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August 1915 Current History Magazine : The European War

1915-08 Current History Magazine, Vol. II, No. 5, New York Times, The European War: One Year of War with article by Arnold Bennett, Pierre Loti, Sven Hedin, M. Maeterlinck, and Fredrich Curtius. Paginated 817-1020. Many war related articles. Photographs and Illustrations included: H. M. Queen Sophia of Greece, His Holiness Benedict XV, General Carlo Caneve, H. I. M. Francis Joseph I, Thomas A. Edison, Judson Maxim, Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice, J. P. Morgan, H. R. H. Prince George, Admiral Sir Henry B. Jackson, Count Zeppelin, General Brich van Falkenhagn, Take Jonesco, Demetrius Gounaris, General Louis Botha and Dr. Anton Meyer-Gerhard.

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