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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures 1920-1924

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Fabulous Collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the latter 1800s through the 1950s. This index focuses on brochures published between 1920 and 1924. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

Baltic America Line 1912 Brochure

1920s - Baltic America Line Fleet and Services

The American Tourist seeking rest, recreation, study or new business connections in Europe can therefore not find a more opportune time to go than during next summer, using all the exceptional facilities offered by the "Baltic America Line."

Front Cover, Cunard to Liverpool via Cobh (Queenstown) - 1920s Brochure from the Cunard Line.

1920s - Cunard to Liverpool via Cobh (Queenstown)

Superb interior photographs of the Cunard steamships Carinthia, Franconia, Laconia, Samaria, and Scythia makes this an excellent brochure from the 1920s. The uniqueness of this booklet is greatly improved by the inclusions of context with photo captions.

Front Cover, Cunard Tourist Third Cabin Accommodations Brochure. Undated, Circa Late 1920s

1920s - Cunard Tourist Third Cabin Accommodations

Tourist Third Cabin replaced the old Third Class on the Cunard Steamships, the refinished accommodations attracted students, professors, young business people, and bargain-hunters filling the cabins left mostly empty from the decline of the immigrant trade. This is a photo journal of the accommodations found in the new Tourist Third Cabin class.

Front Cover, 1920s Brochure from the Norwegian America Line "Visit the Vikings"

1920s - Norwegian America Line Visit The Vikings

Early 1920s brochure covers the ships and accommodations of the Norwegian-America Line, tours of Norway, brief information about major cities in Norway, and many photographs that help promote a visit to beautiful Norway.

Brochure Cover, Passenger Service to and from Northern Europe by the Scandinavian American Line.

1920s Cabin Service to Northern Europe

16-page brochure from Scandinavian-American Line is devoted to their cabin service to and from Northern Europe. It contains information for passengers about their fleet and cabin accommodation.

1921 Brochure Cover, Cunard Line Passengers' Guide to the RMS Mauretania.

1921 - Cunard Passenger Guide - RMS Mauretania

Shirt Pocket Sized 18-Page brochure from the Cunard Line that provided a handy reference guide to navigating the RMS Mauretania covering all three passenger classes -- Saloon, Second, and Third. A lot of information but only a few images.

Couverture de la Brochure Avant, Service RMSP New York - Première et Deuxième Classe - 1921.

1921-06 Compagnie Royal Mail Steam Packet Service de New York - Premières et Deuxèmes Classes

Superbe brochure de 1921 contenant de nombreuses photographies extraordinaires des intérieurs de première et deuxième classe des paquebots de la Compagnie Royal Mail Steam Packet qui naviguent d’Europe à New York.

1921-06 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company New York Service - First and Second Class

Superb brochure from 1921 documents with many extraordinary photographs of the first and second class interiors of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ocean liners plying from Europe to New York. Note: Translation of original French language brochure.

Front Cover - Cunard To Boston. Published by the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited - 1922

1922 - Cunard To Boston

The re-opening of the Liverpool-Queenstown-Boston Service with the “ Samaria,” one of the finest and largest of the new post-War Cunarders, emphasizes the importance which the Cunard Company attaches to this Service.

Front Cover of 1922 Brochure Majestic - The World's Largest Ship from the White Star Line.

1922 - RMS Majestic - The World's Largest Ship

One of the most exceptional brochures issued by the New York Office of the White Star Line. It covers the first-class accommodations with a visual record of the grand luxury of the public areas, dining saloon, lounges with a few photographs of the elegant second class accommodations.

Front Brochure Cover of Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government Published in 1922

1922 - Passenger Ships of the United States Lines

One of the first and most comprehensive brochures on the early beginnings of the United States Lines. Many photographs documents the cabin class (First Class/Second Class) amenities on the many ships of the USL. Undated, but likely published in 1922 before the Leviathan came into service in 1923.

Cover, The Liverpool Route from Boston and New York via Queenstown (Cobh)

1923 - Cunard - The Liverpool Route

16- Page Brochure provides insight into the Liverpool Route that is shared by both the Cunard Line and Anchor Line. The majority of the booklet is a tour guide of England, and the remainder on passenger service between Boston, New York, and Canada to Liverpool, Queenstown, Cherbourg, and other European ports of call.

Front Cover of 1923 Brochure "Cabin Liners to Europe" from the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.

1923 - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Cabin Liners to Europe

Believed to be one of the earliest brochures produced by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company to promote their newly acquired ships Orbita, Orca, and Orduña, in 1923 provides numerous interior photographs. The ships were only operated by Royal Mail Steam Packet Company for 3 years before being resold to the PSNCo in 1926.

Front Cover of 1923 Brochure Introducing the Flagship of the United States Lines, the Incomparable Steamship Leviathan.

1923 - United States Lines The Steamship Leviathan

This 1923 Brochure captures the grand elegance and beauty of the World's Largest Steamship - the SS Leviathan of the United States Lines. The large photographs will allow you to envision the incredible luxury found on this very popular ocean liner.

Front Brochure Cover, Third Class Passage to Europe - 1923

1923 - USL Third Class Passage to Europe

The ships included in this 1923 brochure from the United States Lines include the great Leviathan, the largest liner in the world; the popular George Washington; America, largest "cabin" ship in the world; the famous "President" ships, President Harding and President Roosevelt, and the newly reconditioned Republic.

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure The SS Belgenland of the Red Star Line.

1924 - Red Star Line SS Belgenland Into Europe

The Triple Screw Steamer Belgenland, Queen of the Red Star Line Ships 1924 18-page Brochure entitled "Into Europe Through Belgium," produced by the New York Office. Great photographs capture the luxury and opulence of the first class in this magnificent ship.

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure on the Red Star Line Flagship SS Belgenland 27,200 Tons.

1924 - Red Star Line SS Belgenland

A 1924 brochure from the Red Star Line features their flagship, the SS Belgenland and her many amenities available for first-class passengers. Numerous photographs and illustrations document the opulence and service provided by the Red Star Line.

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure from the United States Lines for Travel Between New York and Several European Ports.

1924 - USL - New York - Plymouth - Cherbourg - Southampton - Bremen

32-Page brochure from the United States Lines provides many interior views of their fleet of transatlantic steamships published in 1924. This brochure does not include their flagship -- the SS Leviathan as they prepared a separate booklet for that ship.

Front Cover of a 1924 Brochure from the United States Lines Entitled "The American Way to Europe.

1924 - United States Lines - The American Way to Europe

Comprehensive brochure from the United States Lines developed to provide information and photographs that describe the ships and amenities geared to Americans traveling to Europe. Also contains brief information on sites to see in European countries along with passport information.

Brochure Cover, The New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland of the Hamburg America Line.

1924-04-01 The New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland

8-Panel Flyer offers a quick look at the SS Deutschland, a 21,046-ton ship, launched on 28 April 1923 with her maiden voyage on 27 March 1924. Superb interior photographs create a visual feast of this elegant ship of the Hamburg America Line (HAPAG).


Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures


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