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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures 1925-1936

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Fabulous Collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the latter 1800s through the 1950s. This index focuses on brochures published between 1925 and 1936. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

Front Brochure Cover, Dollar Steamship Line President Liners from 1925.

1925 - Dollar Steamship Line - The President Liners

Rare 1925 Brochure from The Dollar Steamship Line on their President Liners. Many photographs document their distinctively higher standard of luxury, comfort, and convenience -- a measure designed to meet the requirements of ocean voyagers.

Front Cover, 1925 Brochure From NGI Italian Line Covering the SS Colombo, a Cabin-Class Ship.

1925 - NGI Genoa SS Colombo

Rare 1925 Brochure from NGI The Italian Line that features many photographs of the interior rooms of the Cabin Class. The Ship is designed to carry both Cabin and Third Class passengers with a capacity of 445 and 700 respectively.

Front Cover, The New Anchor Line Fleet to Ireland and Scotland. 1926 Brochure.

1926 - The New Anchor Line Fleet

Profusely illustrated brochure from 1926 documents the grand interiors of the Caledonia and Transylvania, the newest additions to the Anchor Line fleet with views of the California and Cameronia, transporting passengers between New York, Londonderry, and Glasgow.

Brochure Cover, Red Star Line Second Class Rates

1926-01 Red Star Line Second Class Rates

January 1926 brochure containing second class rates for the Red Star Line steamships Belgenland and Lapland for routes between New York and Antwerp. European Rail and Steamer Fares and interior and exterior photographs for both ships are included.

Front Cover, Anchor-Donaldson Line Bropchure on the Steamships Letitia and Athenia - 1926.

1926-11 Anchor-Donaldson Line Letitia and Athenia

Profusely illustrated brochure on the cabin class accommodations available on the SS Letitia and SS Athenia of the Anchor-Donaldson Line. Published during November 1926, this rare booklet documents the two sister ships with interior and exterior photographs.

Front Cover, Cabin Service to Europe via the Canadian Pacific Steamships.

1927 - Canadian Pacific Cabin Service to Europe

To cross the ocean once on a Canadian Pacific Cabin Class Steamship is to realize that you have found the ideal way to travel. Many Interior and Exterior photographs help illustrate this exceptional brochure.

Front Cover, Second Class to Europe fromn Boston to Queenstown and Liverpool.

1927 - Cunard Line Second Class to Europe

12-Page brochure covers the Boston to Europe route of the Cunard Line in 1927. Interior photographs help to illustrate the second class accommodations available on the Samaria, Scythia, and Laconia.

1927 Brochure Cover for Tourist Third Cabin to South America from Lamport & Holt Line.

1927 - Lamport & Holt Line Tourist Third Cabin to South America

Lamport & Holt Tour Brochure for a two-month cruise to South America onboard the SS Vandyck stopping at Barbados, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Trinidad. Passengers would travel in their Tourist Third Cabin.

Covers for the 1928 Hamburg American Line Brochure Across the Atlantic - First Class.

1928 - HAPAG - Across the Atlantic in First Class

Outstanding brochure from the Hamburg America Line captures the opulence of first-class transatlantic travel in the late 1920s. Rare interior photographs of public rooms such as the shopping plaza or promenade make this an excellent booklet.

Brochure Cover for the Scandinavian-American Line Tourist Third Cabin from 1928.

1928-02-01 Scandinavian-American Line Tourist Third Cabin

8-Page brochure from the Scandinavian-American Line packs a lot of information and interior photographs of their Tourist Third Cabin accommodations, rates of passage, and other information for passengers. Produced by the New York office for American tourists to Europe.

Front Cover, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Brochure for the SS Bremen. Form 275, Printed in the USA 25 October 1929.

1929-10-25 North German Lloyd SS Bremen

Absolutely superb brochure from North German Lloyd on the SS Bremen with many photographs documenting the ship and the accommodations afforded each class - First, Second, Tourist Third Cabin, and Third Class.

Covers for theNorth German Lloyd Brochure on their Expres Liner Bremen dated 15 November 1929.

1929-11-15 North German Lloyd Express Liner Bremen

16-Page brochure from Norddeutscher Lloyd produced for their offices in the United States and Canada. A pictorial of their accommodations for four classes of passengers -- First, Second, Tourist Third Cabin, and Third Class.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Cabin Class Brochure. Undated, circa 1930s.

1930s - Anchor Line Cabin Class

For passengers who are accustomed to the amenities of good-living, the Anchor Line offers a truly delightful mode of travel, in the company of other passengers with the same substantial standards which characterize their own good taste.

Front Cover, Outstanding Travel Value to Europe on the Baltimore Mail Line

1930s - Baltimore Mail Line Outstanding Travel Value

1930s Brochure offers extraordinary interior and exterior views (including passengers) of their transatlantic steamships of the Baltimore Mail Line with routes between Baltimore, Norfolk, Havre and Hamburg.

Front Cover of 1930 Dutch Brochure from the White Star Line: Boston and New York in the Third Class.

1930 - White Star Line To Boston and New York in Third Class

Translated from a 1930 Dutch brochure on third-class accommodations on the "Big Four" - the Britannic, Baltic, Cedric, and Adriatic, with many interior photographs to document this class of travel in 1930.

Cover - American Merchant Lines New York to London - The Economical Way to Europe. Published November 1932

1932 - American Merchant Lines to Europe

These are some of the attractions of an American Merchant Lines crossing. . . every day of it memorably pleasant from the minute you go on board in New York until you sail up the famous Thames right into the City of London.

Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line Information for Passengers. Published March 1932.

1932 -03 Baltimore Mail Line Passenger Information

Rare Passenger Booklet from Baltimore Mail Line covers everything that their patrons would need to know about their voyage. Unlike many of the passenger steamship lines, the Baltimore Mail Line printed the Information for Passengers separate from the Passenger Lists.

Front Cover for a Joint Line Brochure from Hamburg America Line and North German Lloyd Entitled Go Tourist Class.

1936-02-10 HAPAG-North German Lloyd - Go Tourist Class

26-Page Brochure "Go Tourist Class" is a joint production of HAPAG-NDL. Profusely Illustrated with interior photographs of Tourist Class accommodations and ships of both lines that carried passengers of that class. A superb brochure produced for American tourist of the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany.

Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line An Innovation in One-Class,Transatlantic Passenger Service.

1936-04-01 Baltimore Mail Line to Europe

Baltimore Mail Line utilizes one-class liners. You can go anywhere onboard without worrying about class restrictions. Decks, lounges, dining saloon— there is no class distinction. Passenger accommodations throughout are of a single high standard.


Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures


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