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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures 1889-1911

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Fabulous Collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the latter 1800s through the 1950s. This index focuses on brochures published between 1889 and 1911. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

Front Cover of 1889 Brochure from North German Lloyd "Short Route to London via Southampton and the Continent."

1889 - North German Lloyd - Short Route to London

Brochure prepared by the New York Agents of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line in 1889 - The year of the Paris Exhibition. As a convenient pocket-size guide, the brochure provided a lot of useful information about the Norddeutcher Lloyd, their fleet and accommodations for First and Second Cabin passengers.

Front Cover, The "Camera" Series: Album of Photo-Lithographic Views of Liverpool and New Brighton, Brown & Rawcliffe 1890s.

1890s - The Camera Series - Liverpool & New Brighton

Scarce hardcover booklet, semi-linen with gold embossed cover with extraordinary lithographic images of scenes around Liverpool in the 1890s. Eight astonishingly detailed views of Liverpool and one plate collage of scenes around New Brighton.

Front Cover of 1900 Brochure from the Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers - To Canada and the United States.

1900 - Dominion Line Book of Views

Excellent brochure from the Dominion Line circa 1900 that provided several views of their fleet of steamships, facts about their fleet, and views of their first, second, and third-class accommodations.

Deck Plan of the SS St.Louis and the SS St. Paul of the American Line.

1901-04-22 American Line First Cabin Services

1901 Brochure covers First Cabin Travel on the Steamships of the American Line and includes Deck Plans, Rates for Transatlantic Travel (Southampton - New York Service via Cherbourg) and General Passenger Information.

Front Cover, Second Saloon and Third Class on Anchor Line U.S. Mail Steamers.

1902 - Anchor Line Second & Third Class Accommodations

Six-Panel Flyer from the Anchor Line promoting their weekly service between New York and Glasgow. Brochure provided information pertaining to the Second Saloon and Third Class passengers only including rates of passage and rail rates to or from Glasgow to points in the UK.

Front Cover, Reprinted From "BUSINESS ILLUSTRATED".	December, 1902.

1902-12 The Story of the Cunard Line

Cunard Steamship Company, Limited, one of the oldest and most famous of British steam navigation undertakings elected to remain independent and outside the scope of the great Trust. This is their Story as published by BUSINESS ILLUSTRATED. December 1902. Lavishly Illustrated including Interior Photographs.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamships. Tours in Ireland, Scotland, and England.

1904 - Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamships - Tours

1904 brochure produced by the Anchor Line focuses on most of the popular places of interest and principal cities of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. The booklet features beautiful color images, many reproduced on this page.

Front Cover, Brochure About Antwerp and the Red Star Line © 1904.

1904 - About Antwerp and the Red Star Line

50-page brochure from the Red Star Line provides extensive information on the harbor of Antwerp, the history of the city, and the Red Star Line transatlantic fleet. Many photographs help to illustrate this rare booklet from 1904.

Front Cover, Brochure from the Orient-Royal Mail Line of Steamers

1906 - Orient-Royal Mail Line of Steamers

Rare 1906 passenger information brochure from the Orient-Royal Mail Line that carried passengers and mail betwen the UK and Australia, the voyage taking about 33 days each way. Photographs and important passenger information was included.

Cover of American Line Philadelpha - Queenstown - Liverpool Brochure 1907

1907 - American Line Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool Service

American Line has specially arranged to accommodate those passengers who want good food and service, moderate speed and to have the best accommodation the steamers afford at a reasonable cost.

Front Cover, 1907 White Star Line Brochure Covering Their Fleet, History, Accommodations, and Services.

1907 - White Star Line Fleet, History, and Services

Excellent brochure from the White Star Line covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations.

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1908 - Allan Line - Second Cabin Accommodations

Very rare Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers brochure from 1908 describing their fleet and second saloon accommodations with deck plans and photographs including interior and exterior. This brochure covers the Allan Line Steamships SS Corsican, SS Grampian, SS Hesperian, SS Tunisian, SS Victorian, and SS Virginian.

Departure from Cuxhaven of the SS Blücher. Photo 001, Northland Trips Book of Photographs, Hamburg-American Line, 1908.

Photos of the SS Blücher - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Some of the best photographs (interior and exterior) from the turn of the century document the SS Blücher of the Hamburg America Line as she visits various ports of western Norway at the turn of the twentieth century.

SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise (1900) . Photo 008, Northland Trips Book of Photographs, Hamburg-American Line, 1908.

Photos of the SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Extraordinary Large Format Photographs of the Hamburg American Line Steamship SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise (1900) including Interior and Exterior photos from the 1908 Book Northland Fahrten.

American Line Southampton -- New York Service with Tariff of First Class Fares.

1908-05-22 American Line Southampton to New York Service

Broadside Flyer produced by the American Line promoting their Southampton - New York service. Includes information for passengers, the tariff of first-class fares, and deck plans for the SS St. Louis, SS St. Paul, SS New York, and the SS Philadelphia.

Front Cover, White Star Line Famous Big 4 - RMS Adriatic, RMS Baltic, RMS Cedric, and RMS Celtic dated 16 April 1909.

1909-04-16 The Famous Big 4 - New York-Liverpool Service

This 8-Page White Star Line brochure on the Famous Big 4 of the New York Liverpool Service - The Adriatic, Baltic, Cedric, and Celtic, is packed with incredible photographs (Interior and exterior) some with actual passengers. Includes information on the ships and their accommodations.

Front Cover, "Famous Cunarders," Published by the Cunard Line 21 March 1910.

1910-03-21 Famous Cunarders

8-Page Booklet/Leaflet from 1910 titled "Famous Cunarders" provided an illustrated introduction to their "A"-List Cunard fleet including the Campania, Carmania & Caronia, Carpathia, Lusitania & Mauretania, Pannonia, and the Saxonia & Ivernia.

Front Cover, Anchor Line Special Attractions for Excursion Season 1911.

1911 - Anchor Line Special Attractions For Excursion Season

This brochure printed by the Anchor Line for the Tourist season in 1911 featured information for passengers, internal and external photographs of the ships and interior views and some information on destinations.

Front of Franconia and Laconia - The Largest and Fastest Steamers in the Boston Service Flyer from 1911

1911 - Franconia and Laconia For The Boston Service

Flyer created by Cunard to announce two new steamships for the Boston service, 18,000 tons each. The ships were of the intermediate class and accommodations described in this flyer pertain primarily to the First Class.


Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures


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