Ireland
  53. Miss Edith E. Ireland
  54. Mrs. N. A. Johnson
  55. Miss Julia Johnson
  56. Mr. J. R. James
  57. Mr. J. G. Kelly
  58. Mrs. Kelly
  59. Miss Annie Kelly
  60. Mr. E. R. Kingsbury
  61. Mrs. Kingsbury
  62. Master Maurice Kingsbury
  63. Miss Agnes Kirk
  64. Mrs. M. J. Lindsay
  65. Mrs. L. A. Lockwood
  66. Miss T. L. Lockwood
  67. Miss E. D. Lyon
  68. Dr. E. J. Lee
  69. Miss Rosine Melle
    French Author and Editor
  70. Mr. Edwin J. McKenna
  71. Dr. Ralph Martin
  72. Mr. P. J. McGarvey
  73. Mrs. McGarvey
  74. Dr. C. W. Miller
  75. Mr. T. W. Milnor
  76. Mrs. Chas. Mohr
  77. Miss Martha Mohr
  78. Prof. James Murray
  79. Prof. J. P. Murray
  80. Mrs. W. J. McGinty
  81. Miss Helen O. Nichols
  82. Miss Frances E. Oliver
  83. Miss Debora Otis
  84. Miss M. Amy Otis
  85. Mr. Henry Ogden
  86. Miss Ellen O'Leary
  87. Miss Edith Pusey
  88. Miss M. V. Peck
  89. Mrs. F. C. Pierce
  90. Mrs. C. N. Peirce
  91. Miss Florence E. Peirce
  92. Miss K. Parker
  93. Mrs. W. C. Patterson
  94. Rev. Chas. H. Richards D.D
  95. Mrs. Richards
  96. Miss Helen Richards
  97. Miss Marie L. Richards
  98. Miss Mary E. Reynolds
  99. Miss E. Rosenthal
  100. Miss Mary S. Reeves
  101. Miss Anna O. Redmond
  102. Mr. C. W. Ritter
  103. Rev. M. L. Ross, D.D
  104. Mr. J. Gwynne Reece
  105. Mrs. Reece
  106. Mr. Read
  107. Mrs. Read
  108. Miss Cecilia Ruddy
  109. Miss A. Speakman
  110. Miss M. Sager
  111. Mts. H. Stevenson
  112. Dr. Stone
  113. Prof. Spiers
  114. Mr. A. O. H. Spiers
  115. Mrs. Spiers
  116. Miss S. N. Y. Spiers
  117. Miss F. R. W. Spiers
  118. Master Mc. H Spiers
  119. Miss Fouillen Spiers
  120. Miss Annie P. Shedden
    Instructor in History, Drexel Institute in first graduating class of the Library School 1893
  121. Miss Annie Schofield
  122. Mr. Oliver C. Smith
  123. Mrs. O. C. Smith
  124. Rev. G. Scott
  125. Miss .J. Scott
  126. Mr. Stiles
  127. Miss Hannah Taylor
  128. Mr. W. P. Toler - William P. Toler
  129. Mrs. W. P. Toler
  130. Miss Daisy Wood
    Daisy (Violet Rose) Wood (1877-1961) English Music Hall Singer
  131. Miss A. O. Whilan
  132. Miss Sarah R. Watson
  133. Mr. Henry L. Williams
    Dr. Henry Lane Williams (July 26, 1869–June 14, 1931) was an early college football coach
  134. Miss Alice S. Williams
  135. Mr. Fred. Wright
  136. Mrs. Sarah Wright
  137. Mr. Wm. White
  138. Miss J. Yorke
  139. Miss Louise A. Zogbaum
  140. Miss Helene Zogbaum
    Hélène Zogbaum (Design) Dresel Institute of Philadelphia
  141. Miss Anne Zimmerman
  142. Mrs. L. F. Zeiger
  143. Miss Annie Zeiger
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