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King George V Letter to British POW's On Their Release in 1918

Letter from King George V to British POW's On Their Release in 1918

Buckingham Palace


The Queen joins me in welcoming you on your release from the miseries and hardships, which you have endured with so much patience and courage.

During these many months of trail, the early rescue of our gallant officers and men from the cruelties of their captivity has been uppermost in our thoughts.

We are thankful that this longed for day has arrived, and that back in the old Country, you will be able one more to enjoy the happiness of a home and to see good days among those who ansciously look for your return.


/s/ George R. I.

His Majesty King George V of the United Kingdom.

Information about the Document

  • Date: 1918
  • From: King George V
  • To: British POW's - H. Godfrey
  • Dimensions of Letter: 19 x 24.6 cm
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