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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures 1912-1917

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Fabulous Collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the latter 1800s through the 1950s. This index focuses on brochures published between 1912 and 1917. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure.

1912 - Anchor Line Information For Passengers

Exquisite brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. This booklet was produced after the Anchor Line's Newest steamship - The Cameronia in 1911.

Couverture, Paquebot France de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique

1912 - Le Nouveau Paquebot SS France

Il s'agit d'une brochure pour le lancement Steamship SS France de la CGT-French Line produite en 1912 qui offre une excellente critique du livre de l'hébergement de première classe, des services, des détails de la salle des machines et des chaudières, des dispositions et beaucoup plus.

1912 - The New SS France Liner

This is a brochure for the Steamship SS France launch of the CGT-French Line produced in 1912 which offers an excellent review of the book of first class accommodation, services, details of the engine room and boilers, provisions and much more. Note: This is the English translation of the French language brochure.

Front Cover RMS Franconia and RMS Laconia of the Cunard Line.

1912 - RMS Franconia and Laconia - Cunard Line

A scarce brochure provides a remarkable record of these two short-lived steamships that brought thousands of immigrants from Liverpool to Boston from 1912 to 1916. The Laconia was torpedoed and sunk by the German Submarine U-50 on 25 February 1917; and, the Franconia was torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine UB-47 on 4 October 1916.

Front Cover, 1912 Brochure "Scandinavia to America," From The Scandinavian-American Line.

1912 - Skandinavien-Amerika Linien - Skandinavien och Amerika

50-sidars broschyr från den skandinavisk-amerikanska linjen som främjar deras tjänster från Skandinavien till New York fokuserade på tredje klassens boende och övertalade invandrare att korsa Atlanten på ett av sina ångfartyg.

1912 - Scandinavian-American Line - Scandinavia to America

50-Page brochure from the Scandinavian-American Line promoting their service from Scandinavia to New York focused on Third Class accommodations and persuading immigrants to cross the Atlantic on one of their steamships. Note: Translation of origional Swedish language brochure.

Composed Front Cover, Blue Funnel Line to Australia - Alfred Holt & Co., Liverpool - 1913.

1913 - Blue Funnel Line to Australia

Large-Format 18-panel brochure from Alfred Holt & Company, Liverpool included many photographic views of the Blue Funnel Line to Australia in 1913 featuring the TSS "Ulysses" of 14,626 Tons, and her sister ship, the TSS "Nestor" of 14,547 Tons.

Front Cover, Fishguard Information for Passengers. Published 1913 Cunard Line.

1913 - Fishguard Information for Passengers of Cunard

Fishguard is situated on the south-west coast of Wales, and is the nearest British port to New York used by Atlantic liners. It affords the quickest means of reaching London, and is also a convenient port for the Continent.

Front Cover, Cunard Passenger Log Book circa 1913

1913 - Cunard Passenger Log Book

Rare Third-Class Accommodation on Cunard Liners featuring interior and exterior photographs of the ships and accommodations for third class/steerage passengers. Undated brochure circa 1913. Its contents were meant to entice the immigrants to book passage to the New World.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Second Cabin Information and Accommodations 1913

1913-11-29 Anchor Line Second Cabin Accommodations

12-Page brochure on second cabin accommodations on transatlantic steamships of the Anchor Line offering weekly service between New York, Glasgow, and Londonderry. Published by Amsden-Kalbfleisch Co., Agents - Rochester, NY on 29 November 1913. Numerous photographs, Rates of Passage, and other information are included.

Front Cover, Comparisons - RMS Aquitania of the Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited.

1914 - Cunard Line RMS Aquitania Comparisons

Aquitania made her maiden voyage from Liverpool on 30 May 1914. This brochure was one of many published in 1914 to exalt the size of the ship and accommodations available. Many comparisons were made with well-known US structures of that era.

Front Cover - Cunard Line 1914 Brochure Entitled "Historic Boston" about Boston and the Cunard Line Services to Boston.

1914 - Cunard Service to Historic Boston

42-Page Brochure focused primarily on Boston, Massachusetts, with a brief summary of Cunard Line Fleet and Services to Boston. Some photographs of Cunard ships, offices, docks/piers, Boston Landmarks, and a Railroad advertisement.

Titelblatt, 1914 Broschüre der Hamburg- Amerika Linie für die Fahrpläne der Nordseebäder - Seebäder und Riviera Dienst.

1914 - Hamburg-Amerika Linie Nordseebäder-Fahrplan

Viele Fotos der Schiffe, Innenansichten und Bilder der Wahrzeichen von Hamburg, Deutschland, machen diese Broschüre zu einer ungewöhnlich guten Broschüre der Hamburg- Amerika Linie von 1914. Zwei farbige Karten enthalten die Nordsee und die Umgebung.

1914 - Hamburg America Line North Sea Resorts Timetable

Many photographs of the ships, interior views, and images of Hamburg, Germany landmarks help to make this an unusually good brochure from the Hamburg America Line in 1914. Two color maps are included of the North Sea and Vicinity. Note: Translation of original German language brochure.

Front Cover of 1915 Brochure from the Norwegian America Line Created by their New York Office.

1915 - Norwegian America Line New York to Norway

18-Panel Brochure from the Norwegian America Line, developed by their New York office to promote tourism to Norway. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations for first, second and third-class passengers.

Front Cover, 1915 Brochure from the Norwegian America Line

1915 - Norska Amerikalinjen - Sverige till Amerika

1915 broschyr producerad av Norska Amerikalinjen för att främja invandrartrafik från Sverige till Amerika i tredje klass. Många inre och yttre fotografier tillsammans med illustrationer gör detta till ett utmärkt broschyr som är mycket användbart för släktforskning.

1915 - Norwegian America Line - Sweden to America

1915 brochure produced by the Norwegian-America Line to promote Immigrant traffic from Sweden to America in the Third Class. Many interior and exterior photographs along with illustrations make this a superb booklet that is very useful for genealogy research. Note: Translation of original Swedish language brochure.

Front Cover 1917 Brochure, Scandinavian-American Line Regular Direct Communication Between New York and Scandinavia.

1917 - Scandinavian American Line Direct Services

1917 Brochure covers History, Fleet, Accommodations (First, Second and Third Class), Connections at Ports, Information on Scandinavia and Offices and Agencies. Numerous interior photographs make this an exceptional brochure.


Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures


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