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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures 1937-1951

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Fabulous Collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the latter 1800s through the 1950s. This index focuses on brochures published between 1937 and 1951. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

Couverture du livret "Normandie" de 1937 de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line.

1937 - CGT French Line Paquebot Normandie

Le livret de 72 pages détaille l'incroyable luxe à bord du paquebot Normandie - la fierté et la joie de vivre de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line. Imprimé en France en 1937, il est devenu un article très recherché par les collectionneurs.

1937 - CGT French Line - The Ocean Liner Normandie

The 72-page booklet details the incredible luxury aboard the Normandie liner - the pride and joy of life of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line. Printed in France in 1937, it has become an item much sought after by collectors. (Translated from the French)

Front Cover of 1937 Brochure from the Hamburg-American and North German Lloyd on their Transatlantic Ships.

1937-10 HAPAG-NDL Ships in the Transatlantic Service

14-page small format brochure produced jointly by HAPAG-LLOYD welcomes you to Germany in 1937 on their transatlantic ships Bremen, Europa, Columbus, New York, Hamburg, Hansa, Deutschland, St. Louis, and Berlin. Brief information along with a photograph of each ship is included in this booklet.

Front Cover, Hamburg America Line 1938 Brochure "In The Third Class to North America."

1938 - In der Dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika

Es handelt sich um eine gut erhaltene Broschüre veröffentlicht wurde, dass vor dem Beginn des europäischen Konflikt, der sich aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Superb Fotografie macht dies ein Rekord excecptional der dritten Klasse Unterkünfte auf dem Dampfer Deutschland, New York, Hamburg und die Hanse.

1938 - In The Third Class to North America

This is a well-preserved brochure that was published before the beginning of the European conflict that became World War II. Superb photography makes this an exceptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg, and the Hansa.

Cover of Brochure from the Italian Line on Third Class Rates from 1938.

1938-02-15 Italian Line Third Class Rates

12- Page brochure from the Italian Line provides a lot of information for passengers, third-class passage rates, and immigration laws. Third-class Interiors and ship photographs complete this very informative brochure.

Front Cover, Cabin and Third Class Accommodations on the MS St. Louis of the Hamburg America Line 1938 Brochure.

1938-03 HAPAG - Cabin and Third Class on the MS St. Louis

1938 8-page, large format brochure from the Hamburg America Line presents views of the rooms and decks enjoyed by the cabin and third-class passengers aboard the MS St. Louis. Captions and text were provided in German and English.

Front Cover, Third Class on the French Line Featuring the Ile de France, Champlain, Lafayette, Paris, and Normanide.

1938-04 Third Class on the French Line

The Normandie, Ile de France, Paris, Champlain and Lafayette combine economy and efficiency in fulfilling the most discriminating requirements. Their Third Class accommodations cannot help but bring you all satisfaction.

Front Cover, 1948 Brochure on the Historic St. Lawrence River Route to Europe

The Historic St. Lawrence River Route to Europe - 1948

After the ship lias left the Cunard Donaldson Atlantic piers in Montreal Harbor, it proceeds downstream passing beneath the imposing Jacques Cartier bridge which connects the island of Montreal with the City of Longueuil on the South Shore. Here was once a fort built in 1689 to protect the seicneury from the marauding Iroquois.

Front Cover of 1949 Brochure on Tourist Class Accommodations on Cunard White Star Ships.

1949 - Cunard White Star Tourist Class on the "Big Four"

This 1949 booklet is your gangplank. Step aboard and see for yourself the spacious public rooms and tasteful cabins wherein relaxation and recreation are the rules of the day. Tourist Class on the "Big Four" of the Cunard White Star Line.

Brochure Cover, Ilde de France Cabin Class Deck Plan. Published by the CGT French Line February 1951.

1951-02 French Line SS Ile de France Cabin Class Deck Plan

Illustrated brochure from 1951 provides colorful deck plans for areas occupied by cabin-class passengers and numerous interior and exterior photographs of the SS Ile de France of the CGT French Line.


Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures


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