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Scandinavian Misadventure: The Campaign In Norway - 1940

Scandinavian Misadventure: The Campaign In Norway - 1940

1990 Scandinavian Misadventure: The Campaign In Norway - 1940 by Maurice Harvey, © 1990, Spellmount Ltd., Kent, United Kingdom, Hardcover, 323 Pages, 0-946771-44-8, 940-542181. Clash of the arms series; 2

Book Description

Scandinavian Misadventure is a meticulous and scholarly study of the politics, personalities and events of these momentous months of 1940, during World War II. Maurice Harvey sets the scene in all the countries directly involved in the conflict. The first four chapters describe the political vacillations in Britain, France and Germany as the Allies looked for a way to disrupt the flow of iron ore to Germany.

The invasion itself is described in detail and the major part of this book, a description of the land battle is divided between the conflict between the Germans advancing north from Oslo and the battle for Narvik and the operations south of Bodo. This book will appeal to the general reader with its vivid, fast moving account of the many military actions on land, at sea and in the air surrounding the Campaign in Norway.


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  1. Land of the Midnight Sun
  2. The Scandinavian 'Problem'
  3. Operation Wilfred - A Day Too Late
  4. Weseruebung - A Plan For Action
  5. Ships That Pass in the Night
  6. Consolidation and Retaliation
  7. Counter Invasion - "Mauriceforce"
  8. 'Sickleforce' - Diversion to Disaster
  9. 'Sickleforce' - Defeat in the Gudbrandsdal
  10. Air Support - The Missing Link
  11. The Mastercard - Luftwaffe Operations in Central Norway
  12. Operation Rupert - Misplaced Optimism
  13. 'Scissorsforce' -- Retreating Again
  14. The Captue of Narvik -- Success at Last
  15. The Gladiator's Revenge - Air War in the North
  16. Evacuation
  17. Mistaken Strategy - Faulty Execution


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  • Appendix: Allied Order of Battle
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