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Machine Gun Company - 346th Infantry, 87th Division AEF - 1919

Top Banner (Emblem), Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division, AEF - 1919.

Top Banner (Emblem), Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division, AEF - 1919. GGA Image ID # 1344226a8b

Trained at Camp Pike, the Machine Gun Company of the 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF, went on to Camp Dix, where after several months were sent to Liverpool on the SS Ceramic. They made their way to Southampton for the trip over to France, landing in Le Havre. Within France, the men of MG Company called Belliant, Chateau Boyer, Saintes, and Camp Montoir "home."

“By Our Company We Shall Be Known”

M is for Major Mc Dowell, our nightmare down at Pike,
A is for his animals, from Modesty to Mike,
C is for Captain Baldwin, the Idol of our heart
H is for the Heartaches, when we all will have to part
I is for the Insects of our dear Ally France
N is for the Nests they build deep down inside our pants.
E is for the Enemy who never had a chance.

G is for the Germans whom we quickly put to rout
U is for our Uncle Sam, who dealt the knockout clout.
N is for our Nation wich turns the best men out.

C is for our Company which proved to be the best
O is for our Officers who can tell you all the rest.

Cpl. D. S. O’Connor.


By Pvt. Vin Blanc

Text not transcribed due to style of writing. See images of Pvt. Blanc's article in the Image section below - on this page.

Chronology of M. G. Co. 346th. Infantry


  • Oct 1st : Assignment of Officers and Cadre Non-Coms
  • Oct.18th : Assignment of Original Enlisted Company
  • Nov.14th :Transfer of troops to 39th. Div. Camp Bureaugard, La
  • Nov. 15th : Arrival of troops from Camp Grant. Ill
  • Nov. 25th : Arrival of troops from Camp Dodge, Iowa
  • Dec. 4th : Transfer of troops from. Organizations of the 346th Inf      


  • Mar. 9th : First Replacement Troops Leave
  • Apr. 13th : Second Replacement Troops Leave
  • May 17th : Captain McDowell Promoted to Major
  • June 2nd : Captain Baldwin Takes Command
  • June 16th : Leave Camp Pike, Ark
  • June 19th : Arrive Camp Dix, NJ
  • July 13th : Arrival of Troops From Camp Upton NY
  • Aug. 23rd : Leave Camp Dix, NJ
  • Aug. 24th : Departure from New York Harbor for Overseas (SS. Ceramic)
  • Sept. 5th : Arrival and Debarkation at Liverpool, England
  • Sept.  5-7 : In Camp, Winchester, England
  • Sept. 8th : Embark at Southampton, England for Le Havre, France
  • Sept 9th : Desembark at Le Havre, France
  • Sept. 9-12 : In Rest Camp, Le Havre, France
  • Sept. 12th : Entrain at Le Havre, France
  • Sept.13th : Arrive at Belliant, France, Billet, Chateau Boyer
  • Sept. 23rd : Leave Chateau Boyer and Entrain at Saintes, France
  • Sept. 24th : Arrive at Camp Montoir, France
  • Dec. 6th : Transfer of Enlisted Men to M. P. Corps. Dept. Crim. Invest       



Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men of Machine Gun Co. 346th Infantry


  1. John R. Baldwin, Care Adjutant General U. S. Army.


  1. Hypolite F. Breard, Monroe, La.
  2. Gorge W. Lester, Merryville, La.


  1. William J. Coleman, “Gloom”, St. Paul, Minn.


  1. Chester O. Granger, “Sleepy”, St. Paul, Minn.


  1. Archie Stallman, “Route Step”, Elkhorn, Wis.


  1. Benjamin H. Browning, “Sorrel Top”, St. Paul, Minn.
  2. James E. Cook, “Cookie”, Detroit, Mich.
  3. John Franks, “Windy”, St. Paul, Minn,
  4. Elmer E. Gritting, “Anganos”. Casllewood, S. D.
  5. Mandrick O. Jaastad, “Pest”, Iola, Wis.
  6. Luverne A. Manuel, “Snake”, Danbury, Wis.
  7. George P. Murphy, “Clinch”, Grand Jet, Colo,
  8. Edward C. Nattrass, “Nigger”, St. Paul, Minn.
  9. Albort B. Nelson, “Hungry”, Kankakee, III.


