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Soldiers Bonus Transmittal Letter from United States Veterans Bureau 01 January 1925

Soldiers Bonus Letter from United States Veterans Bureau 01 January 1925

United States Veterans Bureau

January 1, 1925

Mr. Ludvig K. Gjenvick
3530 Newton Ave N
Minneapolis Minn

Dear Sir:

I have the honor to transmit to you herewith your Adjusted Service Certificate, issued pursuant to the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, in the amount of $499.00, based upon the amount of your Adjusted Service Credit, as certified to this bureau by the department which you last served while in the Military or Naval forces of the United States.

If correspondence be necessary with this Bureau in regard to your Adjusted Compensation, you are respectfully requested to refer to A 3265663

For the Director,
/s/ O.W. Clark
Chief, Adjusted Compensation Division.

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