  1. Harry Devoll, “Happy”, Brooklyn, Wis.
  2. Oscar J. Hanson, “Tallow Pot”, Gibson City, Ill.
  3. George A. Krauth, “Freddie”, St., St Paul, Minn.
  4. Michael T. Lagonegro, “Mike”, New-York, N. Y.
  5. Patrick J. Mc Mahon, “Irish”, St. Paul, Minn.
  6. John R. Mc Mlllan, “Pontiac”, Pontiac, Ill.
  7. Daniel S. O’Connor, “Harp”, St. Paul, Minn.
  8. Samuel Parker, “Red”, St., Clinton, III.
  9. Leo Russell, “Russ”, Cleveland, Ohio.
  10. Holy S. Seligman, “Cootie”, Hazen, Ark.
  11. August J. Sinnen, “High Pockets”, Chanhassen, Minn.
  12. Ray Webster, “Colonel”, Sheldon, Ill.
  13. Coy Willis, “Buck”, Irene, Ky.
  14. George H. Winterroth, “Frtizie”, Chebanse, III.


  1. Albin Pearson, “Little Albin”, Watertown, Minn.


  1. Carl O Johnson. “Carlo”, St., St. Paul. Minn.
  2. Martin G. Lieser, “Curly”, St. Paul, Minn.
  3. Venne, Raymond C., “Grandpa”, St. Paul, Minn.


  1. Frank Czajkoski, “Little Poison”, Joliet, III.
  2. Martin A. Johnson, “Dog Skin”, Edgerton. Wis.
  3. Oscar W. Kuhlman, “Booblitz”, St. Paul, Minn.


  1. Charles Bauersfeld, “Friendly”, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  2. John C. Peterson, “Windjammer”, Herscher, Ill.


  1. Connie w. Babb, “Professor”, Kannedy, Ala.
  2. William S. Bean, “You All”, Nettleton, Miss.
  3. Elmer Berlin, “Gold Dust”, Lockport, Ill.
  4. James P. Boyle, “Shurlock”, Syracuse, N. Y
  5. William Budres, “Duke”, Beloit, Wis.
  6. Théodore T. Carrigg. “Cobbler”, Vestal, N. Y.
  7. Carl J. Coleman, “Slim”, St. Paul, Minn.
  8. Edward A. Collins, “Leaky”, Buffalo, N, Y.
  9. Raymond Ermatinger, “Klinker”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  10. Harry W. Flath, “Gim’me”, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  11. John Frantzen, “Sliced King”, Rochester. N. Y.
  12. Morris A. Colberg, “Goldy”, Beloit, Wis.
  13. Frederick W. Collow, “Batchelor”, Bronxville, N.Y.
  14. Alfred S. Held, “Anna”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  15. Harry H. Hodges, “Whistling Harry”, Gulon, Ark.
  16. Harold Hussey, “Sweet Fatigue”, Madison, Wis.
  17. Fred L. Jones, “Squak”, Stillwater, Okla
  18. John H. Keating, “Papa John”, St. Paul, Minn.
  19. George W. Leach, “Skeeter”, Camden, N. J.
  20. Harlan T. Marshall, “Talcum Powder”, Roaring Branch, Pa.
  21. John T .Noyed, “Num”, Watertown, Minn.
  22. Adolph Olson, “Blomly”, Luverne, Minn.
  23. Harry Ondell, “Chubby”, Beloit, Wis.
  24. Frank J. Pawlowski, “Pop”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  25. Harry A. Reynolds, “Charlie Bodell”, Beloit, Wis.
  26. Carl Savre, “Fox”.
  27. Owen Short, “Scotty”, Ridgeway, Wis.
  28. Paul A. Skowron, “Buck Corporal”, Buffalo. N. Y.
  29. Chester E. Smith, “Jam”, Falconer, N. Y.
  30. Arthur J. Smithers, “Smoke”, Kankakee. III.
  31. Howard J. Steel, “Billy Sunday”, Buffalo. N.Y.
  32. Mike Stephen, “Good Boy”, Pittsburg, Pa.
  33. William H. Strong, “Butts”, Benson Mines, N. Y.
  34. James H. Sillivan, “Paddy Whack”, St., Albion, N. Y.
  35. Thomas J. Tompson, “Mutt”, St. Paul, Minn.
  36. John P. Trees, “Lady Eyes”, Aurora, Ill.


  1. George J. Bender, “Chief”, Albany, N. Y.
  2. Downie Blagg,'“Gold Dust”, Rossvllle, Ill.
  3. John B. Brophy, “Broggy”, Kingston. N.Y.
  4. Gus Boettyer, “Gasoline Gus”, Troy, N. Y.
  5. Adga C. Burgess, “Grumbler”, Birmingham. Ala.
  6. John J. Cadigan, “Hard Tack”, Elmira, N. Y.
  7. Robert Carlson, “Mechanic”, Elmira. N. Y.
  8. Ferdinando Caroselli, “Needle”, Jersey City. N. J.
  9. Maurice J. Carroll, “Mess Kit”, Hamilton, Ont.
  10. Hoard H. Dakin, “Dan Me Grew”, Rochester, N. Y.
  11. Eugene R. Derleth, “White Hope”, Irondequiot, N. Y.
  12. Frank C. Dietrich, “Spuds”, Rochester, N. Y.
  13. Clair J. Dorgan, “Dizzy”, Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  14. John F. Dyer, “Bricks”, Syracuse, N. Y.
  15. Frank M. Ellsworth, “Just Right”, Buffalo. N. Y.
  16. James L. Fox, “Little Jimmy”, Medina, N. Y.
  17. George L. Freiss, “Square Head”, Brooklyn. N. Y.
  18. Louis J. Freiss, “Old Maid”, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  19. Roland Gandolfi, “O. R. Kidd”, New York, N. Y.
  20. James Giacomarra, “Spaghetti”, Rochester, N; Y.
  21. Andrew Grendheim, “Mate”, Joliet, Ill. -
  22. Richard A. Gridley “Cupid”, Rochester, N. Y.
  23. Charles L. Haas, “Fussy”, Binghamton, N. Y.
  24. Calvin s. Hall, “Xmas Box”, Rochester, N. Y.
  25. Frank E. Hargreaves, “Lord”, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
  26. Charles F. Hewitt, “Little Nemo”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  27. William F. Hoerbelt, “Snops”, Buffalo. N. Y.
  28. Joseph J. Hoffman, “Girly”, Albany, N. Y.
  29. John W. Kaszuba, “Calesthenics”, Elmira, N. Y.
  30. Thomas M. Kuryla, “Fatty”, Ovid, N. Y.
  31. Leo J. Lawler, “2/3 s Pay”, Churchville, N. Y.
  32. John P. Leckliter, “Song Bird”, Dunkirk. N. Y.
  33. John Lewandowski, “P. W.”, Buffalo. N. Y.
  34. Eugene T. Mc Cabe, “Infirmary”, Rochester. N. Y.
  35. Lawrence J. Mc Cuirl, “Bull Durham”, Geneva, N. Y.
  36. Rosario Malta, “Caruso”, Rochester, N. Y.
  37. Donnis F. Maloney, “BO”, Worcester, Mass.
  38. Frank A. Meyer, “Von Blonc”, Rochester, N.Y
  39. Thomas J. Meenahan, “G. H. Lawyer”, Shamokin, Pa.
  40. Joseph W. Mikos, “Wound Stripes”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  41. Edward E. Mills, “Steaks”, Wyoming, N. Y.
  42. Walter Mintus, “Bleeded”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  43. George A. Monahan, “Sure Foot”, Rochester, N. Y.
  44. Augustus F. Morelll, “Little Wop”, New- York, N. Y.
  45. James J. Mullarkey, “The Bloke”, New-York, N. Y.
  46. Harry S. Murphy, “Lost”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  47. George A. Nellis, “AWOL”, Syracuse, N. Y.
  48. John E. Niesyto, “Clippers”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  49. Vincent A. Nowak, “Von”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  50. Joseph F. O’Connor, “Coco Joe”, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  51. John F. O’Louglin, “M. P. Special”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  52. Stanley H. Owczarzak, “Fritz”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  53. Ephram T. Patterson, “Effy”, Albany, N. Y.
  54. Louis Phelps, “Dynamite”, North Pass, PA
  55. Stephen Pijanowski, “Pie”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  56. Barney Pius, “Little Jew”, New-York. N. Y.
  57. Myron Plumadore, “Submarine”, Heuvelton, N. Y.
  58. Thomas L. Poplawski, “Staller”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  59. Nelson H. Powers, “Boots”, Hamond, N. Y.
  60. Stanislaw Przeplorka, “Edison”, Medina, N. Y.
  61. John F. Ries, “Silent”, Rochester N. Y.
  62. Arthur J. Robinson, “Corn Willie”, Binghamton. N. Y.
  63. Louis Roth, “Dutch”, Ridgewood, N. Y.
  64. Gerry W. Royce, “Expemtion”, Farmington, Minn.
  65. John S. Rusek, “Pictures”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  66. William F. Scahill, “Beans”, Rochester, N. Y.
  67. Harry W. Shirm, “Ben Franklin”,  Rochester. N. Y.
  68. George E. Shaffer, “Stripes”, Austin, Pa.
  69. Harold Shields, “Stubby”, North River, N. Y.
  70. Myron W. Smith, “Yellow Jaundice”, Le Roy, N. Y.
  71. John Sorino, “Caruso II”, Elmira, N. Y.
  72. John Splaski, “Rail”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  73. Marion S. Stacey, “Shorty”,  Ft. Smith. Ark.
  74. Stillman G. Stacye, “Newspaper”, Buffalo. N. Y.
  75. John H. Steadle, “Percy”, Buffalo, N. Y.
  76. James F. Stewart, “Doughnuts”, Rochester, N. Y.
  77. Ferdinand A. Stifter, “Step and 5”. Rochester, N. Y.
  78. Harry Theoclitus, “Cleo”, Wellsville, N. Y.
  79. Raymond A. Thon, “Legs”, Rochester, N. Y.
  80. James Whitby, “Picaniny”. Buffalo. N. Y.
  81. Walter J. Whybra, “Bo Peep”, Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  82. Michael C. Zoeller, “Miser”, Brooklyn, N. Y.

At the time the name of Mikalas Szczefanowicz was very familar on our company records. This soldier however, had it changed to Mike Stephen.

Images from Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry

Historical Sketches by Pvt. Vince Blanc of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, P. 1 of 2.

Historical Sketches by Pvt. Vince Blanc of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, P. 1 of 2. GGA Image ID # 1345229a59

Historical Sketches by Pvt. Vince Blanc of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, P. 2 of 2.

Historical Sketches by Pvt. Vince Blanc of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, P. 2 of 2. GGA Image ID # 134547d1b6

Chronology of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF.

Chronology of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF. GGA Image ID # 13457f45dd

Page 1 of 2, Roster of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF.

Page 1 of 2, Roster of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF. GGA Image ID # 1345ae53d7

Page 2 of 2, Roster of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF.

Page 2 of 2, Roster of Machine Gun Company, 346th Infantry, 87th Division of the AEF. GGA Image ID # 1345f39b5f

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